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  1. It's on BB2 as well. Good performance by GB and a couple of very good goals.
  2. Congrats ... pleased to say mine survived another winter and is back in action.
  3. Nice machine, I just bought the blue model N710 from ebay.
  4. First bootsale as a buyer for several years for me today. Made beginner's error of sticking to the quoted start time to find the field well established and the car park busy. So I've no idea if anything decent had been there, it would've been long gone. A disappointingly high ratio of regular sellers / traders too. Did find 30 used minidiscs which I bought for £12 and bought 4 CDs for a pound, including a nice tour hardback edition of the Stones' Forty Licks. Gaming wise, very little to be seen. I suspect the rise of Facebook marketplace to be a big factor here, unless of course it was all snapped up early on. Beautiful morning for a mooch though.
  5. I suppose it was a Friday, their FB page says this afternoons session is sold out, which is not bad on a lovely sunny Saturday.
  6. This opened yesterday. Is anyone booked in yet? Might give it a try next week although only just had 2nd jab so should probably wait a bit. From the photos on Facebook it looks similar in size to the pop up that was in Wycombe a couple of summers ago, rather than a challenger to Arcade Club.
  7. Your best bet is to post a similar question on UKVAC. I've not been on there for a while but it is THE place for arcade game collectors. Link to UKVAC
  8. Is the Capcom one Magic Sword?
  9. There's usually a plentiful supply of DSs on Facebook Marketplace. Sold one myself on there yesterday.
  10. @Spartan thanks for sharing. How are you finding the boot sales in Covid times? Any caution amongst buyers or sellers? Any new protocols? I'm itching to get out there but really want to wait for my second jab (and warmer early mornings tbh).
  11. It was at the Shaw Trust shop in Thame, Oxon. Posh area, one of the few that accepts electricals. They are one of those with a glass cabinet for the 'collectibles' but this was just on the bric a brac shelf next to it. I should add this was about 10 yrs ago and so has indeed so far turned out to be my greatest find this century. I posted to show that gaming stuff does indeed surface, even super rare stuff. Like antiques or anything else rare and of value it really is just pot luck about being in the right place at the right time.
  12. Just seen a 'press release' about this on Facebook. Opens 4 June, sounds like a South Midlands version of Arcade Club. Link here. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=745508359419395&id=577845826185650 Anyone local (or otherwise) know anything more? It's 15 mins from me
  13. New Sparks single! 'Your Fandango'. https://youtu.be/eVxnnyvpqr0
  14. My best ever charity shop pickup - £1. Luckily the price sticker peeled off without damaging the box. There appears to be a similar one in worse condition that sold on ebay recently for £580.
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