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  1. I feel terrible, but Devil May Cry 5. It's lovingly put together but the story is boring me to tears and the endless corridors and invisible walls just don't do it for me anymore. I'm crap at the 'make your own fun' combos - getting worse with age - and only V of the 3 characters is actually fun to play with. Soz.
  2. Sad news about Rumble. Always thought he was one of MMA's great 'what if's, as mentioned he had unrivalled KO power and it's a shame he spent so long bouncing between the weight classes. Anyway, Saturday. I can't lie, the finish to the main event totally got me out of my seat, that doesn't happen very often (the last time was probably Edwards Vs Usman)! Adesanya has had it coming for a while, but everyone comes out of this looking pretty good; Pereira looks beatable, and Izzy's gone through most of the contenders already so probably only needs one win, two max before he's in there again. Glad Esparza lost too, honestly one of the most uninspiring champions ever. Chandler / Poirier delivered as expected, I do feel a little for Chandler as he tends to fall at the final hurdle quite a lot despite being a top ten LW for the best part of a decade now. I'm not sure where he goes from here really. I wasn't too surprised about McCann, she's definitely improved but her increase in status is mostly due to the stellar UK events this year and getting the rub from Pimblett. An MMA glow up, if you will.
  3. Hyped for tonight after too many shit Apex events and YouTuber freakshows. So what are we thinking? Does Izzy finally become unstuck against his former nemesis or does Pereira get schooled in top level MMA? Personally I would love to see the title change hands, Adesanya has become stale and I haven't enjoyed a fight of his for a while. Poirier vs Chandler should be carnage too.
  4. Absolutely loved this. Really not sure why it was marketed as anything near a comedy but it's properly gripping throughout. My wife's brother died a couple of months back so it was a bit of a difficult watch sometimes but I feel like they really nailed the grief element - it did mean I was crying uncontrollably at the end of the last episode though! Not sure how I feel about a second series, it's a great cast and there are a few questions left unanswered but that was an absolutely perfect 8 episode run.
  5. It's live on TV, the champiooooooons (As my brother and I heard it as young'uns.)
  6. Well Watford lost today after all my bluster up there so who the fuck knows. Best not to analyse this shit.
  7. Well, you did call it @Plissken ... What happened there?
  8. Witchcraft! Amazing. Unfortunately at this rate it'll be about 5 years before I'm a 'current' gen gamer. Oh well...
  9. I mainly play on a PS4 and with extremely limited gaming time I've become very reliant on standby / quick resume over the last few years. Booting from scratch into each game every time is a young man's game! So where I used to play a different game every day before this gen, I've made a bit of a crutch for myself here. The down side of this is that I tend to plug away at games until I've finished them, even if I'm not totally into them, or could do with a break. I'm currently finding Devil May Cry 5 a bit of a chore (I'm just not very good at it, in truth) but if I know if I start another game I'll never come back to it.
  10. It's a crazy league. Watford put together back to back wins for the first time this season on Saturday (almost into November!), made it 3 last night and suddenly we are in the playoffs. I couldn't possibly predict where we will end up. Edit: and somehow 4 points off 2nd place with a game in hand. Ridiculous. Don't want to get carried away, but all rather reminiscent of 20/21 where they won 14 out of the last 18 games and Bournemouth bottled it spectacularly. Ah, good times!
  11. Dinamo Zagreb were the previous record holders with -19 GD. Tonight was a straight shootout between Rangers and Plzen (who equalled -19 in the end), and Rangers outdid themselves again by going one worse.
  12. Yeah. I think he said something like
  13. Found this very enjoyable but a couple of the locals did my head in. Couldn't stand that muppet with the bumfluff who dragged his kids to games, has his priorities all wrong and revelling in other clubs going bust due to rogue owners is a real dick move.
  14. I'm really not interested unless it's been a couple of generations. I can't stand the revolving door of Sony remasters especially, those sorts of games are the ones that require remasters the least. Even then, I much prefer the fresh and new. I would definitely make an exception for MGS though.
  15. Yobo Ahoy

    The Spurs Thread

    With Kulusevski, I think you guys are a very entertaining watch.
  16. Yeah I couldn't believe TJ's post-fight interview. Quite irresponsible from all parties really, but I guess he knew he was lucky to be getting the title shot in the first place after his injuries, PEDs and the lucky Sandhagen victory. A very similar one happened to Aaron Pico in Bellator the other week, horrible to watch. O'Malley's post fight interview was bizarre too. The guy seemed shellshocked, looked like he wanted to go home and cry rather than shooting pretend fadeaways and spouting catchphrases.
  17. The acting has been sporadically shit and it's been full of cringeworthy moments from day one. Series 1 was overall well-written and genuinely funny though, series 2 was a total mess and introduced a couple of hugely annoying characters. I'm amazed it's still sweeping awards shows.
  18. Very reminiscent of early career Brendan Rodgers.
  19. That's weird, I've never heard that before. Is it just for broadcaster YouTube channels etc? Because the club ones seem to be able to get away with whatever they want (10mins below, Watford uploaded an 8min video of our game last night):
  20. Always freaks. Bioware games are always good value, my favourite is the 'white guy with braids, enormous cheekbones and narrow jaw' combo. I always go for the flattest chin possible, just so it looks funnier in side profile. My favourite freak was probably my cockney fatty from Saints Row 2. Grey combover, mouth constantly open and kitted out in a woman's tank top so he looked like Phil Collins from Trailer Park Boys.
  21. Mad God. Lasted 13 minutes and for most of those I was wondering what the fuck was going on.
  22. Mad to think Kane is averaging a goal a game this season yet Haaland has almost double that.
  23. Fucking hell Watford are so bad at the moment. Our defence are all absolute dogshit bar Kamara who doesn't even belong to us anymore (standard Udinese book-fiddling) and relying on Gosling, Cleverley and Kayembe in midfield is a recipe for disaster. Absolutely criminal to be hovering in mid-table with that rotten spine and expecting young talent like Sarr, JP, Louza and Asprilla to shoulder the burden.
  24. If you want something on the easier side to begin with I can recommend Valkyria Chronicles 1 or 4, and Jeanne D'arc on PSP. The latter is more of a 'traditional' SRPG but without all of the customisation (jobs etc) that can make FFT and TO a little daunting. Valkyria Chronicles is in a more modern style, more like XCOM, but charming and has a sensible difficulty curve. Edit: another vote for Shining Force, I forgot about that. Played the GBA remaster recently, holds up very well and isn't too complicated.
  25. Everybody's Golf World Tour is the definitive version in my eyes. The safari course 😍 and Bonnie the caddie 😍😍...
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