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  1. Are there as many mini-bosses in this as there is in Superstar Saga? I only got about five hours into that before getting bored, as it seemed like I was fighting a boss every ten minutes. It was quite fun for the most part, but by time I got to that stupid pink blob with the shield I just couldn't be arsed.
  2. It was only a joke! I was just making the point that G&G, Mario and Zelda aren't exactly new exciting ideas for 2006. Not that it'll stop me playing Mario & Zelda, but still. You get it.
  3. The amount of backtracking does border on the ridiculous, admittedly. But I still loved it. Anyway, I'd have to say Killer 7 as well. Didn't do anything for me at all.
  4. You know what, my favourite song this year has been Mariah Carey's 'We Belong Together'. I'd imagine you lot are far from convinced, but it's her best song in years. Nice lyrics, not too long and I love the screeched final chorus. Quality. 'So Many Times' by Gadjo is second, and I'd probably say Mary J Blige 'Be Without You' comes third. Hasn't really been a lot I like this year, to be honest.
  5. I've ordered this, but after reading this thread maybe that's not such a good idea... seems awfully complicated.
  6. 1080 maybe? I wouldn't mind recording a couple of Goldeneye 4P games... or the tactical clash of the titans that is Wrestlemania 2000, me vs my brother. Stupid question, but how do you capture it anyway? Anyway, the N64 is my favourite console ever, by far. It doesn't seem 'retro' to me at all though because I still play multiplayer Goldeneye, ISS and Snowboard Kids fairly regularly... it's the only console I genuinely have fanboy tendencies towards- everything just seemed so fresh and new.
  7. As has been said, pass pass pass. Against a computer player you'll never be able to 'double-bluff' them by running one way and turning direction quickly as usually works with human opponents. It's all about the triangles. Work the triangles. Also Kerraig- US football is a lot more complicated than real football.
  8. I was trying to explain in the GX thread in discussion why the 'nudging' while cornering made X the better game. It doesn't suit the GC controller at all. X pisses all over GX in so many respects. The music is better, the character artwork better, the handling is better, etc. And where was the death race and X cup in GX? The story mode was absolute shite. Not to mention the difficulty curve- X never feels unfair, unlike the stupidly hard GX. I know this post is probably making me sound like a massive zealot with rose-tinted spectacles, but go back and play them both now and you'll agree with me.
  9. Admittedly I didn't make it to the second disc, but I found it illogical and repetitive. Not my cup of tea at all. Interesting ideas in places, but it seemed to me it was being kooky for the sake of being kooky. And 'You're fucked' every time you shoot one of the thingies is possibly the most irritating soundbite in any game I've ever played. (Not really game related: It reminded me of that Simpsons episode where Chief Wiggum is having a dream and Lisa keeps on saying 'Chief Wiggum don't eat the clues' in a distorted voice.)
  10. That's hardly a well-kept secret, you know. It's been like that for the last year or so at least.
  11. Should my sarcasm sense be tingling? If not, I don't think anyone has said the Gamecube was shit. Just not many people bought it. It certainly has the best good games to total games ratio of any current system, anyway. Anyway, seeing as I'm already typing I'll add my five: Zelda Four Swords Paper Mario 2 Mario Kart Wario World Luigi's Mansion (Yes, I like easy games.)
  12. I bought mine today (it's a Christmas present from Ma and Da but I said I'd get it myself because my friend at Gamestation gives me free stuff) with Mario Kart and Touch Golf. I'm going to try and be a good boy and not play it until Christmas... well, I had a quick play earlier. Just to see it was working, see. ... Anyway, I really need to get back in touch (excuse the pun) with Nintendo gaming, since I stopped reading NGC I don't really know what's out and what's good...
  13. Bit of a bump, but I've just picked this game up cheap. This has got to be the biggest cliche of a game I've ever seen. . The stealth sections bore the hell out of me, and that stupid little goober is the gayest game character in history (although at least you can change his hairstyle, I suppose). And you could see that 'are you not satisifed?' part coming a mile off. That's my major gripe out of the way, anyway- the gladiator sections are obviously fun in places, although a little hard (see next paragraph). The free-for-alls are especially entertaining, they probably offer value for money on their own. It gets pretty hard though, doesn't it? I'm about 10 hours in, at the snowy place and the statue-bashing challenge is pissing me off. Why the fuck do they have re-spawning enemies? It just makes it almost impossible in the time limit. Admittedly I'm not a particularly good gamer, but it really wouldn't have hurt them to put it down a notch. Or at least put an easy mode in.
  14. That wasn't really over a year ago I said that, was it? How depressing. Anyway, I don't watch Hollyoaks anymore because all the muppets annoy me too much. They all have the same stupid gay hairstyle as well. And there aren't as many good-looking girls as there used to be.
  15. I would. I don't think you can get a lot of newer monsters in it, but it's a better game. P.S. Losing 10 hours is nothing, you'll have done that in about two days.
  16. Does Serebii.net not exist anymore? That was where I was going to point Stu towards but I'm getting 'connection refused' stuff. Anyway I have checked my copy of Emerald and I haven't seen one yet. However, it you can catch Snubbull in it. And Snubbull is wicked. God I hate Pokemon, I always sound like such a geek when I'm talking about it. But then again, it's so great... EDIT: There are 'classic' monsters in it though, you have to wait until after the Elite 4 for most of them though.
  17. They seem to have totally forgotten about that Karl-Janae storyline for the last couple of days. Bizarre. Also, drunken skank Izzy = yes please.
  18. I have to say Emerald was a lot of fun, even after I played Sapphire. The Elite 4 are much harder than before (similar to Red/Green) so it's definitely more of a challenge. Lots more stuff to do after that as well- rare monsters, new islands and shit.
  19. Anyway, the mythical 'Stanno'- has he ever actually appeared on screen? I don't ever remember seeing him. It's like in cartoons where there's someone at the end of the phone and all you can hear is 'wahwahwahwahwah'. And when will Boyd change that fucking t-shirt? He's gay, we get it.* (*I'm not entirely serious, before anyone gets on their high horse.)
  20. The kids' noses aren't as big. And I can't see Fat Tommy. Boo.
  21. I still can't believe they actually expected people to carry the GC around by the handle.
  22. Not really, I said 'for the most part'. I know Skies of Arcadia will be the next one mentioned, so try another one. And bearing in mind Grandia 2 is half the price on PS2. Shenmue isn't for everyone, anyway. I know that can be said about most games, but it especially applies to those two. The general consensus seems to be fairly evenly divided over whether it's 'boring' or 'a masterpiece'. Go on, someone start a poll.
  23. Agreed. That's part of the fun of neighbours- spotting potential.
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