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  1. Just watched series 3 in a couple of days. Consistently excellent and while it's a shame to see it end, it'll be nice not to see it deteriorate. Steve Pemberton's heartfelt speech and then the last minute swerve was inspired, and Liam's boss was also a highlight. Horatio!
  2. I only played it last year and loved it. I think the problem was the Witcher 3 coming out 6 months later, but I hated the latter because the wizard vision or whatever it was called gave me spectacular headaches and I had to give up after a couple of hours.
  3. Unless I'm mistaken (definitely possible), Kenzan came first by a good few years?
  4. What a day. Also just seen it's all last-gen too, result for tramp gamers like me. Anyone know why they are redoing Ishin but not Kenzan? Sorry, I didn't actually watch all the guff yesterday.
  5. Diaz/Ferguson was crap, let's not beat around the bush. Absolutely no business headlining a PPV in 2022. 'Superfight' as Tony called it ... Pull the other one.
  6. So there it is, Nate vs Tony and Khamzat vs Holland. Feel bad for Leech as he's the one that ended up getting stuffed in terms of weight. Seen a few tweets (I know) suggesting this is a 'work' to rescue the PPV after poor sales. It can't be ... can it? But Khamzat is both weirdly a) unapologetic and b) healthy looking, suggesting he did it on purpose. Then there is the apparently massive backstage fight which amazingly no-one has any footage of, whereas normally during fight week all it takes is someone to fart and it's all over the news sites. Absolutely bizarre.
  7. Oh Khamzat, you massive bellend. How to ruin a PPV in two easy steps.
  8. Their good players will come good again, remember when they got smashed by Villa? The main thing their shit performances seem to have in common these days is James Milner, the guy is running on fumes. Shouty, fouling fumes.
  9. Basically if you wouldn't put it past Dana then it's definitely true, the guy is a total shyster. Doubt this passes 300k.
  10. Totally didn't realise Nate vs Chimaev was a PPV this weekend. Not that it matters to us in the UK but I can't see it selling much at all, pretty much just a good TV card:
  11. Yeah was just reading about that. Apparently by a Chesterfield player? Allegedly. Proper Sunday League stuff.
  12. He was one of the good guys. Actually quite sad about that one!
  13. Or just don't do it. Aren't there only a couple of compulsory missions? (It's been a while since I played it but I definitely didn't complete all of them.)
  14. Are they going for the 'local fun run' look?
  15. I do love to see Bournemouth get humped. Parker will get found out soon, they basically bought their way out of the championship by hoovering up every other championship team's half decent players in January and are now playing the pauper underdog card.
  16. Ooh, nice. Been playing a lot of GB Choplifter 2 and this looks like that on steroids. Getting it!
  17. Isn't one of our own involved in the development of this? I swear I read it somewhere in the retro folder but can't find the thread now. Anyway this looks very good. Also PS4 for tramp gamers like me in case people are wondering!
  18. I watched Species for the first time recently. It's astoundingly, hilariously shit (bad writing, terrible CGI and hammy action) and instantly rocketed to near the top of my 'so bad it's good' list.
  19. Yeah man, I liked it. Repetitive maybe, but pure emotion. Anyway
  20. Wasn't impressed with Edwards' constant cheating (maybe the Belal no contest wasn't so accidental) but I guess they all do it to an extent. The main thing is Usman's reign of terror is over, he's had it for long enough. Edwards put the graft in like not many others have done, hell of a post fight promo too. Rockhold/Costa was weird. Entertaining as fuck and considering Luke is one of my most loathed fighters ever I actually found myself sympathising with him post fight.
  21. Beat Quiet like a big boy yesterday. Feels good man. Well, copious amounts of smoke grenades and decoys but better than just dropping supply crates on her head which is what I did when I played originally. She's a good character (and the cutscenes that follow are gold) but her outfit just gets more creepy with age. Yuck.
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