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  1. Roughly how many hours does it take to complete the main storyline? I'm about 2 hrs in, not quite hooked but equally it's a bit early to bail out.
  2. You should be able to find standard LR44 batteries at larger supermarkets. The contacts can be very springy, which does make for a very snug fit sometimes.
  3. Looks like it takes a week or so in the post as it comes from Europe, and I'd guess add a week or so for turning the order round.
  4. It looks like the free PSVR adaptors are being sent out now for those who claimed one, mine and my son-in-law's both arrived today.
  5. Absolutely loved everything about this... all the collectibles done then I entered the competitive world of the time trials. Those 'Reclaim The Lead' notifications are genius! Had a bit of a to and fro on scores with @Jonster and @Majora. If anyone else here is playing and doesn't already have me on their friends list, please add me! That bloody storm level though... 5 on my friends list with times and we're all within a couple of seconds of each other. Awesome launch title, just brilliant.
  6. A new game in G&W form would be nice. Here's my original. There's more to it than Manhole, but not necessarily in a good way. When it comes to the dual screen games most people think of Donkey Kong and Zelda but the more obscure ones are more fun... see Oil Panic and Green House in particular.
  7. I've played a lot of this since it came to GamePass. I'm playing on a launch XBone. The length of the tutorial was a bit off putting but I've found everything since to be a joy. I really liked Two Point Hospital early in the year but this is so much more engaging and fun to play, with more variety in the objectives. Had one lockup and there are moments where button presses don't immediately respond but overall it's been absolutely fine. Perhaps because it's 'free' I'm a bit more tolerant of the shortcomings... the late announcement of GamePass inclusion w
  8. I guess it's early days at the moment so the ranking system is bound to create mismatches as players find their level. It seems the update has fixed the network issues, I had rock solid online games for an hour or two last night. This included some generally excellent Zone Vs games - if I'm reading the rankings correctly I'm a semi competent player in the top 6% for this mode but batterings were handed out in both directions. Score mode was the same, I didn't realise there was a time limit. Is this stated somewhere? Connected Vs with randoms o
  9. Ordered to put away for Christmas! Big fan of the game, home versions never came close to the feeling of the large trackball and those cute fire buttons.
  10. Generally pleased with the amazon service, although it was gone 11am before I got a delivery confirmed for today let alone a time. Arrived on the early side of its slot. Really sorry for people here who've had issues, hopefully we will hear what went wrong over the next few days. The console was for my son, no problem setting it up, updating, reconfiguring as a home console etc. So he's back on FIFA, hasn't even opened the new controller. Has to be said a launch without at least one blockbuster feels very anticlimactic. I get to do it all over again next week with my
  11. Managed to play a bit of online at lunchtime but couldn't get a game an hour or so ago. Have set some scores on Journey and Marathon so if anyone wants some easy scoreboard competition, add me up - I'm Metal Slug One
  12. Not sure about big value stuff in general but certainly did for XB1 and PS4 launches and I'm guessing each van will have quite a few consoles on it, so value/capacity becomes a thing. Maybe.
  13. Another amazon order 'upgrade' confirmed. It really is like the 2013 launches all over again. I too am hoping they are once again using DPD, I'd imagine this is a product launch that needs bigger vehicles and higher value insurance than most of the Logistics team have. Please.
  14. Thanks. One of the great perks of late 90s / early 00s car booting was finding one of these every few weeks, usually for 50p a pop. I used to own some of the tabletop and panorama models too. I remember mentioning them to a work colleague and the next day he gave me 5 of them. The boxed Tropical Fish is probably my favourite, still has its £3 price sticker on it.
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