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  1. I did that same area last night. Fighting her a second time was a pain, but not as annoying as the realisation it was going to go to 4x. Still not massively enjoying the game but too far in now to pack it in. Coming off the back of the twin epics of DQXI and Demons Souls, I guess this perhaps isn't quite the change of pace I probably needed.
  2. Well I can't even get under 13m 30secs, nor see any way of going any faster without sliding off into the trees. It's like that on every track I play. A rare example of a game genre I'd love to be good at but no matter how many times I play, I just seem to get worse. There's something fundamentally wrong with my driving, obviously. Hey ho, can't win them all. I still appreciate the game for what it does and I'm genuinely in awe of the times you guys have set. Just put me down as DNF
  3. Scouring Facebook marketplace is still yielding a few gems. Picked up Bloodborne and the hardback collectors edition guide for £15. The box was standard but the disc was the GOTY version. The books a bit worn at the edges but is nice to own.
  4. Same here. I love the idea of competition in principle but whenever I play the game it feels like I'm trying to control Bambi on ice in the dark. And that's on tarmac in good daylight.
  5. I put a bit of time in on 1943 last night, managed to break through the 140,000 minimum requirement for the global leaderboard. The top player scores are insane. Generally the frame rate is fine. Had a couple of moments of judder but not at consistent points so wonder if something else going on behind the scenes was causing it. Anyway very tempted by the whole package. Supporting this might just make others take note and put something similar out.
  6. Yeah, they weren't there before I went to bed. A day of procrastination now on what to buy, before I inevitably say 'sod it' and get the lot.
  7. It's already out. 1943 and Ghosts n Goblins appear to be free but there doesn't seem to be a way of buying anything else yet.
  8. FL was the only boss I couldn't do. I only beat him on an umpteenth attempt when he got stuck on the corner of the steps, so I could just use magic from up by the fog until he fell.
  9. Delivered today. Quality is as good as ever but these are so few and far between now I've kind of lost interest.
  10. Well I certainly wasn't expecting to hear a cover version of a 50 year old Mud song in this. What a great moment! The main game seems to have gone straight into the first DLC right after the full credits. Might as well plough on then!
  11. I agree with @jonamok's map criticisms. It needs a zoom feature and a larger player icon. As a sofa player I'm sometimes finding it hard to see where I am for orientation purposes. I get the point about the signs and for the most part they have served me well, but a pulsing yellow dot or something would be an improvement for me. Like @Floshenbarnical I too knew little about the game. The plot is a bit too far on the bonkers side of life for me but I'm enjoying the ride. There's too many collectibles to read and listen to though. I'm all for a bit of back story but it breaks the act
  12. Finished! 93 hrs on the CLOCK and souls level 101. I've never played a Souls game before but have been playing obsessively and put several hours a day in to try to get good. Definitely 3 phases for me... quite a struggle in the early game, a lot of time grinding to give me a fighting chance and then breezed through most of the last third. I'm not a risk taker so pretty much stuck with the Knight's opening sword, shield and armour right through the game. I thought the flow of each area was amazing as one part leads to another, it's a shame there's no option to replay the game w
  13. Just got 6th best Worldwide score on Bezier
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