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  1. Just popping in if that's okay! Will leave a little something-something behind Nook's..
  2. This is even better considering it appears to be happening at Terminator Leia and Tricolour's Space Wedding, replete with stormtrooper ushers and a floating Space Vicar with no legs
  3. Maybe a better approach to that plea would be to not use idiotic terms like 'the woke-as-fuck brigade'.
  4. Yep, same on both. Great fun in the cinema, feeling less sure the second I stepped out of there. We should give JJ credit here, because there's definitively an art to making film that can maintain breakneck exposition and action in the way that he can. That's not a small thing, and it's one reason that there's no question that the sequels are better overall than the prequels, which just draaaaag. But I'm feeling less and less satisfied with it as time goes on.
  5. At least we got confirmation on one important thing: Apart from lots of the other issues, something that raised an eyebrow: I had a great time watching it, but I had a great time watching Star Trek Into Darkness as well.
  6. I think they get a bit of a pass for this one given that electric cars were introduced much earlier in the Watchmen world - I think even by the time the original comic is set - due to Dr. M's speeding up of tech. I'm almost certain it's covered in the original run.
  7. Holy cow K, read the stuff about Fogdancing, you'll fucking love it.
  8. Finished Reach on the One S yesterday - some scattered thoughts.. First time round on the 360 I thought that the invincible allies broke the Halo formula - this time, no issues with it at all. Most of the time, I hardly noticed. Elites having armour lock negates one of my favourite tools - the needler burst. Bit odd, when.. The needle rifle is Brute poison. Wipes the floor with them! I can't handle Legendary any more. That's gone. Even heroic had me stumped a few times. Speaking of which, there were a few too many choke-points where I felt I was funnelled into a very small through-area against a lot of enemies. Found myself banging my head off these for a while. The space bits are visually impressive, but not fun. Ditto for the Falcon level, but the on foot bits of the level are AMAZING. Heroic is a lovely sweet spot in this because of the increased focus on having a marine fire team. Mercifully few tank bits. It's nice to have the shoot-them-in-the-orange-bits up close dance with the Hunters back. Did they work like this in 3 and ODST? The story is still a mixed bag, but the military bombast works better with the general sense of melancholy. A really effective feeling of everything going downhill very fast. I cannot use the grenade launcher to save my life. Lone Wolf is still probably the best story moment in the whole series (I haven't played 4 or 5 but from word of mouth I don't think they'll trouble it). I saw a post on Reddit saying it has 'aged like a fine wine.' Yep!
  9. Shit, I just rewatched and realised the significance of Eli saying "close your eyes, honey."
  10. I went a bit mad and did the buy-2-years-of-live-and-convert-into-GP thing yesterday, despite not owning an XB1. Ended up with a subscription that runs out in April 2022 for £65 - so thanks to everyone on here who posted the method! Any good console-only deals likely to pop up for Black Friday? I don't have a 4k TV, so am guessing that the S is the best option given that the all digital seems to be weirdly overpriced..
  11. To focus on just one thing here, I think something like a dynamic boss-skip in a SB game would be a problematic half-way house solution. They're all about teaching patience and how to approach bosses and situations, etc - enable a boss skip and you just end up ferrying them to the next challenge which they'll find even more difficult because they didn't build up the experience from the last one. So presumably you'd end up in a situation where players were dying continually to bosses until they enabled the skip. We're coming back to some of the issues that were covered in the Sekiro thread, but I'd prefer to see a well-thought-through assist mode (preferably modes) in that type of game, with a load of accessibility options that let the player set their own terms and stick to them.
  12. Plenty of games without challenge or minimal challenge: Dear Esther, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Journey, etc. Arguably Life is Strange too: anything I've every heard from the developers suggests that they don't ever want players to be stuck or challenged by the game. The number of people who do watch a playthrough on Twitch is an argument for including zero-challenge modes, not against. Devs get to sell more copies to the people who just want to appreciate the story or atmosphere.
  13. I wonder how they'll handle the overworld when it gets to the later sequels/episodes/whatever-they'll-probably-never-come-out. The sensible thing to do would be to stick to the original implementation but god, I bet they'll end up trying to make it a 1-1 representation of the world, give you a vehicle from the off, lift it wholesale from FF15.
  14. I like the look of it, including the combat, but man, the sounds are a letdown. Some stilted voice acting, and disappointing that the music we've heard so far is mostly generic orchestras. None of the distinctive synthy-rock weirdness of the original; and whether that quirkiness was the result of working with the limitations of the PS1, it's just a bit depressing to have all those tunes sounding like they've had the melodies edged out in favour of Marvel-movie-ish orchestral bombast.
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