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  1. Thanks mate What would you leave out?
  2. Hm. Tough call. I'd have to go with : Street Fighter Zero 3 Street Fighter III Third Strike Outrun 2SP Raiden III Dodonpachi Mushihimesama Ibara NeoGeo 6 slot MVS cab with : - Pulstar - Blazing Star - King of Fighters 2002 - Samurai Spirits III - Samurai Spirits IV - Metal Slug III
  3. I appreciate your remark / concern, gazimod, but to be fair "Danmaku" is a term that's been used for quite some time now by shooting game enthousiasts in the West too. The term got a lot of exposure in an excellent recent french web- documentary that was translated (subbed) into English. That's not to say it's supposed to be a standard term in every gamer's vocabulary, far from it, but it's not that obscure. I probably would've used the same word, but I would've placed a small expanation between brackets or so. I think the word deserves to be known a bit more - maybe it's because it has an exotic "ring" to it, but I find it a more beautiful (poetic?) term than "manic shooter" and/or "bullet hell". The former isn't even (entirely) accurate, as not all "manic" (twitch/reflex) shooters are of a "curtain-type"... You could even argue that "Danmakus" are much more cerebral than manic!
  4. Yeah that's what I did. I'm a bit miffed that I had to down a 1,2 GB torrent and then install virtual cd drives and then an alternate launcher and THEN patch the executable to avoid it crashing on my dual core pc. That's a lot of hoops to jump trought to play a game that's what, ten years old? The game better be good. although I keep hearing it's excellent, so I guess it'll all be worth the trouble. This one sounds better and better - cheers mate!
  5. The Lucasarts classic version - meaning, it's a rerelease. The problem is not only that I'm running XP : apparently, I also need a classic CD Rom drive to play the game, a CD / DVD - reader / writer combo won't do... Unless there's another installer "floating about"? But how can I patch a game without installing it first? The mind boggles .
  6. Grim Fandango arrived today. I tried to install and what do I notice? - won't install / run on XP machines - won't install / run from a DVD drive I mean WTF? This is really disappointing... Luckily I've got an old Win 98 laptop lying about but I'm not going to travel with several computers obviously...
  7. Cheers for that - again, it sounds great. Do you know if those patches will work with the Steam version of the game, though, or do I need to track down a "real" copy of the game? That's reassuring. So what you're saying, is that the expansion set actually improves on the mechanics of the main game? That means, the expansion kind of "merges" into the standard game, right?
  8. Now for an entry in a genre that hasn't been mentioned yet : turnbased strategy. Has anyone played Galactic Civilisations II ? What were your impressions ? I've downloaded the demo, but while I find the package rather attractive, I find it a little overwhelming... How long does it take to learn the ropes in this game?
