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  1. Well wasn't it a bit obvious in regards to the songs? Your average decent quality mp3 (say 128 bitrate) is about 1MB a minute of music. So four 3 minute songs is 12MB. Not exactly shocking and unexpected news...
  2. That's practically identical to what I do. I have also mangled a couple of pads in the past but learnt my lesson and when I bought new pads some time ago theyre still just as nice and not-fucked now as they were then. Last thing to get me flying into a rage was, erm, Populous 3 which I'd recently reinstalled and then took the hell back off again.
  3. I'm also incurably addicted to gaming, not least because its the best form of indoor entertainment (and im frequently too lazy/hard up/both to go out). And the escapism... it's so nice to tell all my coursework to fuck off and play some games and forget about stuff.
  4. When it comes to full price games i buy them less than once a month. I'll pick up as many second hand games as possible, though. Just got myself a PS2 recently as my brother took his (and all the games) with him to uni, and recently got Gradius V, Metal Slug 3, Maximo vs Army of Zin all on the cheap.
  5. Wyrmling


    I thought it was the Sentinus, y'know, the one you get for a donating a shitload of money to the temple of Avo. In fact, if you're 3 or more evil bars, you can get the Sentius for donating about 25,000-30,000 gold at once, and slingshotting your alignment to good. Then you can sacrifice that mercenary outside the temple to skorm at midnight to slingshot back to evil and get skorms bow.
  6. I think Mark Green actually went to work for Nintendo of Europe, doing, erm... something, anyway. But a lot of people pass through N64/NGC, and then they seem to vanish. Maybe most games journalists just use games as a springboard to get to other publications? Erm, not exactly brilliant answers there, sorry!
  7. Something shooty. Like TimeSplitters 2 or UT2004.
  8. My dad simply can't play games beyond an Atari - and he's only 48. If he sees me playing a game he just says "Thats too complictaed for me" and walks out. Well done to your dad for playing any games requiring more than one button!
  9. Too right you were. Now 'scuse me while I smoke my bubble pipe..
  10. Haha! Using my powers of deduction, I deduce that she means to bake the cake that she originally intended to bake for him! "But she said she already baked it!" I hear you cry. Read on and be amazed... She wrote the letter saying she BAKED the cake, as she knew that by the time Mario got the letter and came to her castle she would have baked the cake, and it would be all lovely and fresh for when Mario arrived. But as she was about to bake said cake, Bowser came and kidnapped everyone, which is why she said she baked one but it is never seen! Just call me sherlock. B)
  11. Everyone harks on about Deus Ex and Thief 3, and no one has mentioned IonStorms greatest classic. Best game I ever bought for £4.99 in GAME, I can tell you.
  12. Reckon I might pop down to the MetroCentre one. Shame it's not on on a weekday, but nevermind. Shouldn't be too hard to find if they give out free stuff, I remember going to the cinema at Boldon the day the Pokemon roadshow was there, all you had to was follow the trail of empty discarded Vimto cans that were being given out.
  13. Cos nobody gave a shit till now? I reckon a lot of people are just jumping on the dead pixel bandwagon (or maybe theyre just slipping up more) Stuff the DS and PSP anyway, they can come down in price before I'm going to get one. If only I got school bribe money, I could afford one and have an incentive to do well at school all in one!
  14. They appear to have stolen womblingfree's avatar and photoshopped it, the cads. I can't get too excited about any amount of hardware, no matter who's it is. I want to see some games.
  15. Stop thinking sensibly, you weirdo!
  16. Yeah, I was just going to say that. Still, I got a reasonable go of it despite the little sod repsonsible. Can't keep nothing in this city without some chav fucking it up. I'm surprised the Bongos in Sunderlands GS haven't been destroyed.
  17. O/\O And I found sod all wrong with the controls for TS2 on any system. All right, so the designer of Atom Smasher needs to burn in hell, but other than that I loved the game. Can't wait for TS3.
  18. I'm trying to do Ikaruga with no continues, the whole chaining thing can sod off for the meantime. Currently I can get up to the boss of chapter 3 without losing a life, then it goes all to hell and I end up using heaps of lives on chapter 4 and 5. What I like about shooters is that you can just play the damn things. No cutscenes, or additional crap, just a ship, enemies, shitloads of bullets and those magic powerups. What I don't like is that sometimes it can be more of a memory test in some games/sections than a complete test of skill. But that seems to be part of what a shooter is. Ahh shit, nabbed on here during work experience.
  19. I'll tell you one thing - DON't play Tales of Symphonia on a big telly. It's already got focussing problems, and I swear I can feel my eyes starting to swivel away from each other like a chameleon or something when I play it.
  20. Did they ask someone from Top Gear for their opinion?
  21. Or shotgun a carrier and watch it do the work for you in taking out the rest.
  22. So what the hell is an average teenager?
  23. Well, you could do worse than the LOTR: ROTK game if you liked the Two Towers. King Arthur has horseback combat but thats utter fucking shite.
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