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  1. I'm so glad I had my kids in the PS4 era. Having to boot up a game for each 15-30 minutes of play would mean I'd go nuts. As it stands I basically just quick resume and squeeze in as much as I can (while feeding the baby, on my lunch break WFH, waiting for the other sprog to be finished with her various clubs, the nights when it's not my turn to cook dinner etc) - I haven't changed the sort of game I play, variety is the spice of life and all that! It does mean I'm playing some games for literally months at at a time though - my wife thinks all I play is 'that Japanese karaoke game' - aka Yakuza. If I don't immediately (well, a couple of hours) gel with it then I sack it off, no time for 'gitting gud' here.
  2. Somehow missed all of the news. Agree with the general consensus that the plodding, kneepad-wearing Ngannou of late seems a world away from the Overeem fight and he will probably be forgotten about quite quickly. On the other hand, decent HWs are always at a premium and I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Jones vs Gane will suck. And yeah, Miocic is as decorated a HW as they come but I have to say I wasn't a huge fan. Extreme inactivity as a challenger and champ, the DC trilogy was awful (eyepokes galore) and a whiny fucker to boot. I barely noticed he was gone.
  3. Great idea, especially in these times where we have squillions of ROMs at our fingertips. I hadn't actually played this since I got my RG351 last year but it looks astounding, so vibrant. Managed to scrape through the first stage on one credit, about 51k points. Literally the second enemy on stage 2 killed me though
  4. They didn't. He got them relegated and then left in August.
  5. Bit of a mad couple of weeks at Watford, injuries piling up to a ridiculous degree so we are just chucking academy players into the mix left right and centre and one scored on his home debut today. It's honestly been so long since anyone half decent came through (or, we gave a proper chance to), it's such a brilliant feeling to have some local lads in the team again. Fuck promotion, I'll take this any day over Mogi Bayat's tombola of shite and random potential South American wonderkids who are just stopping off for us to make a profit from.
  6. Bloody hell that's some feat. The Judgment games too? I love these games with all my heart but I need at least a couple of months break before finishing one.
  7. I never for one moment thought he'd be sacked or whatever but hopefully it'll stop him being such a figurehead for the organisation. Dana White's contender series, slap nonsense can all fuck off. Next bit of madness, Jake Paul has signed with PFL as part of a 'superfight' division. Bizarre. Can't say I'm not interested to see what it leads to though.
  8. I have to say I gave up on it pretty early, I wasn't really feeling it at all. And it annoyed me beyond all comprehension when you press triangle or whatever to open a box and then your character acts surprised (for the hundredth time) when the robot actually opens it. People moan about Aloy, this guy is an absolute moron.
  9. PS4 for me just for the pure volume of quality, plus it was the first generation of HD re-releases en masse so you have some great new entries into series and an easy way to play the originals. You can play every RGG studio game for a start!
  10. Also the Fist Of The North Star chat on the last page - it's absolutely worth playing, it's not just a reskinned Yakuza - a completely new (if quite small) city and unique fighting systems make it interesting to any Yak fan. Plus the PS2 jankiness of the wasteland area needs to be seen to be believed. I had previously seen the film but the game is a standalone story so prior knowledge is not required.
  11. Finally got around to starting LAD this week, needed a little break after finishing Judgment a few months back. General first impressions are excellent, it's as polished as you'd expect. I'm still not totally on board with the turn based combat, it feels natural for dealing with chumps on the street and in dungeons but was rather jarring in the first proper boss fight after doing all the macho growling and posturing. I'm sure it will feel second nature shortly though. Yokohama is excellent so far. I'd genuinely forgotten the excitement of a new city in these games, even Onomichi in Y6 was really bare-bones. Glad to hear Lost Judgment shares the same location. The only thing that has come close to annoying me is that we're expected to believe Sega's flagship arcades in Tokyo had the same games over an 18 year period. Come on!
  12. Bellator Vs Rizin live on BBC3 NYE. A nice throwback to the late December shows of old. Fuck the hootenanny!
  13. Loved the 'Said and Done'-style column earlier this week. You've already nailed The Fiver format (and then some), this was a logical progression! Genuinely not sure which industry has the most quotable shysters though, videogames or football.
  14. @Plissken that handball penalty was bizarre. Weirdly it seemed like the player was preparing to handle it but changed his mind, either way not a red. It's so jarring going from the World Cup straight back to the Championship. It's not even a question of quality, a smattering of these players were still around in the knockout stages after all - but the officiating is just night and day. Boro's earlier penalty claim was absolutely stonewall in modern terms but the refs know no-one really gives a shit about the championship so the most scrutiny they'll get is a few angry posts on twitter.
  15. Well that was a bizarre PPV on Saturday. Boring as fuck main event, Ankalaev is delusional if he thinks that was anything approaching a robbery. For once I agree with White, glad he put them both in their place - Hill vs Glover next month will be a much better fight. Pimblett was awful too, injury or no injury, a co-main on a PPV and you phone it in like that? Topuria will murder him if they ever actually fight. The judging is getting a bit silly for these babyface types, this combined with O'Malley vs Yan doesn't really encourage thoughts of it being a level playing field. Till looked pretty terrible, I really don't know what is next for him. Happy for DDP though, he always puts in a good shift.
  16. Might get 10 minutes alone to play the Christmas level of Boogie Wings on the toilet.
  17. And even then he didn't want to get the yellow out at first. All the France players moaning and slapping their shoulders was bizarre - it doesn't matter what part of your body you use, if you steamroll through the back of someone without so much as looking at the ball once there is only going to be one outcome.
  18. It's beyond incompetence. They are unwilling to give the decisions.
  19. The immovable object (his overbearing self-belief) met the unstoppable force ($$$).
  20. You can still only play it in the daytime though.
  21. Shiba Inu Super Mario Bros
  22. Kane's all round game has been incredible this tournament. Shame he's had fuck all shots.
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