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  1. I think roguelike is the wrong word, the level remains the same but item placements can change. its very much worth it
  2. I get the feeling the moon levels were meant to part of the main game but were cut for time reasons, makes me understand why the end feels so rushed. as for the newgame+ additions, it felt like a more compltete game for it once they were added. even on the hardest difficultly, the game felt to easy once you'd got to the point you could manufacture your own neuromods. resources were a breeze. The only other game that puts me on the same kind of edge as this for single player was Battlefleet Gothic, just constantly thinking about what your doing all the time. Fantastic game!
  3. I'd say wise fwom your gwave but not that long ago people were posting. just played this through for the 2nd time and damn is it an amazing game. everything i'd want from a system shock but better in every way. this and system shock 2 are my favourite games ever and i never thought i'd see one for system shock, let alone one called prey
  4. He aint wrong, can be a little overwhelming at first but a fantastic purchase
  5. I'd say that belongs to fallout 76 but that looked arse from day 1 Back to arx and factorio it is
  6. Twinky goes hiking... That is not hiking twinky.
  7. daveodeth


    Part of me wonders if using a harder tool instills better dicipline on a dev.
  8. daveodeth


    Its builtin unity isnt it? Cant imagine that gfx card would want to look at it Managed to get through mission 2, loving it so far.
  9. daveodeth


    All in here, played mercs 4 to death and im looking forward to a more mech commander style game, even if it is turn based instead
  10. not a clue but that sounds fucking filthy
  11. So the red october has just been built, time to get saucy..... and by saucy i mean hide in a corner hoping the giant monsters don't hug me to death this has turned out to be a fantastic game, think i enjoy it more than Natural selection 2 and i put 1600 hours into that beauty.
  12. This, so much this. if dan says he doesn't know something he's lying!
  13. Seeing as the TQ devs did Grim dawn and not this, i don't hold out hope
  14. So this got an expansion Ragnarock not sure if i'd be that interested with Grim dawn seeing Ashes out now. but christ this thing has legs...
  15. the fuck, im in for definite. Just hope it's reasonable
  16. Thats damn insane for a PC game.... Not like it runs on any low end hardware either.
  17. Amazon did the business. Still says dispatch mind. Work needs to end
  18. Reddit thread related to the above, the first bit shows where all the funky utility glasses are. spoilers obviously for locations but some folks having a tough time may find it useful https://www.reddit.com/r/elex/comments/780zd9/compilation_of_useful_items_to_lookout_for/
  19. It's a case of it'll never have the "facts" available, but going by his previous behaviour and the nonsensical statements i'm gonna have to go with he's probably a cunt and leave it at that. Either way GAF looks on a slow decline with the mess it's become, certainly not as useful as it once was.
  20. I don't know what it is but i have to just steal all of the things, even mugs.... what is wrong with me.
  21. It really is that good, loving it so far. Giving me Gothic 2/Night of the raven vibes to in places.
  22. My AI chap murdered the shit out of him there.
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