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  1. Jesus fucking Christ. 3-0 at home to Norwich. Good thing we didn't have to play Burnley in this supposedly season defining week, today would have been the final nail in the coffin. Ranieri has not improved anything since he arrived but I genuinely have no clue who Pozzo would get to replace him, it would just be some Mediterranean journeyman currently managing in Iran or some shit.
  2. I've got no idea why so many Watford fans on twitter are moaning about this. A) it's one game closer to having Sarr back and B) we would've played Saturday, Tuesday, Friday. Its done us a favour and hopefully now we won't shit the bed against Norwich (we will).
  3. Chikadze Vs Kattar then! Great fight. Mad to think Kattar was Holloway's punching bag not long ago, he looked really good. I'm really getting bored of the Apex events though. The few in attendance did their best to generate an atmosphere but it's just not the same, a barn burner like that deserves a full house.
  4. Playing the game the right way, as the saying goes.
  5. Best as in cheapest/most convenient? Wii and a ripped GC version.
  6. If we are allowing Jam as the best basketball game then NFL Blitz 2000 is my NFL nomination! One of the best multiplayer games ever, along with Beach Spikers as mentioned upthread. Also in terms of golf games I'd have to go with Everybody's Golf : World Tour on PS3. The advanced swing is lovely, and while the Vita version is very good too, it's too small and fiddly. Never really got the love for Neo Turf Masters, it looks pretty but the cynical arcade mechanics undermine it. I'd put Mario Golf 64 and True Swing DS above it, maybe even Pangya for PSP too.
  7. I really enjoyed the NY special, as with last year's. The whole 'comedian / non-comedian' invisible divide is daft - how the hell Katherine Parkinson is considered the former but the likes of Rylan and Nicola Coughlan aren't is just ridiculous, given a whole series the latter two might have been all time great contestants.
  8. Yeah I've been thinking about it too but I think the original charm was how well it suited the DS.
  9. The whole 'player welfare' thing is a red herring. There's nothing stopping the bigger clubs stockpiling enough talent to field top-class teams in every competition using rotation. Of course there is self-interest from all parties involved but the more fresh legs that the big clubs can throw on each game, the more uneven the playing field becomes as naturally their subs will be of a higher standard. I'm not looking for some kind of NFL-style relegation-free fake utopia but anyone who doesn't think this change would benefit the big clubs is kidding themselves.
  10. In Watford's case, I think we are within our rights to be miffed about the way Nigeria have gone about the Emmanuel Dennis business. Not only did they miss the deadline to tell the club, his last international game was in 2019.
  11. Isn't the sidekick in the second one the squeaky airport techy guy with the grey hair? I can't remember his name. I know Powell sends a fax and has the 'pissing in somebody's pool' line but that's about it.
  12. But John could have been coming to see someone else on another floor, in which case the guard would say they've gone home. Not really a plot hole. Anyway, on my last rewatch I was struck by how amusing it is. It's actually funnier than a lot of comedies. Al buying cakes, Ellis being a dickhead, the FBI guys, 'send in the car', Theo's cockiness ... And that's all before you get to John and Hans.
  13. Ah, bugger, yes it's PS4 only - didn't realise. I wondered why it never really got mentioned in this thread, it's not top-tier Yak but it showed pre-LAD and Judgment that the formula could work without Kiryu and the Tojo etc. It's great fun.
  14. If anyone is hankering for more cabaret club action away from the main series, Fist Of The North Star: Lost Paradise features a tweaked version. More objective-based than the tournament format in previous games, it's nevertheless a lot of fun and actually a fair bit harder. Incredible music too:
  15. I really liked Rogue, it has one of the best storylines and playing as a Templar (plus more Haytham, about as close as AC comes to a top tier villain) was really refreshing. Unfortunately they banjaxed it by a) releasing it on the same day as Unity (!) and b) releasing it on previous gen consoles only (at least prior to the eventual 'remaster'). It's no wonder it sunk without a trace.
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