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  1. @MikeBeavercould make a chair from those to sit at his Crash Bandicoot table What's the story behind all those multiples?
  2. Having completed both Thymesia and Moonscars in the past few weeks, can it be true that as I turn 45 I have finally 'git gud'? Time for some Hidden Object games to calm my nerves... Moonscars (as that's the one on Game Pass) is not quite as satisfying as Blasphemous but pretty proud of myself for getting through it. Never felt totally comfortable with the parrying timing so had to adapt by dodging which meant fights lasted longer. Might leave it a while before I boot up Sekiro on that front.
  3. Played the demo a few months back. It was proper nails then (and I doubt they've changed that) but felt pretty good to play. I've also just downloaded it but my kids are monopolising the Xbox for Disney Dreamlight Valley at the moment Will have to put it on PC instead.
  4. You do it ingame. I had the same headache last time it was on sale.
  5. Always make sure to oil your trombone- you don't want it getting rusty... I had to stop playing this after about an hour of smiling my face off as my mouse arm was cramping. Playing it in VR sounds like a much better way to look like an idiot in front of my family
  6. Same. New Monkey Island was my go to 'will never happen but can dream' forever so there was an opening.
  7. I think the point was to highlight how 'basic' Jenn's old friend was and the kind of traditional gender roles that she has broken away from. More a case of a certain metropolitan snobbishness than a statement about masculinity.
  8. I played this on Tuesday night for preview and it was good, squishy fun. Far more puzzle based than action but the setting and the soundstage are the real stars. However, the performance isn't great at present and it was dropping frames all over the place on my setup, which is decent but not cutting edge. That being said, Afterburner was reporting there was a lot of resources left over. There's still time to optimise things but they're going to have to really work on it.
  9. Actually, I stand corrected (and happily so) as our editors have taken the decision to post (probably partly due to one being of Indian descent so having a different perspective). Not sure who's got the review though but have already bought the game on Steam anyway
  10. Remember most UK outlets (including ours) aren't scheduling posts for today in 'respect' (read also out of fear of dogpiling for doing so).
  11. The PC GamePass app is now linked to Howlongtobeat so most games have completion times on the details page. This is a handy feature if you tend to wonder if a game is completable before it leaves etc. Or just if you're looking for a shorter game to mix things up with an epic experience.
  12. Placeholder VO. Presumably left in the presentation for a bit of viral discourse but that's a dangerous game to play when one bad take can stick to a title's reputation.
  13. I didn't hate it (but then I had it on in the background whilst I played Bug Fables on the other monitor). The fights mainly reminded me of the Guardians of the Galaxy game - and they were by far the weakest part of that too.
  14. I resorted to a couple of YouTube videos for some really well hidden bits but actually enjoyed searching the corners of the levels for most of them. Agree that an optional hint would be good though.
  15. House of Hell, Rebel Planet, and Creature of Havoc are my most fondly remembered of them all. All bastard hard.
  16. Bloody voice of reason here. Next, you'll be telling us to actually play the games we buy! I generally do a mixture of playing games as they arrive or as they leave. The enforced deadline can be a good motivator if I didn't get into a game at launch (and there are too many to play them all).
  17. The most annoying thing is that games that leave often go straight to PS+ (Spiritfarer is the most recent one for me) but obviously you can't transfer progress across. It does mean that I wait to (not) play it on the other service instead.
  18. Yep, this is a beauty. Wasn't even annoyed that I had to repeat the first proper level after playing the demo of it on PC earlier in the year. It nails the Chibi-Robo/Pikmin vibe and also has loads of neat little Toy Story/Small Soldiers style moments. Really hope it does well from the GamePass deal.
  19. There's this too, which references the Roberts piece: https://overland.org.au/2012/06/mad-scientists-airships-and-class-the-politics-of-steampunk/
  20. It's expensive but the assistant manager one takes the grind out of emptying the coin hoppers.
  21. Was it the last album or the one before that had Rob rapping about sticking a middle finger up? He hasn't aged gracefully - but then I wouldn't want him to have
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