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  1. It looks a good card, Pereira is always fun. Really don't buy either Anderson or Jan as title contenders though unfortunately.
  2. https://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/28673921/kansas-experiment-option-real-scoring-mma-fights It begins! Unfortunately Nevada aren't keen but baby steps.
  3. Watched it this morning. What a load of shit the judging for that main event was. The only consolation I have at the moment is that Jones' greed won't let him retire on top, so he will lose at some point. Reyes was brilliant and showed that the Santos and Gus fights weren't as close as they seemed - I thought they could have beaten Jones, but Dom should have. Bollocks.
  4. I do like doing good deeds, stopping robbers etc. The problem is that when an NPC so much as looks at me funny I can't resist killing them in the silliest and most violent way possible. I am forever middle of the road.
  5. I just can't wait to see dat scoop again. He comes with a sweet chant to the tune of 'Gold' by Spandau Ballet too.
  6. After some of the decisions I've seen this year I don't know what counts as a robbery anymore. At first glance it looks armpit offside to me, do they use VAR in Belgium?
  7. Overeem. That's one fight I always longed for.
  8. Yeah it's daft. First it was the 'big 4', then 'top 6' when Spurs got their act together and City got £££. Then it became a 'traditional top 6' after Arsenal and/or Man Utd couldn't be relied upon to finish in their pre-determined place in the league.
  9. On the plus side, we may well finally see a motivated Woodley in the Edwards fight!
  10. Bellator was fun at the weekend, Budd put up a decent fight vs Cyborg. FWGP also shaping up nicely, AJ McKee Vs Darrion Caldwell in the next round is a great fight.
  11. Yeah agreed on that. He put on some great fights but he was never consistent enough. Plus, obviously his injury problems coincided with Stipe's rise but I think Miocic would murder even a peak Cain.
  12. Just shows how big a part of our team Sarr has become. After we scored we went far too negative. Need him back urgently, everything was going far too swimmingly there for a while!
  13. Yeah, that was piss-poor. I know Cerrone is typically a slow starter but are we really supposed to believe that shoulder strikes are some new and amazing killer technique? I hate to say it but those theories about Cowboy's injury are probably on the button.
  14. Yeah me neither but MW isn't exactly overflowing with options now with Costa being out. Till needs a couple more wins and Cannonier isn't quite there yet either. I am however super hyped for Edwards vs Woodley in London.
  15. As expected, winter Love Island is a bridge too far. Gave it 2 episodes and couldn't bear any more, it's become a parody of itself.
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