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  1. I was subscribed to PS+ for years, waiting for it to reach the levels of the late PS3 glory days. However the monthly games were appealing less and less so I eventually let it lapse, spent the £40 on a bunch of cheap games I'd put off buying due to hoping they'd arrive on PS+ one day, traded them in when finished and the cycle continued. I much prefer playing the games I actually want to play, when I want to play them. No online multiplayer obviously but I hated it for the most part anyway.
  2. If you like silly ones: Serious ones don't do much for me, unless it has bonus games and multiple screens I'm not really interested...
  3. Guess not haha. I'm still very impressed with mine, barely put it down. I've explored Dreamcast emulation a little bit now and it's the one area where the resolution just isn't good enough - Virtua Tennis runs at a decent speed but it's so easy to lose track of the ball. Going to try a few more over the next few days.
  4. I bought mine from Droix. Straight out of the box it does work and there are a load of roms included on the 64GB card (mostly 8 and 16 bit systems, but a few PSX, N64 and Dreamcast games are on there). The front end looks 'nice' and had I not known about the other OS' I would probably kept it as-is. The ROMs are pretty poorly organised in some places but that's just nitpicking really.
  5. As mentioned in the new retro game handheld things thread, the RG351 is near perfect for GBA emulation. Coincidentally a week before I bought one I was up in my loft and I showed my daughter my original GBAs - it's genuinely laughable how bad the screens are. I do have the Kingdom Hearts SP too but the screen comes in and out (loose connection?), and I sold my Micro almost as quickly as I bought it back in the day. I spent a fair few hours on Mario Tennis last week before the crappy power shots ruined it for me (Luigi literally threw his racquet across the court to save a surefire
  6. Definitely agree on the GBA front. I played a lot of the games first time around but this has given them a new lease of life; Mario Kart is incredible on this screen and the clicky shoulder buttons are lovely.
  7. Is it actually good? I remember not being particularly aggrieved at its cancellation/delay, Rare games had got boring and bloated by then.
  8. I believe the RG351 is slightly smaller than the 350 so it will probably fit, if not totally flush.
  9. Got an RG351P for my birthday! Had to go for purple obviously. Still getting to grips with it, I've never used Retroarch before so it's a complete headfuck. The machine itself was fairly good value at £80 but once you factor in buying a good/big SD card and and OTG adaptor and WiFi thing I think it was closer to £120. I basically bought it as a handheld N64 wrestling and retro pinball (Crush, Kirby, Pokémon, Super Robot etc) machine and it's proved amazing on that front so far. N64 emulation is a little tricky; if you use the standalone emulator(s) you'll get much bett
  10. Well up for that. Good timing with the LHW GP too.
  11. Horizon Zero Dawn doesn't get the credit it deserves. It looks great, the story is miles better than most games and the action is breathtaking at times. Valkyria Chronicles is a stellar SRPG which, while sickly sweet at times, is a good challenge with the same great mechanics from the previous games. Everybody's Golf, while not as good as the PS3 (or even the Vita) version, is still a wonderful and unique experience.
  12. For me it's the fan translation of Valkyria Chronicles 3 on PSP (and to a slightly lesser extent, Yakuza Black Panther released this year). A brilliant instalment in one of my favourite series, finally getting to play it thanks to years of hard work from the translation team was so exciting. It didn't disappoint.
  13. I actually love Andromeda. The main thing it lacks is originality, they don't really push the story/lore and galaxy much beyond the original trilogy but on gameplay alone I prefer it to the previous three. 2 is the best of the original trilogy, 1 is a little bare bones in hindsight and I hated the Earth ending of 3, just pissed on everything that is good about the series.
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