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  1. Pleased to meet you. Also biglime, I'd just like to say how cool you are for using someone's age as an argument. Well done. And Shaun Of The Dead is good.
  2. I thought Sapphire was great. Didn't quite keep me interested long enough to train all of my monsters up to lv100 (unlike Red- 180 hours...) but the excellent core game remained, and it's still absorbing from start to finish. I should really get over this obsession. Well, after Red and Green are re-released. I don't think I'll be buying Colosseum though, it just doesn't look all that interesting to be honest. Out of interest, does if give you the option to play speeded-up, like in Stadium? That was genius. Smash through the Elite 4 in 5 minutes, repeat to fade.
  3. Plenty worth it. I think it's good, but not great. That depends on the player though to be honest, it's just that I found it far too unforgiving, especially towards the end.
  4. CEX Watford has gone downhill lately too. They have a ridiculous amount of DVDs for a games shop, the prices on some 'retro' games have become stupidly high of late (Mario 64 for £32 and Pokemon Stadium 2 for £48, anyone?), and all the decent staff now work for Gamestation up the road or have left altogether. I still go in there now and again, but very rarely buy anything. The music IS stupidly loud, yes- but at least it doesn't smell. Much.
  5. You got the 4th one? I've tried it so many times and can't work out the way to do it. Maybe I should be using Ricky, 'cause he jumps higher? Anyway, you probably know this now but the 5th coin is on the far right as you enter the last 'town'.
  6. Whingesoft. Sack, you can be the MD.
  7. There's one TT coin I can't get, but I've given up on it (so technically that means I haven't completed it, but y'know). I've forgotten what the track's called, but the 4th coin involves grinding along some telegraph-wire-things which I have no idea whatsoever of how to get to.
  8. When a game's music doesn't stop (or at least get quieter) when you pause it. Because most of the time when I pause a game, it's to answer the 'phone or something. Admittedly most games realise this, but there's still the odd one. Gits.
  9. 1080°. Completed it a couple of weeks back, but I still really like going back for a bit of time-trialling and finding new routes through the more complicated tracks. Lovely.
  10. I've seen a couple of different trailers for this at the cinema over the last couple of months, and it still leaves me with a feeling of 'what the hell was that about?' every time. Unfortunately, it's confusing rather than intruiging. How NOT to make people want to watch a film.
  11. I stashed a load of N64 controllers a while ago after realising they get buggered extremely quickly. [Mad scientist] Ahaahahaha!! [/Mad scientist] In fact my N64 as a whole is a bit of a state, the old boy has had far too much use. Bless.
  12. I wouldn't say it's 'awful', but 'best game ever'? You must be having a laugh. Anyway. I have to say I don't think the sun shines out of the DC's arse as much as some people here do. It's just nice. Nothing more. In fact for about 18 months, PSO was the only Dreamcast game I played. It may just be that the games just didn't appeal to me, but I found a lot of them to be vacant and 'soulless'. And yes- the controller is fucking awful. The D-pad almost blistered my thumb during Tony Hawk's PS 2. And the buttons just don't have enough 'give', which made 'tap-tap-tappity' games like Sports Jam utterly unplayable. P.S. In reply to whoever said you need an arcade stick to play beat-em-ups properly, I've never had any qualms with the Playstation pad. See Tekken for a particularly good example of that. P.P.S. Ebisumaru, don't be silly. Alex W. is the King Of Pedants- Sprite is a mere pretender.
  13. See, I don't go in for all this depressing gobshite. As far as I'm concerned, songs should enlighten you; cheer you up. Make you forget your (no matter how insignificant) problems, temporarily at least. <3! Hmm. This is the sort of grinning wreck I turn into after listening to 'Summer Breeze' by the Isley Brothers. It's just the best song, ever. It makes me want to open every window in the house and turn the volume up to maximum and loaf about in the garden with a bottle of Corona. Phew. Now that's out of the way, any other nominations? R Kelly's 'Step In The Name Of Love' is quite nice too, in a cheesy sort of way. (I realise this won't hold much sway with you lot and your 'sophisticated' Radiohead and the like, but one reply will do. Just one?)
  14. Quiet, you. I bloody love Mr Driller. Better than Tetris, it is.
  15. My local CEX (Watford) has Japanese Dreamcasts for £30 boxed. Have to say, I've really gone off my DC lately. Crazy Taxi and ChuChu Rocket are all I play anymore. Maybe it's just me, but for a console so many people rave about, it never really captivated me in the same way the N64 did, for example. Well, PSO as an exception.
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