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  1. Wordle 537 3/6 My 2 regular starters did all the heavy lifting today
  2. #waffle321 5/5 streak: 11 #waffleelite wafflegame.net Phew, felt a bit of peer pressure on this one @Darwock @jonamok
  3. I got a much wished for Atari VCS for Christmas when I was about 14 with Combat and Space Invaders. Buying new games was a huge luxury but a few years into its life we found a guy who used to come round the villages with a load of rental games in the boot of his car! I used to haul my console round to mates houses replete with joysticks, paddles, Star Raiders and its control pad plus a bundle of games and that was us sorted for the day. Even on the hardest settings I could play one game of Defender and Missile Command for 5 hrs in a sitting. It would be very generous to say those games, Asteroids and other arcade 'conversions' were at all close to what I was expecting. Overall though it was all we had. Halcyon days until the launch of the Spectrum but that 3-4 year window was my Atari golden era. Eventually I collected lots of Atari 2600 and 7800 games for pence at the boot sales but none of it had aged well even by the turn of this century.
  4. #waffle320 3/5 streak: 10 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  5. #waffle319 3/5 streak: 9 wafflegame.net
  6. #waffle318 5/5 streak: 8 wafflegame.net
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