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  1. Shiba Inu Super Mario Bros
  2. Kane's all round game has been incredible this tournament. Shame he's had fuck all shots.
  3. Jazz Jackrussell
  4. Wasn't it Andros Townsend? Either way, brilliant.
  5. Mad how complacent Serbia got. The whole 2nd half they've been jogging around and showboating.
  6. Number 2, maybe Terminal Velocity? Remember playing this a lot, it came bundled with my first PC as a kid.
  7. I think Japan get supports from neutrals as they a) tend to be at most world cups but always win fuck all, b) have great support and c) go about their business with minimal shithousing.
  8. Their first game was an utter dud. But now we've seen Morocco are actually pretty good so it's hard to judge. The whole thing is all over the place, I can't remember a WC with so much to play for going into the final round of games. Oh now 2-1! Poor Canada.
  9. Man, Paul Craig must be kicking himself. If he'd beaten Oezdemir he'd have been a cert for an interim shot (already has wins over Ankalaev, Hill, Krylov etc). Oh well. Bellator's LHWs aren't much better. Nemkov is excellent but below that there isn't a lot, Romero has just been given the next title shot after a win over Melvin Manhoef (mostly a MW) and some no-name guy in Italy.
  10. Edit: unless they are German, now he's rimming Neuer.
  11. McCoist really hates goalkeepers doesn't he? That 3rd save from the header was a beaut, apparently it was just 'good' though.
  12. I say this every year and I get proved wrong but it does look like Modric is finally declining. The brain is still there but he's off the pace a bit.
  13. Fast-kickin', low-scorin', and ties? You bet!
  14. This is fucking horrible. I've seen guys look better after 5 round UFC fights.
  15. Been playing a bit of Rodea: The Sky Soldier the last couple of days. Very much Yuji Naka does Mario Galaxy with a mish mash of Sonic and NiGHTS for good measure. Simple remote-only cursor control scheme (no waggle or nunchuk involved) plus it's bright, beautiful and above all, fun. There are bugger all reviews online and the ones that exist are crap due to a ludicrous development hell story and some terrible ports (Naka only developed the Wii version): Po' Naka. Definitely recommended though, a nice slice of old school blue skies fun.
  16. Yeah man! I like stringing together the finishing moves and the panther is pure OP nonsense.
  17. I feel terrible, but Devil May Cry 5. It's lovingly put together but the story is boring me to tears and the endless corridors and invisible walls just don't do it for me anymore. I'm crap at the 'make your own fun' combos - getting worse with age - and only V of the 3 characters is actually fun to play with. Soz.
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