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  1. People who are getting this super cheap using VPNs and things, is this for console you are getting it? Is there a good option for PC as well? (I dont currently have a VPN)
  2. Mad long shot here, but does anyone have a Steam key for Rust that they never used from the December 2015 Humble Monthly? Hoping to buy 1 or 2 keys (for cheapish!) for my kids so we can play together but its out of my price range to do so at retail currently
  3. I could go for a more forgiving, maybe more loosely team-based Rust-alike, set in the Warcraft universe? Horde/Alliance tiling for building. Maybe right up to building your own mini-Org as a team base?
  4. He's talked me into giving it a go and it is indeed brutal!! I can get to the stage where I've got a L2 Workbench and stone walls with 2metal doors in a 2x2 and then I dont really know how to progress, there's a lot to learn.... A guy in his community has started a server more just for community folk so I may try that out. Anyone else playing Rust?
  5. Carcassonne for under £19 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00NX627HW?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=pepperugc03-21&ascsubtag=2310547752
  6. Aye I did play it a fair bit, quite a lot of double pipping helps but even so it is certainly a grind eh, couldnt be arsed with that every month. Are there no kind of advanced stats you can access for this game? Like to find your winrates with different killers, average kills, most used perks etc etc? I'm thinking like for HotS (in fact every big MOBA has this in some form or another) we have Heroes Profile which you can get loads of interesting and useful data from.
  7. I love Nemesis, just his silly big bulky self stomping around the map is dead fun. Negating pallets with the whip, even better I grinded to Rank 1 killer last month (only picked up the game when it was free on Epic so I dont know if this is easy anyway) and he became a firm favourite to get there.
  8. Almost had to give you a telling off there Deef, but how time files:
  9. Finished the 7 eps in one sitting last night, not sure I've ever done that much TV in a row but it was worth it. Fantastic TV, in every way.
  10. I couldn't watch that kid eat for another season. I did think this was worth watching though and as said, a better ending than the last one we got.
  11. Season 2 was definitely the weakest. S3 is some of the best telly ever!
  12. Dont Look Up was right up my street, I loved everything about it and every minute. The cast were fantastic, it was funny, thoughtful, heartwarming (but yes, lots of melancholy along with that) and is instantly a favourite of mine.
  13. Free right now on Epic Games! I've watched my kids play this here and there and more recently watched Limmy playing it and when I heard it was coming free to Epic I thought I'd give it a try, as my go-to online game (Heroes of the Storm) was stale and I was bored of it. I then realised I already "owned" it in Gamepass so installed it at the weekend and it is right up my alley. I guess technically this is my daughters account as she's levelled them up in it so I'm grabbing the Epic freebie, starting from scratch and playing the shit out of it probably. I never really fancied it much from watching it passively so if you have been on the fence its a good time to give it a try out I reckon.
  14. Thanks for the Peglin heads up, a brilliant mash up of 2 of my favourite games of all time. Day 1 purchase for me based on the demo, great fun time waster.
  15. Cheers Gotters, I made it last night too for me and the kids and it was bloody delicious!
  16. Those are pretty good! I managed free tickets to see this tonight, really looking forward to it. I'm taking my youngest (14) and we both love games and RR so I cant see us coming away disappointed.
  17. I believe you get approx XP for "assists" (ie being nearby when a mon dies) but more for the last hit. If you play a Pokemon that evolves, you need a last hit to trigger the evolution also I believe.
  18. Moose, the fluff guy is the only real healer in the game at this point so he can help a team for sure but he's also a bit... dull haha. As support (which I main as Mime, although IMO he is a burst mage not a support but ok) dont feel bad about taking the odd last hit, let your carry take most but your levels are important too. This way you shouldn't be more than a level or so behind your lane buddy generally. If anyone wants friends or tips or whatever I'm playing a fair bit and happy to help. MLP4416
  19. I've played barely anything but Heroes of the Storm for about a year but not had a game since this came out, its a lot of fun. Easy to start and with a fair amount of depth its a damn good moba so far. There are definitely niggles and I just hope its well supported and they keep improving it. I think most of the global top 30 is made of HotS players Also, Mr Mime is sleeper OP
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