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  1. I have zero interest in this film but I'm quite into this: I also quite like how stupid it goes towards the end
  2. They seem to have just added Coffee Talk. That's a nice surprise, have wanted to try it for a while.
  3. All of this furore over some eyeshadow! Because apart from that, the Netflix character is a fairly perfect replication of this image. Outfit, ankh, big hair, physique. Unless there's some other difference that I've missed? Perhaps you could tell me what that difference is, just to humour me.
  4. I'm sure others will have other stuff, but the most important ones for me: Quick resume, wireless controllers as standard, profile and cloud save management, games that can actually have critical issues updated and patched (you can turn this off if you like, so it always slightly baffles me to see the presented as a blanket negative), and that's before we even start on accessibility stuff (system level button remapping is life changing shit for many players).
  5. The Ryu theme is fanfuckingtastic, BUT I was waiting for it to transition into the melody of his more traditional theme. I'll take that trade off of it means getting that quality and style across the board though. I thought 5's takes on the character themes were pretty stable.
  6. Bioshock 2 has incredible gameplay and sandbox style levels, and the first game has incredible story and atmosphere. 2 held up by far the best in a recent playthrough. Infinite falls apart in a matter of hours, but what an amazing first impression. The gameplay has aged terribly but it's still beautiful. Overall an absolute mess. (Minerva's Den is the best of course)
  7. Okay - thank you, I really appreciate it, that's super clear. I do wonder if there will be any consequences: CEOs/heads of smaller publishers have certainly had their positions compromised, but usually after doubling down after incidents like this. Perhaps he'll keep his head down now; or maybe he'll make a better clarifying statement.
  8. "appropriate CEO response". It is in no way this. It is potentially a typical CEO response but it is in no way appropriate to the current changes that people in the US are facing: by many measures, but a good one is that it was immediately leaked externally and picked up as a story by Schreier with immediate traction. The core of this is that Sony as an organisation is 'struggling' to understand the stance to take on a 'difficult social argument.' On one level, this should be a simple one - it reflects badly on them if they are dithering on taking a position here. But more straightforward: this is not a 'social argument' - it's a removal of fundamental rights for a portion of its workforce and to argue that they should be leaving their anger at the door is very, very poor. (Note that I'm less clear on whether I actually understand your argument in this second bit: I don't know if you're actually applying this stuff to Ryan's statement at all, so if not, apologies)
  9. You have very much offered commentary on the debate on your assessment of how Ryan has attempted to deal with it.
  10. If you have that opinion but don't actually believe in removing abortion rights, then that's a discussion that can be navigated. I will make an assumption here however and call that an extreme edge case.
  11. I mean, yes, I think this confirms that you've fundamentally misunderstood what this is all about. Abortion rights - and the current context - isn't a clash of views. It's a portion of your workforce having a fundamental right removed from them. You do not fucking tell people to leave that shit at the door. Under no circumstances. And you don't go on to talk nicey nice about your dogs immediately after doing just that.
  12. If someone wants to initiate a stand up fight because someone tells them that they have no right to abort a pregnancy, let's say, that will likely kill them if brought to term, then, then fair fucking play to them.
  13. Until you take the bold and revolutionary step of imagining how it will actually feel for the women who work under him to read that email. Saying nothing isn't great at key moments in determining human rights. But it would have been better than this Edit: on whether it will damage him personally - what he's said is in line with right wing arguments, not the neutral view of a CEO looking to provide for his employees' well-being. If you don't understand that you don't understand the political debate around abortion rights.
  14. Cambria is aimed at the professional market isn't it? I've seen price points in the thousands mentioned about it. I don't think the consumer equivalent with full colour passthrough is coming this year, or maybe even next.
  15. I've just finished DS2 again and Fumey was easy pickings compared to Malenia. (Can't speak about Magic Smelts, I gave up before I could face those challenge areas)
  16. And this is why I love elden ring a lot! It's a very messy sandbox and shows that the formula is robust. At one point I thought that the big thing that works have broken the souls games was a jump button! For all my moaning (and the pessimism from accessibility folks) I do genuinely think they might make strides towards more approachable and universal games and I reckon they'll be pioneers in showing how to do that in really interesting and unique games. When sekiro came out we noted that this was From's first time using external playtest and games UX services (maybe foisted on them by Activision) - but I do know they also used a UX agency again for ER. So there's definitely interest from them: I dunno, maybe they just want to sell more copies.
