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  1. This. The single play is alright, but Firefight is just fantastic. I really like playing Nazi Zombies in COD but I just love this idea applied to Halo enemies and AI.
  2. Photoshop. Lines, circles and layers were needed in abundance before anything was 'painted'.
  3. They don't have helmets cos they're pixely renditions of some of my halo playing chummys.
  4. Haha - I'd never noticed the habbo-ness of the people. It's actually me and some mates in pixel form. They'll be less sedentary when it's finished... And good idea for the gravity hammer p1nseeker
  5. These are genius. Want
  6. A work in progress tribute to 2 multiplayer maps I've played a lot in Halo 3 Guardian Standoff
  7. Quick question about this game: Can you just set up a custom game with a few specific friends, or can you only join big 24 player battles?
  8. I can't get away from the fact that striving to mimic human appearances, emotions and behaviour always ends up in something creepy as fuck, whether it's because sometimes it seems a bit too real or because it's never quite real enough. Anything else, cartoon, robot, animal for example may not be as engaging to some, but it's instantly a million times less creepy.
  9. The only things I took from that demo were: 1. Peter Molyneux is turning into a Ferengi 2. Milo is Damien Thorn.
  10. Got this on release, played through about a third of it with a sort of detached disappointment, wasn't interested the story, didn't even bother playing around with weapons or upgrades (!) Decided on a whim to lob it into the crossbox last week, and it just clicked. Love all the story shit, can't get enough of it. I do wish upgrades and weapons felt more rewarding in their feedback though.
  11. The whole country should be made to watch this whole series.
  12. I don't watch a lot of TV, but having this and Newswipe on TV at the same time makes me feel spoiled. Quality.
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