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  1. Always interesting that this is an area where control preferences overlap with accessibility issues. L3/R3 clicks are tricky for players with RSI, chronic pain issues, anything affecting the hands. Holding them is even worse (I've heard players talk about instant pain from this) and, holding AND tilting (eg for weapon wheels) can be impossible.
  2. I had this as well! Eventually I got out by adjusting the camera to a position that would let me move very slightly (when the character was behind scenery). They need to add a reset position command in the options screen or something.
  3. I should probably start a thread for it, but are people playing Unsighted in the default or Explorer mode? Wondering how much I'd lose by turning off the time limit mechanics.
  4. You can add 8 bots to local deathmatches. There are online lobbies and matchmaking. This is ridiculous and brilliant
  5. Including the N64 version under add-ons is just pure styling and profiling: I'm guessing it's not actually emulation, just changes the maps, lowers the resolution and adds colored lighting?
  6. Now hang on, it's not that easy, they also have to hit the 'export to Unreal' button in their proprietary engines before they can do that.
  7. The only time this happens with male characters is - suprise surprise! - when they're giving off Gay Panic vibes. Voldo in the SC games. Lots of the scrolling beat em up characters already mentioned. Also weirdly Goldust in WWF/E
  8. The series s/x thread is full of chat about this and the 2016 game so might try to continue it in here. Unpopular opinion: the story stuff is great. It genuinely gives me the feeling of a metal band that's gone a bit mad and started writing high fantasy lore and characters and back story for their album artwork. It's dead silly and it definitely knows it. There are big UX/'player experience' problems. For example, I see lots of people talking about hating having their ammo run out in the middle of a fight and having to run around to scavenge more. Others then say, well, you're playing it wrong, just use the chainsaw. The problem is that the game doesn't do much to reinforce use of the chainsaw/belch/glory kill loop. The design and UI doesn't do much to tell new players how certain tools are on a cooldown (the icons on the HUD are so, so small) - they try to get around it with regular reminders to use them in the first few hours, but that doesn't help you in understanding how they work. Especially after the first game, you need to wire your brain to use each of these tools well, and it's a bit of a struggle. This slightly obtuse design carries across up other stuff as well: the way that the story is presented, the objectives and fast travel, the different upgrade systems and currencies (seriously pick a shitty mobile gacha game and it will communicate currencies better than D:E does). But the thing is of course that after a couple of hours of putting all this together - and it's definitely on the player to do this - it's completely brilliant, strategic, surprising, funny. It feels like 25 years of gaming history distilled into a single ridiculous experience.
  9. Definitely start with 2016. Eternal - for me - has a groove that doesn't get established for hours of gameplay, but once it clicks in, it's absolutely incredible. Like, genuinely thrilling, tense, strategic mayhem in the combat, dynamic scenes that look like they've been ripped from metal album covers. But it builds on 2016. They're fantastic games, but I'll give eternal one black mark at least for having unreadable tiny text and icons on the in game UI and title screens.
  10. I tried Fable 2 not long after getting a series X, and it seemed to have LOADS of input latency. So much that I couldn't get on with it. Thought there was something wrong with my setup, but switching to other games seemed to work fine; so I chalked it up to a bug and didn't go back. It looked really lovely. The art and lighting hold up well under higher resolutions. The protracted, stop-start opening section, unskippable cutscenes and dialog and all.. is fairly painful.
  11. I've not had much time to play this yet but I rinsed the demo: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3630025217090808/?utm_source=questshortlink I've tried a couple of drumming-type experiences and this one works the best so far; doesn't quite manage the audiovisual feedback of something like rock band or beatsaber but they've had a good go. Bit rough around the edges and the song selection isn't up to much but there's a lovely flow when you get into a tricky beat.
  12. Matt White's thoughts on this are pretty interesting. As far as I know he was a Sony guy through and through: got his big break there in their data team and has since left to run an indie publisher. He's still very close with lots of the teams there. I'd have said that he would have the advantage in terms of insider knowledge and contacts as an independent (which it sounds like he does) so it must be even worse for others.
  13. I, the idiot, have gotten into Outer Wilds just a couple of days before it's leaving the service. So this is completely the wrong time for me to say this, but, it's really good. It's not an overtly scary game but it has managed to really unsettle me, again and again. Space is fucking terrifying. I have these moments where I'm looking at something bonkers going on with one of the planets (being vague for fear of spoilers) and thinking.. I can't believe that I'm seeing this.
  14. jonny_rat

    Bioshock 4

    I was planning on playing through the entire series again but I've given up on infinite, somewhere around getting to that bit with exhuming Lady Comstock. I've gone from thinking it was a flawed game to absolutely hating it. The combat is absolutely bizarre, just mowing down hordes of people, with vigors that feel in short supply and running around trying to find salts, but also weird and underwhelming to actually use. The ridiculous thing of Elizabeth randomly resupplying you. Scouring for coins to buy one of the million upgrades for the guns, then forgetting which is which because all the icons look the same, and there are two sets of identical weapons for the different enemy groups. All that searching being rendered useless by Elizabeth suddenly throwing you hundreds of coins. The skyhook thing being completely situational, awkward, and not especially fun. Feeling irritated that there are bottles of superpowers liberally scattered around and only one in a hundred enemies actually uses those powers (and they're just bullet sponge bosses). And then the story is the icing on the cake. The Chen Lin story bit is the start of where it goes downhill - absolutely baffling and just makes booker and Elizabeth into total drooling idiots - but then the notorious Vox stuff has gotten worse over time. The number of times that Elizabeth says 'the two sides are both the same' or something feels like it's an actual parody. But it's not, and it's shit. It's not fit to lick Bioshock 2's boots.
  15. That took me ages to find as well! On mobile I had to scroll right in the settings sections (but there was no way to actually see that there were more options off the screen).
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