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  1. @Zio He was a roadblock for me for a while. The annoying thing is that when the parry and dodge clicks, he's really easy but it's the first prolonged use of that mechanic so it takes a while to get used to. It does pay you in good stead though; I'm tempted to start from scratch when I go back to it now that I have some more advanced skills. @sandman Played through Earthlock on PS4 earlier in the year and it's a good old-fashioned JRPG with a nifty combat system. Nothing earth shattering but a great game to sit and chill out to. Some enjoyably challenging boss fights that require some strategy too.
  2. That's why I thought @moosegrinderwould be all over it, but it is a very stressful experience. Which boss are you stuck on, @Zio?
  3. Totally see your point guys. But I persevered as it was a review code and it did click. Didn't manage to finish it with my old man reflexes but really enjoyed what I played. Having said that, no shame whatsoever in moving on if it's not what you need at the moment.
  4. AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING AEW World Championship Jon Moxley (c) vs Brodie Lee 175 points AEW Women's World Championship No Disqualification Match Nyla Rose (c) vs Hikaru Shida 150 points AEW TNT Championship Cody vs Lance Archer 125 points Casino Ladder Match Darby Allin vs Colt Cabana vs Orange Cassidy vs Rey Fenix vs Scorpio Sky vs Kip Sabian vs Frankie Kazarian vs Luchasaurus vs TBD 125 points Stadium Stampede Match Matt Hardy & The Elite vs The Inner Circle 125 points MJF vs Jungle Boy 200 points Britt Baker vs Kris Statlander 100 points Dustin Rhodes vs Shawn Spears 100 points
  5. Eddie Hall is a different beast on his YouTube channel. His pound for pound challenge against the Strongest Woman (from local Preston) sees him taking getting absolutely humbled really well. As does his speed eating defeats against another woman. But him and Tjor brings out the worst in both of them. I thought it was all performance until the recent boxing match stuff where it feels like genuine dislike. That 2017 cheat accusation from Thor has festered into some real nemesis shit.
  6. Bought it but haven't played it yet but it's apparently a different experience now: https://www.rune2.com/lazarus/ Big free update start of this month.
  7. @robdood got a +3 Scimitar and +3 Heater Shield but think I need to find some Fire Protection. My female Temple Knight is running around in very flammable rags at the moment
  8. I really enjoyed the 360 port of this. Had totally forgotten about it though.
  9. Trying to stay wiki-free as much as possible as a first timer. Will see how long that lasts...
  10. Ha. Need to get some souls to afford arrows (and find a bow...) but will get back to it.
  11. You are a star, mate. Admittedly a saidistic star forcing me to keep on punishing myself with Demon's Souls That fucking can go to Hell. Think I need to do some grinding for a bit. Is it worth running through the different .1 areas to get stuff and souls or should I just farm 1.1?
  12. The freebies have generally (always?) been new additions to the store.
  13. That might be true as it was working better when I first played it. Then again it seems to be getting updated several times a day so it might get sorted in the coming weeks. It'll stay on my PC so I'll have a look every so often and see how it goes
  14. It's an option once lockdown is over but I need to upgrade the CPU anyway so probably best just to put towards that.
  15. Looks like I'll have to suspend my adventure. While I managed to get through 1.1 with the inconsistent frame rate on my creaky CPU, from there on it just can't cope. Any time a box is broken it falls to about 4 or 5fps and struggles to get back up. I need to upgrade later this year anyway but can't justify that at the moment, and certainly not to play a PS3 game. Looks like I'll move onto Dark Souls and then return to the first once I've saved up for a new mobo and CPU.
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