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  1. The 'I like this and I like this' is the slogan for Aldi adverts.
  2. Hadn't heard of this but added to wishlist
  3. I hated it when I reviewed the PC version originally, but they have apparently added a lot more quality of life stuff in for the console version (and presumably patched it on PC). It is such an intriguing idea but as a game it was an absolute dog. Multiple functions to buttons meant that you could jump to your death reaching for some berries, absolutely no information about how basic things work and (this is perhaps my own fault) no barriers to completely messing things up at the beginning. A tutorial area would have solved many of these. Wasn't helped by the designer accusing the reviewers of not having played it rather than highlighting the unfinished nature of the initial release. All that being said, I'm glad to hear that there seems to be a functioning game now because I was really hoping to like it.
  4. It's such a love story to British gaming and pop culture. Some rooms are bloody annoying though. Never did go back after finishing the main game but might be due a replay. Nice that my review gets cited on the trailer now.
  5. My first CD and it's never been off my playlist since. I alternate between this and the very different Infernal Love as my favourite Therapy? album but Nowhere and Screamager are just perfect heavy pop punk tunes. Their new stuff is still surprisingly good but could never have the emotional effect that those two early albums did due to the relative limit of albums pre-Internet (for me, at least). They're a step on my teenage ladder of rock/metal as I went from Meat Loaf to Iron Maiden to Metallica to Therapy? to Cradle of Filth. All of those acts are like my musical DNA and can transport me back to my teenaged self first encountering them. Definitely going to blast Troublegum again tonight.
  6. It got a decent review on the site I write for (but not by me) https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2019/05/08/fade-to-silence-review/ Was on my 'pick up cheap' list but sounds like it needs a real investment of time to get the most from it.
  7. I'm with the OP here. The retail websites are only useful for physical releases on the whole though. For this reason I often have a Steam wishlist of c. 200 titles just as a way of remembering them when I see trailers, early looks etc. PS4 has no easy wishlist system on the console unfortunately.
  8. @ScouserInExile @Wiper the RPG was the Temple of Elemental Evil. I've still got the boxed version somewhere but have never installed it due to that fear
  9. The kids and I have even had fun with the dynamic theme for this where the Goose disappears and then surprises you whilst you browse your library I may have roleplayed the locals as Daily Mail readers so cast the Goose as engaging in direct actions of protest too.
  10. I love(d) Valfaris, but some of the bosses are cheap as all heck. That particular one was a hurdle for a while but there are a few later on that get even more unfair. I would recommend having a look at some videos for strategies if you need to as the environments get even cooler as the game goes on. Just avoid the smug gits doing no-damage runs with original non-upgraded equipment Oh, and for that jelly boss in particular: And I haven't finished it either, actually, but that was due to it being a review so had to stop at the embargo and then got distracted by other games. Need to get stuck back in soon.
  11. That's my solution too
  12. Oh, and Thumper but don't think it was from PS+
  13. Ace. Cheers. Realised I've got Rigs, Until Dawn Rush, Here They Lie and Wipeout too courtesy of Plus. Will check out Statik, remember beung intrigued by it but had completely forgotten it. Gonna be a long 20 days or so
  14. Got one of these sat waiting for me under the tree (metaphorically, tree will go up much later). Any hidden gems to check out? Got the Megapack 2 and Doom VFR plus No Man's Sky already. Beat Saber, Moss and Tetris are on my list. Anything else?
  15. Good luck on the continuing promotions around this, @BadgerFarmer I have read it now and really enjoyed it, although you did make me want to rebuy No More Heroes for about the fourth time My review isn't due with the academic journal until February (these things move very slowly) but the short version will be along the lines of This is a great and thought-provoking discussion of the ideological background of some of my favourite games that displays a light touch with theory making it thoroughly readable for non-academic audiences too. The theoretical knowledge is clearly there informing the discussion without overloading it and Bailes is an enthusiastic and persuasive writer. I would have liked further discussion of the effect that GTA Online has on the series' attempts to critique neoliberalism whilst clearly working within, even directly profiting from it, but appreciate that this was a little tangential to the book's main focus on single player narratively constructed worlds. tl;dr that'll do. badger, that'll do
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