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  1. So many assumptions. No, I do not think people would press the button rather than summon in great numbers, because it would be incredibly easy to present summoning as the first-case, and intended, in-game-lore-compatible experience. Summoning isn't supposed to be a hassle or trouble in these games: it's fun. (And if you'd disagree and say it isn't fun, then that's case closed as far as I'm concerned and we should just have all the sliders and rubbish difficulty settings). This is a game that spends scores of hours helping players find their own level of self restraint - shall I use the ash summon that kills the boss for me, shall I grab moonveil and L2 my way through everything - and you worry about people giving up on the game's most fun mechanic at the very last minute? You're also talking about global matchmaking for one of the biggest games in the world: if you skimmed off 10% of players who decided to decline to summon, I think you'd be fine. I think something that happens here is that you get tied up in thinking that if demons souls had all these mechanics we're talking about, then maybe that game would have struggled to define itself. And I completely agree: that could be true. But we're not, and ER is a very different game in different times.
  2. Are you saying that the let me solo her stuff would have been somehow prevented by having these options included? I mean, again, I don't want to argue got difficulty solutions as the solution to anything, but these are pretty wild claims. These are games with level scaling for co-op play; games where you can enter covenants and ring bells that apply flat multipliers to enemy damage and resistance. It's eminently doable, and it's genuinely enough to say that From just don't want to and that's fine. We don't need to invent reasons why it would damage the experience for everyone else.
  3. The fixed community stuff is entirely manageable if the devs want to manage it. Dark souls 2 and sekiro both have settings to change the game's overall difficulty, and they survived as shared experiences. Elden Ring is such a sandbox in terms of builds and items and summons that a simple difficulty setting would be nothing compared to the in-game stuff you can actually do to make your character overpowered. (And this doesn't represent a solution: it just means that the 'accessible' version of the game is the one that's played in a limited and prescriptive way.) Standard disclaimer: this doesn't mean that I think difficulty settings are the answers to anything, or that I think From have any obligation to do this. It's just a nothing argument against the practicality of implementing any of this.
  4. Best bosses? Go on then.. 1. Dark Souls 3 - for this to have the dancer, champion gundyr, nameless king, soul of cinder, twin princes, midir, friede and Gael is ridiculous. Those are all top tier; and even the next level down (wolnir, Aldrich, sulyvahn, abyss watchers) are great. 2. Bloodborne - mainly for a few high high high points. Everything in the DLC is fantastic, but Amelia, Gehrman, Ebriatas, Gascoigne amazing. 3. Elden Ring - I feel like there's a bit of sheer numbers here (so many minor bosses that are really interesting fights) but some great stuff with the major bosses as well. 4. Sekiro - feels weird even having it this low but the top 4 is absolutely stacked. 5. DS1 - it's strange that bosses are maybe the weaker points of this one looking back at it? Some beauties of course. 6. DeS - I played this late (not even tried the remake) and some of them just felt a little bit off/rudimentary - still great but tricky to go back to. 7. DS2 - eesh!
  5. Definitely agree with this (and the quoted post). I used to post on a UK music forum, and even back in the DS1 days it was a running joke that people would go on and on about it any time that games were mentioned. I was one of those people of course, so fair enough.
  6. Midir and Gael down in one session last night - weirdly on a quality build I ended up getting the most bang for buck by sticking the last straggler points into VIT? Just made me a bit less squishy. Midir: I forgot that getting him consistently with headshots will lead to the biggest stagger and riposte in history?? Gael is just the best fight. Proper spine tingling shit. Absolute perfection.
  7. Also, here's the article I love to post at times like this, you know, just because it's an example of someone 'storming in and demanding changes'.
  8. Not at all you! The lad who beat Malenia with one button is the most recent example:
  9. I mean: yes, a bit. The souls games were the origin of the git gud phrase. A lot has changed since then but I still see plenty of obnoxious comments along those lines whenever people talk about the (fairly uncontroversial I think) fact of these games difficult. Mainly public forums like Twitter, steam, Reddit (though the latter has been much nicer around the release of ER; there is plenty of shit but the better posts float to the top). A closed community like this is the best place to discuss them but even here we've got at least one bonafide meathead. I don't think it's fully passed yet either. Nearly every time I see a player do something extraordinary (eg some crazy run) I am counting the minutes until they make a post saying 'hey, can everyone please stop using me as an example to be a dick about game difficulty?' It's still out there, but it's just nice to see that it's at least been pushed out of the forefront of discussion about these games.
  10. Forza kicks you offline (I think) and fallen order is single player: twitchy competitive multiplayer is massively challenging here.
  11. He quoted my old boss in the video about tutorials! I genuinely marked out for it. Mark is a bloody force of nature though, I absolutely love him.
  12. This is absolutely fair enough: the original post was in reply to someone else saying that they had higher than average completion rates. My assumption is that there's significant bias in terms of who actual buys these games, but we can't quantify that so it's neither here nor there.
  13. Where the controversy (not from me btw) comes in is when you look at, say, Forza and fallen order's settings, which both include options for tweaking game speed and timing windows. For people who struggle to play for slightly more diverse reasons these settings make these games playable (they're great fit players with audiovisual issues as well).
