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  1. To be honest I never really played these games for the combat. It's a fun diversion but I'm much more enthused by the idea of being an interstellar space dickhead. On that front it delivers.
  2. I'm playing it at the moment and I absolutely love it. Slightly builds on the mechanics of previous instalments and there is loads to do. It's a shame the design of the new aliens is so formulaic (so far, I'm 2 settlements in), the imagination of the original game is completely missing on that front.
  3. Surprisingly good spelling and grammar though.
  4. MGSV all day. Specifically the Honey Bee mission where you reach Smasei Fort after having to duck and cover for ages to avoid detection by an attack chopper. Just incredible. The last word in stealth as far as I'm concerned.
  5. Like watching an episode of Jersey Shore. Embarrassing.
  6. Assuming you're watching on ITV2, it's actually a repeat of the first series which was shown on ITVBe a couple of years back. So probably don't delve back into this thread as I think there were spoilers. Cracking series though, some of the best 'characters' in any Love Island and it doesn't have the sanitised sheen of the UK version.
  7. Dier is such a bad CB.
  8. That is the most ridiculous VAR call I've ever seen.
  9. Guarantee Chelsea will absolutely smash Watford at the weekend now. Fucks sake.
  10. Watford are absolute dogshit at the moment. Going down in a completely gutless manner with hoofball to Deeney, the only saving grace is that the other lot around us can't seem to buy a win at the moment.
  11. Perry is a strange one. He has a couple of decent wins and for a brief moment looked like he could genuinely be the next big thing (in terms of crossover appeal if not genuine ability). Now I'm not sure whether to be worried about him or whether it's an act, he said he is going to get a proper team after this fight but this one with his girlfriend is 'just to show he can do it' (well you didn't last time, you lost badly). And the Till stuff is weird, according to Till it's a play beef but Perry legit hates him apparently. Could all be for show but pretending to be mentally ill isn't really a needle mover in MMA.
  12. Exciting! 4 vs 4 pursuit is still one of the best online multiplayer experiences I've ever played. Also one of the few games to get custom soundtracks right.
  13. Bit templatey. Only thing I don't like about Adidas, the shirts themselves are nice. Also I was a big fan of Leeds' Kappa kits!
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