  17. Of course, but I think I'm going to stick with the line I'm taking here that the let me solo her thing wouldn't have happened if the game had difficulty tweaks is the big assumption that took us off the deep end here.
  18. So many assumptions. No, I do not think people would press the button rather than summon in great numbers, because it would be incredibly easy to present summoning as the first-case, and intended, in-game-lore-compatible experience. Summoning isn't supposed to be a hassle or trouble in these games: it's fun. (And if you'd disagree and say it isn't fun, then that's case closed as far as I'm concerned and we should just have all the sliders and rubbish difficulty settings). This is a game that spends scores of hours helping players find their own level of self restraint - shall I use the ash summon that kills the boss for me, shall I grab moonveil and L2 my way through everything - and you worry about people giving up on the game's most fun mechanic at the very last minute? You're also talking about global matchmaking for one of the biggest games in the world: if you skimmed off 10% of players who decided to decline to summon, I think you'd be fine. I think something that happens here is that you get tied up in thinking that if demons souls had all these mechanics we're talking about, then maybe that game would have struggled to define itself. And I completely agree: that could be true. But we're not, and ER is a very different game in different times.
  19. Are you saying that the let me solo her stuff would have been somehow prevented by having these options included? I mean, again, I don't want to argue got difficulty solutions as the solution to anything, but these are pretty wild claims. These are games with level scaling for co-op play; games where you can enter covenants and ring bells that apply flat multipliers to enemy damage and resistance. It's eminently doable, and it's genuinely enough to say that From just don't want to and that's fine. We don't need to invent reasons why it would damage the experience for everyone else.
  20. The fixed community stuff is entirely manageable if the devs want to manage it. Dark souls 2 and sekiro both have settings to change the game's overall difficulty, and they survived as shared experiences. Elden Ring is such a sandbox in terms of builds and items and summons that a simple difficulty setting would be nothing compared to the in-game stuff you can actually do to make your character overpowered. (And this doesn't represent a solution: it just means that the 'accessible' version of the game is the one that's played in a limited and prescriptive way.) Standard disclaimer: this doesn't mean that I think difficulty settings are the answers to anything, or that I think From have any obligation to do this. It's just a nothing argument against the practicality of implementing any of this.
  21. Best bosses? Go on then.. 1. Dark Souls 3 - for this to have the dancer, champion gundyr, nameless king, soul of cinder, twin princes, midir, friede and Gael is ridiculous. Those are all top tier; and even the next level down (wolnir, Aldrich, sulyvahn, abyss watchers) are great. 2. Bloodborne - mainly for a few high high high points. Everything in the DLC is fantastic, but Amelia, Gehrman, Ebriatas, Gascoigne amazing. 3. Elden Ring - I feel like there's a bit of sheer numbers here (so many minor bosses that are really interesting fights) but some great stuff with the major bosses as well. 4. Sekiro - feels weird even having it this low but the top 4 is absolutely stacked. 5. DS1 - it's strange that bosses are maybe the weaker points of this one looking back at it? Some beauties of course. 6. DeS - I played this late (not even tried the remake) and some of them just felt a little bit off/rudimentary - still great but tricky to go back to. 7. DS2 - eesh!
  22. Definitely agree with this (and the quoted post). I used to post on a UK music forum, and even back in the DS1 days it was a running joke that people would go on and on about it any time that games were mentioned. I was one of those people of course, so fair enough.
  23. Midir and Gael down in one session last night - weirdly on a quality build I ended up getting the most bang for buck by sticking the last straggler points into VIT? Just made me a bit less squishy. Midir: I forgot that getting him consistently with headshots will lead to the biggest stagger and riposte in history?? Gael is just the best fight. Proper spine tingling shit. Absolute perfection.
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