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  1. Recess. I can feel the rage building up inside me every time I see my brother watching this. Especially when Mikey talks. Stupid fat poetic cunt. Oh and TJ is a cock, too. But it was funny when he had to wear the 'Captain Sappy' hat... So, yeah... er, discuss?* *By that I mean offer an alternative 'worst cartoon ever'.
  2. Last one! I'm off to bed now. Rubbish, but it doesn't half pass the time.
  3. That's great! Nice to know the one of the best threads to come out of here in ages isn't just going to disappear. Ta guys.
  4. This isn't a specific moment, more like a tradition.
  5. Been playing this slowly over the course of a fortnight with my brother, and it's absolutely fantastic. We're trying not to rush it, only on level four at the moment. Level 2 was awful, but 1 and 3 were great fun. Some bits are incredibly frustrating- like not seeing a tiny crack in the wall you're supposed to bomb can piss up the whole level for you. Some other puzzles just don't have any logic to them at all. And it doesn't help that my GBA screen is scratched to hell. Maybe an SP is in order... All in all though, it's the best GC game I've played for a long while. Since Metroid, probably.
  6. Yeah, laptops are bitches to draw with. Bonus points for naming the 6 pilots!
  7. I think my Puchi controller is broken. It's not the most solid piece of kit, unfortunately.
  8. I love Milhouse. He doesn't really have many amazing lines, but he's my favourite along with Mr Burns. 'But why did I have the bowl, Bart? Why did I have the bowl?'
  9. I'm sure there's a few, but one sticks out for me by an absolute mile- Goldeneye. Semi-regular 2vs2 multiplayer sessions are now in their sixth or seventh year, and we're not bored of it. At all. Even though we now know where all the re-appear places are in every level. Or 'borneos', as they're known. The greatest accolade I can give to this game is that during the eclipse a few years ago (you know, the one where everyone went to Cornwall or wherever... once in a lifetime etc) myself and 'the lads' played Goldeneye all the way through it. I think one of us even remarked 'bit dark outside, in't it?' Quite sad, really. The only problem is the N64 controllers get completely battered really quickly... my stash of minty-mint pads has almost gone. I'm thinking one of these days I'll buy an Xbox and gradually wean them off Goldeneye and onto Halo, but not yet. Not quite yet. Happy days.
  10. You think? I've always preferred Show to the other two. Although I would probably give my right arm for a new Jodeci album... It's never going to happen, is it? Plus I can't help feeling I'd end up a little bit disappointed, if the standard of Boyz II Men and Dru Hill's most recent albums are anything to go by. (i.e. awful.) And as for being 'ashamed' of being a fan, I don't see why- it's still better than the vast majority of what passes for r&b these days.
  11. Hmm, decisions. Probably: Hearsay by Alexander O' Neal The Show, The After-Party, The Hotel by Jodeci Now by Maxwell
  12. I don't think that's a Sega-exclusive problem.
  13. I found that too. Having enjoyed MS1 and X so much, 3 just seemed like a chore. But I can't quite put my finger on why...
  14. I thought it was okay when I first saw it, but their insistence on putting shite like PS2s and karaoke machines in the cars just makes it a bit too tacky. Just why? 'Man, I've had enough of driving. I think I'll just pull over in this shady neighbourhood and play on my drum kit in the boot.'
  15. I'm sure there's a space in NotW for this ground-breaking announcement. Go on!
  16. Any lenient referees in football games are referred to as 'Houseguys'. I think it's something to do with ISS 2000's Hasegawa.
  17. I think Gold was the high point of the series- Sapphire was ridiculously complicated. Non-obvious types and stupid 'abilities' that you're unaware of until it's too late. But Red, I have to say, is still my second-favourite game ever- 180 hours can't be wrong. In fact it was the very first US game I imported, and well worth it.
  18. And the Dreamcast had no arcade ports. AT ALL. I honestly don't care what the general opinion of the GC is. I don't enjoy it as much as my N64, but it's still a great machine.
  19. I wouldn't say his album was awful, it's certainly his best so far. Admittedly that isn't saying a whole lot but it's a start. It does annoy me, however, when people dismiss the entire genre just because 'j-kwon and 50 cent are for teh chavs' or something. There isn't a whole lot that's good at the moment but that doesn't mean everything's 'bullshit'. I bet you're one of those people that refer to 'indie' and all that (i.e. everything they play on Vh2) as 'real music'.
  20. Seconded. Although the size of it is very intimidating and I found it got very hard, very quickly. And I can't believe no-one has mentioned PES yet!
  21. Classic episode. 'Pat wants to know if he can put his massive tool in my box.'
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