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  1. Yeah I couldn't believe TJ's post-fight interview. Quite irresponsible from all parties really, but I guess he knew he was lucky to be getting the title shot in the first place after his injuries, PEDs and the lucky Sandhagen victory.  A very similar one happened to Aaron Pico in Bellator the other week, horrible to watch.


    O'Malley's post fight interview was bizarre too. The guy seemed shellshocked, looked like he wanted to go home and cry rather than shooting pretend fadeaways and spouting catchphrases. 

  2. 14 minutes ago, Chindie said:

    Beale left Villa the second an option for the managers seat came up elsewhere, just a few months into a new job with a big step up in difficulty. He's highly thought of, and appears to have no loyalty at all. He'll move to anything that improves his position.

    Very reminiscent of early career Brendan Rodgers.

  3. 8 hours ago, Plissken said:

    For some weird reason there is a two minute limit on all EFL highlights.

    That's weird, I've never heard that before. Is it just for broadcaster YouTube channels etc? Because the club ones seem to be able to get away with whatever they want (10mins below, Watford uploaded an 8min video of our game last night):



  4. Always freaks. Bioware games are always good value, my favourite is the 'white guy with braids, enormous cheekbones and narrow jaw' combo. I always go for the flattest chin possible, just so it looks funnier in side profile. 


    My favourite freak was probably my cockney fatty from Saints Row 2. Grey combover, mouth constantly open and kitted out in a woman's tank top so he looked like Phil Collins from Trailer Park Boys. 





  5. Fucking hell Watford are so bad at the moment. Our defence are all absolute dogshit bar Kamara who doesn't even belong to us anymore (standard Udinese book-fiddling) and relying on Gosling, Cleverley and Kayembe in midfield is a recipe for disaster.


    Absolutely criminal to be hovering in mid-table with that rotten spine and expecting young talent like Sarr, JP, Louza and Asprilla to shoulder the burden.

  6. If you want something on the easier side to begin with I can recommend Valkyria Chronicles 1 or 4, and Jeanne D'arc on PSP. The latter is more of a 'traditional' SRPG but without all of the customisation (jobs etc) that can make FFT and TO a little daunting.


    Valkyria Chronicles is in a more modern style, more like XCOM, but charming and has a sensible difficulty curve. 


    Edit: another vote for Shining Force, I forgot about that. Played the GBA remaster recently, holds up very well and isn't too complicated.

  7. Despite being a massive fan of F-Zero X I never really clicked with either of the GBA releases; Maximum Velocity was too bare-bones (and no double-tap attack!) and GP Legend hilariously easy with bugger all rival racers on screen at any given time. I'm sure this isn't news to anyone else but I've only just discovered a third game was released in Japan, Climax. It's a lot closer to X in feel (lack of analogue an exception obviously), absolutely loving it so far and it looks great on the RG351.


    Edit: and a fair chunk of it is in English too, all menus etc. 




  8. I see Watford have sneaked in our customary international break sacking. 


    Rob Edwards has been far from convincing but our dunce of a CEO was making all the right noises at the start of the season - we're a different club now now, this guy is the one, a change of culture etc. Actual quote: 'we'll back him come hell or high water'. Fucking clowns. 


  9. Did the first 'ending' yesterday (for the second time). Brilliant. 


    Spoilers, maybe ... 



    The missions themselves did seem to lose their way a bit towards the end, a combination of a) needing to advance the story but running out of set pieces so the mission is essentially 'extract this guy, he might know something' or b) introducing annoying elements like the children - like trying to herd cats. (And you can't fulton them, but somehow I can extract goats?!)


    For example 'Code Talker' is fantastic, the sense of achievement in sniping all 4 stupid sexy skulls is astounding, then the MGS3-like jungle route to the villa. It's then followed by the dogshit 'Metallic Archea' where you have to essentially find a loophole in the airport where the concrete skulls can't hurt you, getting Quiet to distract them and smacking them in the back of the head with a rocket launcher. 


    All is forgiven by time the 'Skull Face' / 'Saehelanthropus' combo comes around though. You cant fail to be hyped up coming in hot on the choppers to this. 




    Also I ruined Skull Face's jeep monologue by playing 'Take On Me' really loudly in his face. Although in hindsight it didn't make a lot of sense, why did I take out an entire base of soldiers (and I mean an entire base) if there was no point in me coming there? Weird. 


    Anyway. Now on with the post game stuff. It's been very 'one man and his dog' so far, so maybe I'll give Quiet a run out. Or even D-Walker (yeah right). 

  10. On 17/09/2022 at 13:26, gospvg said:

    Finally made it past Haruka and onto Akiyama. Hated the dance battles, hope I don't have to go back to them.



    I quite liked it initially as a change of pace, but it got a little samey after a while and it was a shame that Akiyama's role was diluted. 


    I can't deny that I still love 'So Much More' though. Especially with her 4 weird uncles chanting along:



  11. 13 hours ago, robdood said:

    Also RE: Pokemon (and this is stealing a Tim Rogers bit, really, but it occurred to me watching one of my kids play Sword/Shield before I heard him say it) - why they heck are the gym 'leaders' so terrible at Pokemon the game?  Like, making a whole team out of one type is dumbaf, dude. 




    Yasss Karen 😍

  12. Just watched series 3 in a couple of days. Consistently excellent and while it's a shame to see it end, it'll be nice not to see it deteriorate.


    Steve Pemberton's heartfelt speech and then the last minute swerve was inspired, and Liam's boss was also a highlight. Horatio! 




  13. 5 hours ago, Harsin said:

    Dragon Age Inquisition.


    It had glowing reviews and won game of the year awards. But it seemed to get memory holed in double quick time. While it’s not remembered as a bad game per se, its main legacy seems to be oh yeah that’s the one with loads of worthless MMO style fetch quests when people talk about it.


    I only played it last year and loved it. I think the problem was the Witcher 3 coming out 6 months later, but I hated the latter because the wizard vision or whatever it was called gave me spectacular headaches and I had to give up after a couple of hours. 

  14. So there it is, Nate vs Tony and Khamzat vs Holland. Feel bad for Leech as he's the one that ended up getting stuffed in terms of weight.


    Seen a few tweets (I know) suggesting this is a 'work' to rescue the PPV after poor sales. It can't be ... can it? But Khamzat is both weirdly a) unapologetic and b) healthy looking, suggesting he did it on purpose. Then there is the apparently massive backstage fight which amazingly no-one has any footage of, whereas normally during fight week all it takes is someone to fart and it's all over the news sites. Absolutely bizarre. 

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