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  1. It's frustrating as fuck to go against a defender like that but he's lucky he lasted as long as he did. That attempted slap early on and backwards headbutt just before the sending off could easily have been red card offences on their own.
  2. Oh and Outrun 2006 'milesandmiles'. The problem is my favourite car is the Dino but it soon gets outstripped by the next batch you unlock, so I just hop straight to the OR version.
  3. Worms on PSX. Made vs mode a lot more exciting compared to the war of attrition provided by the basic grenade, cluster bomb and uzi. Many a post-pub session spent on this game.
  4. Yeah MGS games are full of them and you only really learn through experimenting. (Apart from Mantis etc.) In terms of little details, the already fantastic atmosphere in MGSV is really ramped up when you hear the '80s pop music blaring out from the boomboxes in enemy outposts. Then you nick the tapes and play them in your helicopter; the ultimate insult.
  5. Ghost Trick is a legit work of art and I'm kicking myself for leaving it out of my list. The animation is unlike any other game, 2D or otherwise, and is a true labour of love.
  6. I've no idea if this counts as obscure but I'd definitely never heard of it; a shooter/run and gun called Boogie Wings. Completely batshit mental (think Parodius) but great fun to play. It even has a Christmas level! Http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/boogie-wings http://retrovania-vgjunk.blogspot.com/2011/09/boogie-wings.html?m=1
  7. I really loved the idea of this but found it so fiddly on the Vita. The text was too small and the 'desk' wasn't big enough. Has the mobile version been dumbed down (in accessibility terms) at all?
  8. Ah, no, sorry - I have total sympathy for current players owed wages and I hope De Jong, Braithwaite, Depay etc hold them to every cent. I just don't understand why players this summer forced moves there, they must know all isn't well. Total idiocy.
  9. If this was any other club they'd be in court. Absolutely no sympathy for the players who forced moves to this facade of a club either.
  10. Have to say I quite like it too, but then I also loved Spurs' marble kit from last year so I'm likely in the minority.
  11. Speaking of shit names, we've gone full Championship Manager generated nonsense with Leeds' Crysencio Summerville . He sounds like a newsreader in Anchorman. Or a brand of luxury sedan.
  12. Oh man, it's incredible. You have to fully grind your way up to Smasei fort - yesterday I did a couple of outposts on the road and that massive relay base on the bridge. I thought I would be clever and snipe the guards surrounding the prisoner (they drive away with him a few minutes after you arrive) but it turns out my sniper rifle is a) shit and b) loud, and they have a sniper of their own. Fuck. Guess I'm going for a carnage playthrough this mission. That's before I've even reached the attack chopper and the fort itself ... And all the stuff after that. Absolute dynamite.
  13. She comes before Thunder? (Yes I had to Google whether there was a gladiator called Thunder.)
  14. Regarding Kingsman I'm not a total nutter, I have the good sense to recognise the 2nd film as a steaming pile of shite at least.
  15. I dunno, sometimes it feels like people only ever talk about Spirited Away and Totoro, both of which I bounced off hard. Good choice on Nausicaa. That's my number 2. I guess what's probably more controversial is my third favourite...
  16. Just unlocked 'where do the bees sleep', can't wait to crack on with that one. Da Smasei Laman! Such a cool location. Side op to pick up the riot SMG first. Those chumps won't know what hit them. I'm really getting back into the swing of things, finally got a no kills / no reflex yesterday. Still getting C rank and 'chick' all the time though ...
  17. Ghosts of Mars, despite being absolutely, deafeningly stupid is actually a very fun slice of slasher horror in spaaaace. Kiki's Delivery Service is the best Studio Ghibli film. The King's Man is genuinely very good and is a better war film than the stodgy 1917.
  18. Just starting the first 'free choice' mission after rescuing Kaz and returning to Mother Base. Such an odd game, in a way it feels clunky sometimes but in fact it's the opposite, the controls are just much more sensitive than I can handle. I'll get used to it, hopefully. Can't wait to develop the silenced rubber bullet SMG again as I am fucked without it. I am also listening to every tape from the beginning this time around, to avoid having a backlog when I finally get around to it - they are all interesting in their own way. I didn't realise that the fast-forward button is essentially a 'skip dialogue line' which is a godsend, assuming you have subtitles on. I listened to Ocelot read out every single fucking one in painstaking detail first time around.
  19. Recently started it again too. That first section took even longer than it seemed the first time. After that it kicks up several gears, it's still the best proper stealth game around. I'm so shit at it though.
  20. I dunno, still seems a bit of a glossy celeb non-apology. She's essentially blaming 'the pandemic'. Oh wow, you had to look after your kids, no-one else in the world had to do that.
  21. Are we playing spot the difference?
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