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  1. You just know she is going to win, and in the least entertaining way possible.
  2. Alas, it's Romero vs Phil Davis. The Rumble fight was scrapped a few months back as Romero failed a medical. Should still be entertaining, he brings that unpredictability wherever he goes.
  3. Definitely agree with the last point. That first time you see the thunderjaw fighting the Nora in the middle of the valley I was fucking terrified, I stayed well out of sight and watched the scrap from the top of the mountain.
  4. I'm playing it at the mo too. The fart jokes are unfunny and feel very 'series 1' but it's brilliant otherwise, the humour is inspired in places and the RPG mechanics are rock solid.
  5. Personally if I had 20+ years of being told what to eat I would go hell for leather on the junk food after retirement.
  6. Weirdly I wasn't thinking of that film, I'd actually heard relatively good things about it. But yes the concept of it is the definition of pointless, I watch the original 101 Dalmatians regularly with my daughter and never once wondered why Cruella ended up like she did. Origin stories are the worst. I have seen Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast hated them both. The second was laughably bad.
  7. Disney's live action remakes of their animated classics. Soulless, boring, instantly forgettable and entirely pointless.
  8. Mildly pissed off about it to be honest, apparently he wouldn't sign a contract extension with a relegation wage decrease. Always had him down as a future captain. Never mind, Sissoko for half the price isn't too bad. Hopefully Chalobah re-signs now, could do without losing him too.
  9. Yobo Ahoy

    The Spurs Thread

    I know you guys were desperate to offload him but I think he'll be decent for us. Reminiscent of Capoue who was a bit of a joke too before going on to be one of Watford's greatest ever midfielders. Disappointed Will Hughes fucked off to Palace the way he did but at least everyone is happy now.
  10. Watford 3rd. Would be killer if not for that sponsor.
  11. I dunno, as much as I respect her for sacking it off in the final furlong, I feel like she knew what she was doing. All the 'I've got to be true to myself, if he loves me he should fight for me, ain't nobody going to change me babes' is hugely clichéd. I feel like she knows the cloying 'day one sweethearts' love-in is played out and decided to play the long game. Fair play to her.
  12. Generally speaking, in open world games (HZD, Watch Dogs etc) I find enemy outposts/camps and the like irresistible for some reason. I'll often go through the game clearing all the outposts first before I bother with story missions - often to my detriment as abilities etc are unlocked upon completing missions. Bizarre.
  13. Bill is just really average. Not bad, just you'll never want to watch it again or remember anything about it. A purebred 6/10 which, by these guys' standards, is disappointing.
  14. The fight episode was a bit rough, yeah. But it gets better. I think my favourite one in the first series where they are trying to make music on Liam's bedroom PC - I think we've all thought we were budding producers at some point and it would be fucking embarrassing to see what you actually made. Also the ongoing bin-kicking joke cracks me up every time.
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