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  1. Must admit I turned off the online aspects of WD1, couldn't really be arsed. But there was still loads to do, unlike most open world games the side missions (gang hideouts, convoys, fixers) were really fun, so much so I had completed most of them before act 4. But yes, WD2 will be getting bought very soon.
  2. I played the demo of Watch Dogs at the turn of the generation and found it gimmicky. Picked up the full version for £4 2 weeks ago and it's by far the most fun I've ever had with a GTA type game. Once you are fully tooled up with the hacker upgrades, police/ fellow criminal chases and shootouts are actually fun rather than the war of attrition in most similar games. Also the morality meter seems entirely pointless for much of the game but if you stray too much into the red, random members of the public will call the police if they see you which adds a new dynamic. Obviously the sto
  3. Fucking unforgivable there's no 'send in the car' reference.
  4. I must admit I've never totally rated Gaethje, until the Tony fight he'd never really beaten a top contender and Poirier and Alvarez dispatched him easily. Even the Ferguson W I feel has a tiny asterisk due to the short notice and Ferguson preparing for Khabib. Happy to be proved wrong of course!
  5. Don't get me wrong, it's still better than 90% of most TV. I guess my expectations are just sky high after such a long break. I know who Katherine Parkinson is but she's so serious, it kind of smacks of her agent trying to maneuver her back into more comedy roles (I know she's been in Defending The Innocent Guilty recently but she plays a stuffy barrister). However I must admit I genuinely have no idea who Richard fucking Herring is I'm afraid!
  6. Was I watching something completely different? Mawaan and Daisy were funny (apart from the latter's laugh) and Johnny was trying his best to bring a bit of life to it but the other two were bone dry. It doesn't help that the boisterous atmosphere has been sucked out of it for obvious reasons.
  7. Extremely weird seeing MMA on BBC, even if it's only iPlayer. I'm sure the event won't be much to write home about but I'm watching it to support the sport more than anything; I saw a tweet the other day by Newsnight about how it's a historic night as it's the first 'cage fighting' event shown on the network and of course that triggered all of the gammons who were convinced it's an indication of this country going to the dogs or whatever. Pathetic.
  8. Seems like it has morphed into a proper UFC fight now, some time in December. I'm fucking sick of Conor now, to be honest. Hope Dustin puts him away once and for all. Low-key but potentially awesome fights this weekend - Moraes vs Sandhagen and Barboza vs Amirkhani. Hyped.
  9. Well my pre-season prediction of Watford using their loan lads is going down the toilet. Estupinan to Villareal and Suarez to Granada for a combined £25m. On the plus side we are shifting players who have never played for the club and never intended to, but it's a shame and until guys like Deeney and Gray commit for the year we are really short up front. The transfer window can't close quickly enough.
  10. Watford's first-ever third kit. Understated but very nice, impressed with Kelme so far. (Of course we lost today in the first unveiling of it.)
  11. Someone's shit at Tetris.
  12. You could argue vice versa too. Lampard was one of the best midfielders in the world for several years.
  13. Lots of questions being asked about his one saggy boob too.
  14. Yeah I didn't like the high budget mansion in the most recent teaser.
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