  9. I'll see if I can pick it up relatively cheap then. It's true that it does get a lot of praise...
  10. OK guys, thanks again for your input. So far I have done a bit of research on the following games - I've got a few questions though : FPS / RPG Hybrids Vampire bloodlines : Looks & sounds great, plus I like the concept. I'll give this one a go. However : why does everyone say that you *need* the latest fan-patch? Adventure games Gabriel Knight : Sounds interesting, especially the first two games : "Sins of the Fathers" and "The Beast Within". Have they aged well? Monkey Island I and II : looks interesting & attractively drawn; I know they're highly rated for their humor etc. BUT wouldn't the interface feel horribly dated for a first-time player - I mean, someone who comes to these games "fresh", without nostalgia? Day of the Tentacle : screens suggest a game with a lot of personality, but I don't know about the art style, and the interface seems kind of clunky... Most importantly though : the plot (or, what I've read from about at least) seems really off the wall, and I'm not too keen on the surreal! D&D ruleset RPG As per your suggestions, I'll keep an eye open for the following games : Planescape Torment, Fallout and Fallout 2 I'll give Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2 (and its expansions) a miss, though : opinion seem to vary on this one, and the game doesn't look attractive enough for me to prefer it over the other games I've picked. RTS I've just bought Company of Heroes after playing the demo, which was extremely impressive. Thanks for the recommendation - without you guys I would never have given this game a chance. Warcraft III : After reading up on PC rts games, I'm kinda suprised nobody has recommended this one. I played the demo (it was great), and it reminded me of Warcraft II (which I liked enormously way back when), but why has the game not been mentioned? Has it been bettered by other, more recent, entries in the genre? Which ones? Total Annihilation : I've read a few glowing reviews about this one, but I'm not sure whether it's a good idea to buy too much several RTS games : it's been so long ago that I've played them, that I'm arguably a "novice" player in the genre, so... Supreme Commander : Despite it getting rave reviews all over the net (and despite the pedigree of its developer), I've picked Company of Heroes, as it has a real-world theme. I figure I've got "rts in space/in the future" covered with Homeworld, no? Also : I've already got a futuristic RTS with Homeworld 1 & 2! If I like these, I'll keep the recommendation for this one in mind, though. Commandos : I actually played this one a few years ago, and it really, really isn't my cup of tea really. I found it too much of a "puzzle game" to be pleasant! SPACE SIMS Freelancer : Granted, it looks good (I played the demo) but I fear the fighting wears old quickly, and the universe might be less interesting than one could / should expect. Freespace 2 : Seems to get excellent reviews, but I'm really looking for a game that includes combat as well as exploration and trade... Action adventure I've just bought Thief 1-3...
  11. First of all : thanks for the suggestions folks... I'll try to find a little more info about the games you've mentioned, and I'll probably get back to you if I've got questions about them. Meanwhile : keep the suggestions coming !
  12. In the past years, I have concentrated almost exclusively on console games (and the odd arcade-game port), and I had a lot of fun doing so - I even built up a fairly sizable collection of games & games machines. The thing is, however, that I'm to do a lot of traveling in the second half of this year, and I'll be away from my prized collection most of the time. Luckily I was able to convince my employer to buy me a very good laptop (one of those dell xps machines), so I will not have to give up gaming as such - on the contrary, I see it as an opportunity to discover genres & games mechanics that are underrepresented on consoles. I've done some reading about this, and I've come up with the following genres / titles that I'd like to try. Adventure Beneath A Steel Sky, Broken Sword (series), Grim fandango, The Longest Journey + Dreamfall TLJ, D&D ruleset RPGs Baldur's Gate II (+ expansions) "western" rpgs Oblivion (+ expansions), Morrowind (+ expansions) Other first persion shooters / adventures Deus Ex, Deus EX : IW & System Shock 2 RTS Homeworld (1 + 2) Space Sim X3 : The Reunion I recon those should occupy me for more than six months, but I never hurts to have a few games to choose from. So : do you guys have any other suggestions for "utterly essential" PC games in these genres? Thanks!
  13. In reply to the original question... If you fancy good horizontal shooters : Gleylancer Eliminate Down Thunderforce 4 Gaiares Easily among the best the platform has to offer!
  14. I'm playing Okami on that tv right now, using only an RGB cable. Stunningly beautiful!
  15. It depends on a lot of factors. I bought a secondary TV recently (low-end philips LCD tv / pc screen hybrid), to move around and play in the living room, and after a few test I can say that - thanks to the decent scaler chip and (mostly) the built-in color enhancement functions : - Neogeo cd looks like shit. Lots of flicker, even through rgb. Unplayable. - PSX : 2D games look OK, 3D games are nigh-on unplayable - urgh (rgb) - Saturn : 2D games look very good, 3D games... not so much (rgb) - PC Engine games : almost all of the HuCard games I tested give a rather good image, but Kyuukyoku Tiger had so much flicker it was unplayable (composite) - Gamecube doesn't look good, even through rgb Still need to check the snes, the n64 (with and without rgb mod) and the megadrive, but going on pas experience I suppose the snes and the megadrive will be fine, while the N64 will be a disappointment. Oh well...
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