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  1. They give you that wonderful heart-clogged-up feeling, don't they?
  2. I have to say the ratio of shit : good missions is a lot higher in SA than Vice City. There's only been a couple so far I've genuinely enjoyed, and there seem to be far too many that are just endless shooting. Plus CJ is a dick.
  3. N64. The Z trigger is genius. I've played so much Goldeneye it doesn't even feel like I'm holding a controller anymore.
  4. Did it? I was still quite young so didn't really care about review scores. I thought it was great...
  5. They release a new one every week on Game Boy. God knows who buys them.
  6. I haven't enjoyed a whole lot this year- there's very little decent r&b around. Mostly been listening to 'classic' stuff. The winnarz by default are : Joe 'And Then...' Amp Fiddler 'Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly' and Usher 'Confessions', which I didn't like at first but has grown on me, big time.
  7. Yobo Ahoy


    Who is he? I've heard the name, but thought he was that bloke from Eastenders.
  8. Awful game. I played it loads when I was little, never getting beyond the second level - I guess I was more persistent back then. Tried a ROM of it last week and it annoyed the hell out of me. Microprose Soccer... now there's a game that's aged well.
  9. My thoughts exactly. I still have 4P Goldeneye sessions a few times a week, and I dread the day all of my stash of controllers are worn out. Almost makes me want to cry...
  10. Ooh, me! Me me me! Now to dig out that old Bt Click PAYG number...
  11. I'm assuming everyone is still getting 5 okay? The signal on the tv I was planning to watch this on (i.e. the one without Sky) has completely disappeared, and I can't tune it in. A girl at work told me she was experiencing the same problem*... I guess it must be my area or something. *Not that I ever watch much on Ch5. Least of all football with (shudder) John Barnes.
  12. I can't listen to anyone talk about this film without being reminded of one of the many 'shitting' threads that have 'graced' Off Topic over the years...
  13. I've generally ignored their older stuff, but that Encore remix is just awful- second worst remix ever. INTERFAX
  14. Yobo Ahoy


    Lots of people, obviously.
  15. T'was hilarious. '... and I can't imagine those 'thong' things being particularly comfortable...' Maybe he's going back to his raving perv stage? Fingers crossed.
  16. Have to laugh at some of the horses' names in the betting shop. Axe Wound Hardly Flanged That's Bollocks Schlong Odds Five Finger Splay etc...
  17. The only 'retro' games I play with any sort of regularity are Goldeneye and Mario Kart. Goldeneye especially- 4-player sessions are as frequent now as they were six or so years (edit- ouch!) ago. Repeatedly playing single-player games through just bores me, really. I like to be surprised. Fire Red, as said before, is a good example. It was still good to play through again, but nowhere near as fun as the first. After beating the elite four for the second time, I just left it- whereas on the orignal I played it tirelessly until I had six level 100 'mons and all 150 in the pokedex. I guess I just had more time on my hands in those days.
  18. That one that started off like Virtua Cop and finished like Terminator 2 (with the lorry) was great. Simple but oh-so-effective.
  19. Aren't you referring to 'wrong side of the tracks'?
  20. Near the beginning they tell you not to leave town.
  21. He's a raving gayer though, and won't admit it.
  22. 1. WHY.ARE.GUN.SHOPS.NOT.OPEN. 2. I don't want 'respect' when I do a mission, for fuck's sake. Make with the money. Doesn't help that EVERYTHING costs money, either. (Only 8% complete, so I reserve the right to change these statements.)
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