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  1. WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns (c) vs Jey Uso 100 points WWE Championship Ambulance Match Drew McIntyre (c) vs Randy Orton 150 points WWE Raw Women's Championship Asuka (c) vs Zelina Vega 125 points WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Bayley (c) vs Nikki Cross 125 points WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match Jeff Hardy (c) vs AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn 100 points WWE United States Championship Bobby Lashley (c) vs Apollo Crews 100 points WWE
  2. Shameless self-promotion but my review is up here now. https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2020/09/24/serious-sam-4-review/ tl;dr it's very, very Serious Sam and plays like a dream (if you have the spec). I'm replaying it as I hadn't quite finished before the pre-release build updated and deleted my save games (the tragic life of the games reviewer).
  3. Multiplayer is coop for the (lengthy) story mode. Embargoed until tomorrow but this is definitely a Serious Sam game.
  4. Got an EVGA 2060 for just under £250 as that'll do my 1080p setup for the foreseeable. Necessary upgrade from a 1050ti that is starting to struggle. Yes, I could maybe have waited but it's paid for out of my review invoices and will be worth it to stop me from spending hours trawling sites looking out for deals
  5. Dammit. I'm still waiting for the flood of cheap 2060s in the trading folder and then this happens Just to give some perspective Looks like there's some seriously shitty behaviour going on with the scalpers/bots. It's why we can't have nice unnecessary but shiny things
  6. Installing now through Epic Store. Bought it a couple of sales back but have been waiting for the 'full' release
  7. There are posters dotted around the game featuring creepy Watson Best Easter egg ever.
  8. Missed out on a couple of Ebay 2060s (maximum bid of £200) so will hang on until Black Friday now. By which time there might have been 3060 announcements so might just wait on that (obviously with a higher budget).
  9. Need to get back to this. Got distracted since upgrading my CPU and only checked it was working properly. Probably going to start from fresh. What build should I be going for? Remember that it was quite unbalanced and went in blind before with a standard stabby build.
  10. There was a VR deal tab in the VR section but nothing in the main games one.
  11. Blimey! Looking for a 2060 for my setup (1080p only). Where was your bargain from?
  12. Got the game for under a tenner on Humble (with subscriber discount) and then proceeded to buy the soundtrack on Steam anyway Not had chance to play it but the tunes have been playing all weekend I really liked the demo but only played a little bit as there was no save to cross over.
  13. Derek Landy's Skullduggery Pleasant series are fantastic.
  14. Struggling with a lot of these; pretty certain this'll be a big fall from my last perfect picks
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