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  1. I was thinking that the whole way through reading the original post, but wasn't sure whether to post it or not. Game Boy + Kirby's Pinball Land + shitter = great.
  2. Yeah, only MS Paint allowed. Creativity and talent is banned as well. Get out. EDIT: Hurrah, Madmich has kept the gallery hosted (just in case newcomers can't be arsed to trawl through the whole thread).
  3. Threads are never as good when people bump them. Pretty much every game has been done now anyway.
  4. Yobo Ahoy


    Two key words. Luigi's Mansion is a prime example of a game I love.
  5. New Jack City is a bit like that template- although it would actually be a fairly good film if it wasn't for Ice-T's shit acting.
  6. Those quotes are great. I like!
  7. I also played this again recently after deleting my (almost complete) save file. D'oh. I still have the same reservations I had before, though. 'Twitchy' is a word that's popped up throughout this thread and I have to agree- even when you've messed around with the sensitivity it just doesn't feel quite right. To be perfectly honest, my main problem is with the controller. Had I not gone into this expecting a prettier FZX, it probably wouldn't have been so bad. But 'nudges' just don't work without digital shoulder buttons, and in general I just find playing it very awkward. You have to admit it's pretty though, and I was glad all the characters made a comeback. The create-a-ship wasn't bad either. Fingers crossed for online, a better difficulty curve and decent controls in the next game though... bags I Bio Rex. (Also, having to 'buy' the next chapter of story mode? Whose fucking idea was that?)
  8. Strongly agree, although the last Smackdown game I played (the Brock Lesnar one, forgotten what the subtitle is) was quite fun. Well, for a while anyway- the bits that made it for me were being able to attack people after matches (I've always wanted to do that) and the meatiest chair shots in any wrestling game ever. Well, that I've played. Anyway, had a quick bash at No Mercy tonight, it's still a great game. The guest ref mode is fun, although there's always one plank who has a problem with authority so it doesn't ever end up a fair match. Oh, and it has The Godfather in it. EDIT: /end thread derailment. Sorry sweetdaddyg!
  9. Good point about the roster, have to agree. Revenge does have a certain raw charm to it, but it's the little things I like about No Mercy that clinch it for me- 3D's, weapons that make noises when you drop people on them and don't disappear when you throw them, tables, ladder matches, etc. Also the championship mode was fantastic... well, if you had a version without the save bug.
  10. L, is it not? Oh man, I've got a sudden urge to play this. Well, No Mercy anyway.
  11. Pokemon is clearly the best Game Boy game. Like, ever. But of course that's not exactly an 'unlikely' choice. I seem to have good memories of Wave Race and Metroid 2, although at the time they were pretty much all I could afford... Also I know this probably wouldn't go down well here on account of the hate for Nintendo's re-releasing policy, but I'd love an updated Super Mario Land. It was the first Mario I played (I missed out on the NES) and it was absolutely fantastic.
  12. She was shot and killed. I'm sorry. You must be devastated.
  13. 'Yeah, David is a bit of a tool.' THAT is the sort of line that makes me love Neighbours.
  14. Phillippa Martinez, LOL. And Doug was talking to Susan about the back fence being broken... now THAT'S continuity.
  15. Annalise She's still got it. Just. (mr_flashjones- I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say 'Neighbours'?)
  16. I want it to be like ISS 2000's career mode. You have found <a dirty magazine>. What will you do? - Confront the player - Arrange a press conference - Keep it
  17. I loved that penalty save. It wasn't the 5-0 Legends win I was hoping for though. Harvey's such a little twat, what exactly is he famous for anyway?
  18. Last time I saw a video of it they didn't have big noses, and I couldn't see fat Tommy. THAT IS NOT SNOWBOARD KIDS.
  19. Another vote for Pokemon. I've got at least 40 hours' gaming out of every title in the series so far and it never gets boring... despite R&S not actually being that great. FR & LG are the peak, no question. Also Kirby's Pinball Land. Best pinball game ever. Sith's description of Pokemon could apply to this as well - so basic yet so deep.
  20. 'You're more dead to me than your dead mother' is a particular favourite. Have to like this film really, probably the stupidest I've ever seen though.
  21. The spoiler tags just made me want to read it more.
  22. If you read the (short) article this thread has sprung from, you'll see it says 'must stand up to scrutiny today' or something along those lines. When was the last time you played those? Tetris and Bubble Bobble excluded, of course.
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