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  1. No, wait, hang about. Screw Zelda. What the fuck is going on here?
  2. I still can't believe this has been allowed to happen.
  3. jonny_rat

    Amped 2

    What ho. Where did you get Amped 2 for that price from? Might have to pick it up meself.
  4. All too true. I trust you have the translated version of Secret of Mana 2? I have indeed. Criminally, though, via a series of hilarious concidences, I somehow manage to lose my save file every time I get a few hours in. Another fine translation, but I had some trouble with the battle system. Guru: I can't send you the files unfortunately, as the're stuck on my xbox. However, if you can obtain the original japanese ROMs the translation patches can be obtained via a quick google search. I'd imagine that the original or translated ROMs could be found quite easily off any fileharing network..
  5. It's true, it's true. I've been playing through FFIV (the translated version, not the official 'easytype one') and V on a chipped x-box, and the addition of a quicksave and the little white button for speeding things up has made a world of difference. I can level my characters up in minutes. Tedious dungeons can be sped through. I can save before a tough boss and try a new tactic. I demand that these features be included in all new FF games pronto. Also: isn't it a sign that something's amiss with Square Enix's translation team if a bunch of amateur programmers, in their spare time, can, for the sheer joy of the task, produce better translations than a group of paid professionals? The translated version of FFIV has wittier, snappier dialogue than any official FF game.
  6. Christ. Those Dark Aeons, man. I spent ages doing the AP trick and I still couldn't dent the easiest one.
  7. Someone grab his arms. I'll insert these magical earwigs, and we'll see how long that non-disclosure agreement stands up..
  8. Sometimes only one of these little guys will do:
  9. I'm betting it'd be easier than giving up beating off.
  10. The bestest, bestest multiple ending stucture was Chrono Trigger's. Kill the big baddie at one point in the story and get a certain ending, go back to your save, do a few more quests, kill him again, get a different ending, etc.. And the New Game+ option, meaning that you could finish it in the first few hours if you really wanted. Aaaah..
  11. Cheers for that, Omizzay. Excellent stuff. Sithlord, I'm currently downloading a full set of N64 roms, would be happy to burn you a DVD when it's complete. However, with a torrent that's currently going at 0.2 kbps it could be a while.
  12. You're only doing this 'cos Campbell's gone.
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