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  1. If you read the (short) article this thread has sprung from, you'll see it says 'must stand up to scrutiny today' or something along those lines. When was the last time you played those? Tetris and Bubble Bobble excluded, of course.
  2. Especially seeing as Serena has a passing resemblance to Gauge. Also I'd just like to say the Paul / Darcy axis of power would have been WICKED if they'd carried it on. Two cripples plotting to take over the world from their hospital beds.
  3. I disagree. 'Pampering to current consumers needs too much'? That's absolute rubbish. You are a business - you give people what they want and the money rolls in. I myself am a mild Nintendo zealot, but you can't tell people what they should and shouldn't play. Just look at the music business. Not-so-bold prediction : Revolution will be no more or less popular than the Gamecube.
  4. I couldn't do the 'training' mission in Driver after about half an hour of trying, so I gave up.
  5. Plenty of ones I can't be arsed to keep playing these days (F Zero GX is a particular bastard) as I find my patience decreasing with my spare time, but seeing as the theme of this thread seems to be games from the 'good old days' I'd have to say Rick Dangerous on C64. Without a doubt the hardest and most unfair game I've ever played. Random spikes and things would appear on screen and kill you without any warning at all. Of course being the easily pleased youngster I was, it never occurred to me how shit it really was until I played it on an emulator a year or so ago. Never again.
  6. That always used to make me laugh back in the early N64 Magazine days. Sorry. (By the way, did the editors actually write that sort of thing? Or was the reviewer just trying to be funny?)
  7. 'Tour-de-force' is a particular favourite of mine. Oh, and 'arcade perfect'. Those were the days...
  8. Very frustrating though, especially in the harder difficulty levels. At least when you lost in Wave Race it was through your own crapness.
  9. I do tend to hoard a few too many games, but as I'm still a bit of a Nintendo zealot and never plan on selling my NES, N64 or GC (for some reason I missed out on a SNES) I like to keep all of the 'essential' titles for when I dust them off and want to play them again one day. Yes, I know that's quite sad - and possibly quite stupid considering Revolution will supposedly be able to play old games... but it's not the same.
  10. Yobo Ahoy

    50 Cent

    Really awful. Last week I went to one particular club for the first time in a few months and had a great time - it was only a couple of days later I realised it was made so much better by the complete (and actually quite refreshing) absence of all 50 Cent songs. I don't mind admitting I like a bit of 'commercial' hip-hop on a night out, but he just gets on my tits. It seems like he's releasing a new single every two weeks.
  11. Originally I thought Darcy was reading the nurse's mind. Now THAT would be a storyline. Also I take back the evil remark, he appears to have undertaken a major face turn.
  12. Darcy is a pure evil mofo. He makes Paul Robinson look like... um... someone non-evil.
  13. I thought it was great. Linear, yes- but this is the sort of 'lowest-common-denominator' gaming I LOVE. Fun all the way through, and I actually like the void levels more than Mario Sunshine's.
  14. I still regularly play multiplayer, so my eyes probably haven't yet realised how awful it actually looks.
  15. I much prefer Draw. It took me ages to get the hang of Hold 'Em.
  16. We used to play with 1p and 2p pieces from the big jar in the corner. But your fingers reek afterwards so it was probably worth the investment.
  17. I play with a few friends every now and again. They all take it too seriously for my liking though... they've bought a set of chips and everything, despite the fact they don't play for money (?). I assume the only prize is the warm feeling inside- I wouldn't know, I usually get bored and go home halfway through.
  18. Piling dead people up next to barrels in MGS3 and blowing them up, along with claymores for chain reactions. See also GoldenEye, although not as 'meaty' it gave birth to my soldiers-and-exploding-barrels obsession.
  19. The horse chase sequence today was great. I was just thinking the other day it's been a while since there was an accident in the wilderness- they used to happen about twice a week.
  20. Anyway... I've always played games with my younger brother. For about the last two or so years, Pro Evo best-of-three's have been a several-times-weekly event... I'm better than him, obv. Also 4p Goldeneye sessions with 2 of my cousins still occur every once in a while... it's all a bit sad really as I very rarely play games with my friends- other than Pro Evo, which EVERYONE has played at some point. Oh and when the family get-togethers take place my nephew and younger cousins (aging from five to nine) like a bit of Wario Ware and Mario Kart DD. It's funny hearing their excited yappings when they're winning, even if I'm not sure they entirely know what they're doing. Bless.
  21. I'm glad they didn't continue the Lyn & Bobby angle. That was just ... too inbred. Potential family tree (well more of a bush, or a stunted ingrowing weed): Lyn __ Bobby / / Steph __ Max Imagine if they got married!!11 EDIT: It didn't really come out right
  22. That's what I thought. I don't think they have been seen in the same shot yet... COINCIDENCE????
  23. Um, help! I just started Emerald today, but when I tried to transfer over my potential team, I couldn't trade Ponyta or Dratini... is this because they're not on the new Pokedex? Please don't tell me I have to wait until after the Elite Four to transfer them ...
  24. Also, since when were Susan and Izzy on speaking terms? Two weeks ago they were having a slanging match in the street.
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