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  1. It actually looks better than this season's Everton shirt - and I didn't realise we had the same sponsor too!
  2. Watford away (the Elton John black and white is a 3rd kit apparently). White shorts and blue socks. Looks fantastic in action.
  3. Lingard to Forest is an eye-opener. £200k a week 😳
  4. Snake's food reactions are among my favourite gaming soundbites. 'Pretty tasty' 'Dis-gusting!' 'SIIIIIICK!
  5. Just catching up on the last couple of weeks' fights, Schnell vs Sumudaerji is one of the best fights I've seen in ages and definitely one of the best comebacks ever. Recommended viewing. https://youtu.be/XCkZ_3PhtCA
  6. Not a bad way to reveal an away shirt... (Some sort of anniversary of our original kit or some shit. Last worn in 2014, a hell of a season - prime Deeney, Vydra, Forestieri, Abdi, Gomes, Ighalo ... What a team.)
  7. Glad Miller won to take the record though. He seems like one of the good guys, unlike Cerrone. Pereira looked scary. Built like fucking Sagat, all he needs is an eyepatch.
  8. I've never heard of him but our Twitter seems to be going mad (bar the occasional Celtic fan interjecting to say we are in for a shock). We do need a proper centre forward though and our last signing from Belgium (Dennis) worked out ok. Time will tell!
  9. She looked like Gary Oldman! Anyway fucking Herring won again. Guy bores me to tears.
  10. I think they should be broadly the same, Olympics-style. Having massively different ones (but still selling mens' versions of the womens' top and vice versa) just smells of a cash grab.
  11. I doubt that 'concussion' farce a couple of years back helped his fair play reputation.
  12. Anyone been watching this? (Note, very different to the similarly titled BBC sitcom 'The Other One'!) Wikipedia blurb: I absolutely adored the first series a couple of years back and I am currently working through series 2. Kind of the sitcom sweet spot at 10 episodes per series x 25 mins which helps - it mercilessly lampoons internet pop culture and social media (and the twist at the end of series 1 is inspired) and it just seems to be getting funnier. It started out on Comedy Central and Channel 4 but has since moved to HBO Max, I'm not sure what this means for a UK release but I'd really recommend tracking it down.
  13. The embarrassing side of MMA. Fuck knows what PEDs he's been taking, and his opponent is a middleweight who weighed in 34lb lighter than him. Fuck that.
  14. I'm sure I got more than a few funny looks when I included this in my recent top 20 considering the overall structure of the game is Ubi-by-numbers and the main story and protagonist aren't particularly well written. But compared to GTA and its handful of flashy, on-rails missions this offers so much freedom to the player across main and side missions - fixer, convoy and hideouts seem generic but once you start using all the tools at your disposal it's incredible. It's pure Michael Bay (but not Transformers, eww) in game form and I love it.
  15. Isn't the capacity about 20k? So probably about 7k per club? I know it was picked a long time ago but even in the original draw there were some big teams.
  16. Yobo Ahoy

    The Spurs Thread

    Then again Lo Celso, Ndombele and Gil cost £130m so maybe don't count your chickens... 😉 (Only messing - actually want you to do well, would be nice to see someone else win something!) Edit: although, does that include making Romero and Kulusevski's loans permanent? That's a pretty big chunk...
  17. Due to young kids I get about 4-5 hours gaming a week max, still on PS4 and have absolutely stacks of great games still to play. With that, and the recent trend of games getting longer, at this rate I might not ever end up getting a PS5 and just skip straight to the PS6 assuming it's backwards compatible again.
  18. If I had to pick a series it would be Yakuza but Valkyria Chronicles is just the best game. Such a shame the engine was only used in 2 games, I love the presentation from start to finish.
  19. Hoping this won't cause loads of people to go and change their lists (sorry @Benny) but skimming through the entries, one title I expected to see more of is Witcher 3. People were acting as though it was the best thing since sliced bread a few years back. Has it not stood the test of time or just been forgotten about?
  20. Watford want Zinck back please! Admittedly the club have treated him like shit so I couldn't blame him if he said he wanted to leave, but even accounting for the league difference he's been miles better than most of our wingers/forwards this year. Why we loaned him out but then brought in the awful Kalu is a mystery.
  21. The immovable object Vs the unstoppable force!
  22. I'm willing to take that chance if it means that little scrote Nathan Jones doesn't get near the PL.
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