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  1. Cool, I hope you enjoy them. I'd be really keen to hear how their raspberry stout is. I know what you mean about self control, I've got one of their 12% ones in the fridge but I know that one 440ml can of that is going to send me well on my way so I've not found the right time for it.
  2. They don't taste like 8% - they are big beers but I think that's about getting the most extraction from the fruit flavours. They don't have alcohol burn, and while they are a little heavy that's generally the style. I had the octo-pie yesterday which is 9% and it drank like squash. If sour is what you are after though, wait for them to have Anura in, it's a 7% blueberry sour which is one of the best fruited sours I've had. It might be worth checking out Little Earth Project or Wild Beer Co if single UK brewery is the stipulation. The breweries that best fit that description are usually outside of the UK though, Brekeriet, Mikkeller, Cantillon maybe.
  3. Cordials are quite easy to make. I'm really enjoying this one mixed with soda water at the moment, but I've also been making fruit cordials just by blending up pineapple or mango or whatever and straining it through a nut bag, then adding sugar and citric acid.
  4. Yeah, me too It's been bad for at least a year though, so if you have had it recently and liked it you don't need to worry.
  5. Ting and San Pelligrino were my go-to soft drinks and both are awful now There's an article here about how they have added artificial sweeteners to avoid the sugar tax https://imbibe.com/news/soft-drinks-producers-need-creative-sugar-reductions-says-michael-butt/
  6. Yeah except Ting is fucking shit now because they took the sugar out and replaced it with Stevia.
  7. I really fancied some fish & chips and contemplated taking a drive somewhere to get some but then remembered I had some fish in the freezer and made my own. The colour on the chips is a bit disappointing, not the freshest oil, but they were spot on for chip shop style chips.
  8. Seedlip, the one that tastes like peas, with lemon juice, simple syrup and a little dash of everleaf makes a nice cocktail. I've also got some fake "rum" from Holland & Barrett which I mix with orgeat, orange syrup and a little dash of overproof rum to make a low alcohol maitai which is absolutely fantastic. Haymans do something called "small gin" which is distilled with tons more botanicals so it's 40% but you only need 5ml in a G&T. I did a blind tasting and while I picked out the "low alcohol" one, that was mostly just based on body. The person I was with picked the other one. For low alcohol beers, I think the Mikeller stuff is leagues ahead of most of what's on the shelf in most super markets, I'd take a "Drink'in the sun" ahead of plenty of Pale ales.. Punk AF is just too bitter and not that pleasant, they were doing "bottomless pints" of it a few months ago and I only managed 3 before I had to give in. I quite like Brooklyn Special Effect, Pistonhead's Flat Tire and the german stuff like Erdinger is nice. Otherwise if I'm "not drinking" at home I brew Tepache or Kombucha for a "grown up" soft drink.
  9. Yeah, as in The 'Ding https://doublebarrelled.co.uk/products/ding/
  10. Double Barrelled, linked above have one called "Ding" which is being served at the fox and a few other local pubs as their token lager.
  11. Gaz


    How much faff do you want to put into coffee? Pod machines are nice for a lazy drink but you are paying a huge premium for pods that are a pain to recycle. If you do filter ideally you'll want to be grinding your own beans and you aren't making one cup, you're making a big batch. If you want to do lattes you need an espresso machine, but then are you going to be arsed to grind beans, foam your own milk etc? The other factor is, how likely do you think you are going to be to get nerdy about it and start wanting to do things "properly" ? Obviously if you buy a Pod machine you aren't going to have much scope for that, and if you get a bean to cup you will be limited by the grinder included. For your budget you could probably get a decent espresso machine and a grinder which will be minimal hassle and produce good results if you learn to use it, and you'll be able to try different beans and dial in the flavour etc Personally, I prefer Filter coffee most of the time and I make it with a V60 - you can get decent results with pre-ground Union coffee from Waitrose and a V60 which will be a minimal outlay (or you could subscribe to something like pact and get the free V60 equipment then cancel) - at least that way you can get an idea for whether you enjoy filter coffee before buying a machine.
  12. If you are doing mixed cases, try Wander Beyond - they are probably my favourite brewery at the moment, specialising in big beers, their heavily fruited sours, pales and dark beers are all fantastic There's a mixed 12 pack here - It doesn't have what I would say is my favourite from them, Anura, which is a Blueberry Sour but Gasp, the peach and apricot milkshake IPA is amazing. https://www.wanderbeyondbrewing.com/product-page/mixed-12-pack-1 These are a few of my local breweries if you want to try something a bit different. Double Barrelled have a tap room which is unfortunately sitting unused at the moment but was a big feature of my summer last year. Their beers are all wonderful, but they have really nailed pale ales. Phantom Brewing is a new brewery that have only been open a few months - last weekend they put up a few bundle packs at a discount, so keep an eye on their social media for offers. Wild Weather have been around for ages, and run my local pub. They are prolific and seemed to have a new beer out every week pre-covid. Their Damn Dead series, and Peach of A weekend are all fantastic but their pale ales are great too. https://wildweatherales.com/product/wild-weather-mixed-case/ Elusive Brewing These guys are set up opposite Siren in Wokingham and Andy & his dog are regulars in my favourite pub. I don't think I've had a bad beer from them. I'd be keen to hear about small local breweries from other areas that might be flying under the radar but producing good stuff.
  13. Gaz

    Football Kits 2020/21

    They are never going to be able to see each other in that one.
  14. Why go booting? Every street I went down yesterday had at least one box of stuff out on the street for people to take away.
  15. Gaz


    How much coffee is in the filter? I swirl mine when it's at the highest point and it doesn't have anywhere near as much stuck to the sides, but I'm never using more than 20g The Brita Filter thing is shit, I'm not going to boil my kettle with the water that comes out of our taps because it will be crusted over with barnacles within a week but the brita strips out all the stuff that carries the extraction. I did have some of those filters that put magnesium and calcium into the water but I'm not sure that gave as much benefit as using bottled water. I'm still using the brita and I can get a good cup most of the time. My grinder is probably letting me down the most, but just going slow and getting the temperature right seems to get me where I want to be.
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