  14. People get very twitchy about even talking about this on here, so to give the standard answer: accessibility options, if implemented comprehensively, do have an impact on game difficulty.
  15. Re: the point about From's games having high completion rates doesn't really pan out, though they are about on par for other big games. Quoting myself from that old thread like a loser, where the question was whether half of players managed to finish them:
  16. I am - or was - slightly surprised by the amount of people saying they don't see the git gud stuff at large. But then I think it's who, and what arguments you follow. I know a few accessibility people on twitter who make a point not to talk about accessibility in from's games because of the amount of shit they get for it (and also because by this point they don't believe that it's worth the effort, as the company have never really shown any interest or budged on any of the issues).
  17. I think I've already said something like this in the main thread, but it isn't easy to make a blanket statement on ER's difficulty. I got to Sister Friede in DS3 last night and was plugging away, nearly had her in the third phase: then I got a bit tired of it and summoned Gael for the last bit, which trivialised it. But another few tries and I think I'd have got there. Alright, maybe five. Possibly ten. ER.. is not this. I was nowhere near soloing some of those bosses, even after many attempts. It regularly went beyond the number of times - or amount of time - that I would usually spend on a Souls boss before managing it on my own. I don't think I'd change a thing re: the game's balancing, but it's both an easier and harder game than their previous titles, depending on your own preferences for how you play and progress (and this is where Sekiro is the unique one, because you don't get much scope for setting your own rules there).
  18. I was thinking - and getting annoyed - about how convoluted the set up for this series was: It has also made me feel a bit sad for how they're treating Patrick Stewart and Picard in it. He so often seems lost and on the back foot and a bit awkward. Just put him in situations where he, you know, excels using his brains and leadership and compassion and that. Rios is good though! And who did the Legolas actor piss off to get this treatment
  19. I'm excited about Bugsnax as well! I also thought it was a Sony exclusive.
  20. I went back to Dark Souls 2 (partly inspired by @Doctor Shark to whom I will apologise in advance because I saw that you enjoyed it; but also because I have nice memories of it, and I'm forever thinking about putting it back on for another go) And GOD it's hard going this time! I think I wrote a massive post about it years ago, but what a misfire after the first game. I'd always subscribed to the 'bad souls game, but good game' idea, but in retrospect.. it's close. So dull and grey and brown! I'm in a position where all my options for places to go are very dark and very brown. It's missing that atmosphere of the first game (not to mention the others) that elevated the locations to something mysterious and magical. Last time I played it I also tried to unpick what was up with the combat - and while there's lots of stuff going on under the hood, it's mainly a problem of weight and animations, and even sound - it feels spongey and that's death for a souls game. In the first game if you take even a glancing blow you know about it - here you can feel like you've avoided an attack but see your health bar drain. And the music - yikes! It leans into big budget horns and drums and chanting and discordant strings, but oof, it's just miss after miss. The majula theme is great - that's about it! I want to plow through to get to the DLC areas again because I think I will still love them (it's also the only one that I enjoy playing as a magic user because of the hexes) so maybe I'll change my mind as things progress. Dreading windmill-land though. And the shaded ruins. And all the underground bits. ..maybe I should play 3 again.
  21. No issues with respeccing - I didn't need to do it but I was quite planned out with assigning stat points. Which isn't a brag or even a good thing: I think I would have had a bit more fun if I'd committed to the idea of using rebirth a bit more. As great as it is, Elden Ring has kind of set From up with a bit of a conundrum again. You have loads of tools available so with a bit of lateral thinking you can probably actually progress if you really want to, given a bit of time and experimentation. However, with that design approach in mind, it's led them to create some very challenging bosses and situations towards the end, because it's saying, hey go for it, use all that shit we gave you! But that creates a bigger gap for people who like to go into a boss and just bang their head off it until they beat it. Which sounds like a form of self abuse but it's kind of how I've approached every souls game before this. I know people are beating MBoM solo/no summons, but I don't think I am ever going to be doing that.Summoning in previous games definitely changed the boss experience from being a tense one-on-one fight to something a bit more loose, but there are points in this where I summon with the bell and still feel like it's a challenge. I guess I've had to set my own parameters for what makes the game enjoyable, which I quite like. I can't chalk it up as a negative, or bad design, or anything like that. It was a huge challenge to not only balance it but make an experience that suited not only newcomers but their hardcore fans too, and maybe one that was slightly impossible in the end.
  22. A fun time with MBoM last night! Chalk me up in the group who didn't realise that upgrading shields gave a boost to guard values, too..
  23. Possibly the fanbase/fandom will evolve without Rowling, but for the time being there's one person and one person alone who is responsible for all the discourse surrounding this game reverting to trans issues. And I don't think she posts here. The level to which she's currently poisoning her own legacy means that it is impossible to talk about it without it coming up. I can see how this might annoy some people but there is no other way it's going to go without significant moderation, whether that's guiding the discussion or constantly having to shift posts around and split threads. I don't see the point burdening them with it but that's just me.
  24. I do feel like a lot of this debate around women's toilets is being framed by men who don't know/have never asked what women's bathrooms look like.
  25. This lad has my favourite voice acting in any from game ever. New champion, replacing the thief chap in DS3. ("Ah heavens, she was already dead")
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