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  1. Yeah Figeuiredo had a bad cut apparently. Moreno alluded to it in the post fight press stuff. I genuinely thought Moreno would lose easily but it shows what good preparation can do. Really pleased for him too. So glad Diaz didn't win. I still can't stand the way he's been hyped since the first McGregor fight, he's still the same mid-card journeyman he's always been. He's entertaining I guess, in the same way Diego Sanchez or Cowboy Cerrone are/were, but the rimming he gets from the likes of Helwani (pre and post-fight) makes me want to puke. https://www.espn.co.uk/mma/s
  2. We watch everything with subtitles these days. It started when our daughter was very young and we daren't turn the volume up in fear of waking her up. It then coincided with some marquee TV shows filmed in mumble-vision (specifically Peaky Blinders and Taboo) so we left them on and have steadily got used to them. It's the same with films, and yes as you mention the balance can be way out sometimes. The only bad point is comedies, it can sometimes ruin the delivery of a joke by showing it on screen before the character says it.
  3. I've never bothered with Amon and all that nonsense. 100% completion in Yak games never appealed, I do as many substories as possible but all the shit you need to jump through hoops for can do one.
  4. It's good. No fannying about, no wasted time. Gritty as hell and brilliantly acted throughout.
  5. Watched 1 and 2. Fucking brilliant. And so grim. That Welsh guy Barnard is decent, he was good in The Pact too... He's due something major soon.
  6. Really thought he'd stay at Norwich for a season at least. Their survival chances look very different without him.
  7. The blue dragon? Awkwafina. She's annoying in everything.
  8. Fist Of The North Star too if you want more standalone RGG with double the nonsense.
  9. Yeah, coming to the end of my annual-ish watch through too. It's still very funny but with each rewatch I hate each character more and more. Jim and Pam get unbearably smug and Andy is a fucking psycho in series 9. Everyone else throughout is on a constant cycle of 'act like a dick for 10 minutes' -> 'get comeuppance' then repeat next episode with different characters involved.
  10. Yeah this is all very Sven.
  11. Everton are such a money pit. Guardian seem to reckon NES and I've seen Howe and Martinez mentioned, both of which seem like disasters waiting to happen. Benitez might actually toughen up the flakey fuckers.
  12. Eurgh. Godliman. Her annoying pretend surprised face whenever she won made me want to punch the screen.
  13. Kevin's descriptions of Jill and what he does for her are incredible. If they ever show her on-screen it will be a full shark-jumping moment.
  14. Far too liberal usage of the word 'take' in this thread. But yeah that is absolutely crazy. Aloy if she was a shopping channel presenter. Or a press secretary in the Trump administration. The new Aloy isn't stereotypically 'pretty', but why should she have to be?
  15. When we were younger my brother thought the lyrics to the end bit were 'it's live on TV, the champioonnnnns'. Still better than the actual thing in my opinion.
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