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    Hopefully there'll be one with a Jack Russell in... this game has actually made up my mind about buying a DS.
  2. Bombing team-mates in 4 Swords. It's just so tempting, and each level ends up taking about a day because it turns into a strange kind of deathmatch.
  3. Did anyone watch Jake 2.0 on Sky 1? I think it was cancelled about halfway through the first series, but I really liked it for some reason. Typical cheesy US action-y stuff, and 24 makes it look amateurish, but I thought it was quite good. Although I did spend every episode saying 'don't take that from him! You're a fucking machine, tell him who's boss!' ... Well, I know if I was super-human I wouldn't be working for some shitty security service and taking orders from clueless dolts like Duarte and that other bird.
  4. Clearly a flying cross-body wouldn't get a 3-count. I know Toadie's fat, but still... Also, yes- Stingray is a cunt. What happened to his Mum, by the way? She was great.
  5. Snowboard Kids - big noses - pies (probably) = bad. Also, if they've done away with the ski lift... ooh, there's gonna be trouble.
  6. Paul and Karl's exchange in the bogs today was so... random. I don't know what makes them think up these things, but I really hope they keep them coming. 'Check me out, I can piss like a fountain. In your face, Kennedy!'
  7. http://artpad.art.com/?idtrtvnocew
  8. Yobo Ahoy

    N*e*r*d* Split

    I've always preferred the Neptunes-named stuff to NERD, to be honest. It never seemed quite sure if it was 'rock' or not.
  9. My brother said 'Who's that?' when Paul appeared the other day. He is no longer my brother.
  10. There should be a couple of clues for you there. There's no point developers wasting time on online content just for the sheer hell of it, especially as I'd imagine very few people used things like the scoreboards. And 'downloadable content'... well, don't get me started on that.
  11. Glad it wasn't just me who noticed that. 'So what are you doing for Christmas?' 'I figured I'd hang by the jukebox at the coffee shop.'
  12. What the hell is going on there?! Anyway, Neighbours has been great lately, the bits that make you cringe are what it's all about. Like the other week when Boyd is talking to Stingray at the skatepark and he says, in a manner that shows he's clearly uncomfortable with the line, 'man, that was sick!'. And Boyd 'dancing' with Serena in that hall thing. Classic, although not quite as good as Jack's. Also Serena is looking 'maaaghty faaahn' lately. I would anyway. Has she just turned 16 or what?
  13. The sequel is faster in singleplayer. I definitely think the tracks are better, too. Although why Jam changed to being of afro-caribbean appearance is anybody's guess.
  14. Your wildest dreams happened about seven years ago then. Snowboard Kids 2 ring a bell? Edit: I would just like to add that Snowboard Kids is the best multiplayer racing game in the history of ever. No, really.
  15. But if you're going to release the same game with a different title, can you still expect it to receive a 10/10? If everyone's seen it all before, it stands to reason that it won't be as enjoyable.
  16. I've never used gears in driving games (4-player Outrun 2 being an exception, in the interest of fairness)- what's the point if there's no clutch?
  17. I really enjoy this kind of game. But I always find I can't keep myself interested for the 100+ hours they usually require, through boredom or just being stuck. Are there any knocking about that are a bit shorter?
  18. Indeed. I wouldn't like to guess how many copies of PES1 are in Game's posession right now.
  19. Everyone knew how it was heading. It's a monthly terrible car crash. It always happens. If it wasn't you that started it, it would have been someone else.
  20. How can you say the characters are evil? Bluebear and Joey and Olive are, like, amazing. Peach! I haven't played this for a while, the only reason i kept going for so long was my hate campaign against Hank the chicken. I put up signs saying 'beware of the plague' and 'go home redneck' etc outside his house so he couldn't get out. And when he did squeeze out, I battered him repeatedly with a net and made him fall in pitfalls. He left a couple of months afterwards. Happy days.
  21. I don't know why, I just prefer games with sickeningly cute characters like these. Sam Fisher and that Half Life bloke bore me shitless. (No, I'm not a girl.)
  22. Secondeded. Nothing beats flying off mount chiliad with a boosted-up Infernus.
  23. The characters seem to be being put in situations which serve no purpose to a story- just an attempt to get a cheap laugh by, as has been said before, being too 'wacky'.
  24. I see the 'noobs- we won't bite' rule doesn't apply in this thread.
  25. 4 Swords is one of those games you can't recommend to people. It just has to be played. One of the best co-op multiplayer games ever, in my opinion. Well, 'semi-co-op'- because it's always too hard to resist throwing bombs at your team-mates or setting them on fire. Classic.
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