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  1. Last chance for someone to grab genuine painting from Redd, switching off at 10:30
  2. Gates are open at Winslow. Redd is here with one genuine flowery paining and one fake solemn painting remaining. If no one needs the flowery painting, please come and buy it for me
  3. How's everyone getting on? I finally completed 1000m on Star Driller so that's 2 down on Level 2. Drindy Adventure next!
  4. Well the sunfish statue is suitably massive.
  5. CJ is here and just landed my 4th ocean sunfish of the day, so that's one in the museum and a statue on the way. Happy with that.
  6. Well that was like opening time at a car boot sale
  7. MagicalDrop


    I see Jamestown+ is in the sale on Switch. Any cautions or recommendations?
  8. Funny, I too was about to post the same thing. I must be binning 10+ every morning. At least the rain seems to clear up by 9am most mornings.
  9. Ive had a GPD XD for a while now, is there any good reason to consider an RG350 as well / instead?
  10. All the cool guys are playing Mr Driller Only had a brief play, it's a great version. I played it a lot on XBLA a few years ago.
  11. It's dark and raining but is that not a green mum near a tree by the beach surrounded by 3 purples?
  12. Ouch... I'm still trying to crack Star Driller L2, nothing further than 850m despite regularly getting past 500m with all 3 lives.
  13. Cheers for opening, picked up my customary wand and watered your flowers.
  14. What a beauty Edit: caught the puffer fish with my next cast
  15. 5 new fish and 21 new bugs! I've just planted some more coconut trees as it looks like they might come in handy.
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