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  1. I really enjoy this kind of game. But I always find I can't keep myself interested for the 100+ hours they usually require, through boredom or just being stuck. Are there any knocking about that are a bit shorter?
  2. Indeed. I wouldn't like to guess how many copies of PES1 are in Game's posession right now.
  3. Everyone knew how it was heading. It's a monthly terrible car crash. It always happens. If it wasn't you that started it, it would have been someone else.
  4. How can you say the characters are evil? Bluebear and Joey and Olive are, like, amazing. Peach! I haven't played this for a while, the only reason i kept going for so long was my hate campaign against Hank the chicken. I put up signs saying 'beware of the plague' and 'go home redneck' etc outside his house so he couldn't get out. And when he did squeeze out, I battered him repeatedly with a net and made him fall in pitfalls. He left a couple of months afterwards. Happy days.
  5. I don't know why, I just prefer games with sickeningly cute characters like these. Sam Fisher and that Half Life bloke bore me shitless. (No, I'm not a girl.)
  6. Secondeded. Nothing beats flying off mount chiliad with a boosted-up Infernus.
  7. The characters seem to be being put in situations which serve no purpose to a story- just an attempt to get a cheap laugh by, as has been said before, being too 'wacky'.
  8. I see the 'noobs- we won't bite' rule doesn't apply in this thread.
  9. 4 Swords is one of those games you can't recommend to people. It just has to be played. One of the best co-op multiplayer games ever, in my opinion. Well, 'semi-co-op'- because it's always too hard to resist throwing bombs at your team-mates or setting them on fire. Classic.
  10. Oh God, I thought I'd forgotten about that once and for all. Sickening. 1080 Avalanche has some awful music, too- I can only bear to listen to one of the songs on it.
  11. I don't know who he is, but he's the ugliest game character I've seen since Michael Owen's WLS 2000.
  12. I still want a copy of US Snowboard Kids 2 ridiculously badly. Thing is, I know it's not that different to the original so that kind of stops me from paying a stupid amount for it.
  13. Parodius? (el Croux's, I mean. Nicely done by the way!)
  14. A book would be even better. Because then you wouldn't have to throw it away after a year, and all the pictures would be in there. Even the crap ones. So, who works for a printing company?
  15. I've never heard of it, but that's instantly my favourite game ever.
  16. Beaten to it, but you're still... 'RIIIGGHT!'
  17. Oh, I forgot Lloyd In Space. Every episode ends in him rimming his ugly little sister. Twat.
  18. Recess. I can feel the rage building up inside me every time I see my brother watching this. Especially when Mikey talks. Stupid fat poetic cunt. Oh and TJ is a cock, too. But it was funny when he had to wear the 'Captain Sappy' hat... So, yeah... er, discuss?* *By that I mean offer an alternative 'worst cartoon ever'.
  19. Last one! I'm off to bed now. Rubbish, but it doesn't half pass the time.
  20. That's great! Nice to know the one of the best threads to come out of here in ages isn't just going to disappear. Ta guys.
  21. This isn't a specific moment, more like a tradition.
  22. Been playing this slowly over the course of a fortnight with my brother, and it's absolutely fantastic. We're trying not to rush it, only on level four at the moment. Level 2 was awful, but 1 and 3 were great fun. Some bits are incredibly frustrating- like not seeing a tiny crack in the wall you're supposed to bomb can piss up the whole level for you. Some other puzzles just don't have any logic to them at all. And it doesn't help that my GBA screen is scratched to hell. Maybe an SP is in order... All in all though, it's the best GC game I've played for a long while. Since Metroid, probably.
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