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  1. Have you ever done any of the challenges (fewest steps, fewest portals, shortest time)? Those always looked nightmarish to me, considering I barely managed to stumble through the game on the 360, which didn't really feel like the best way of playing but it was still great fun.
  2. I need to get back and finish this game, but those last few achievements are so grindy, it's putting me off the rest of the game.
  3. I still hate that level, but I found that the Needler was the most effective weapon as it homes in slightly and if you get the critical number of hits required, the resulting explosion will wipe out most Flood enemy types. The only problem being that ammo is thin on the ground when playing Legendary, but the Needler was the only way that I could get through Cortana on Legendary solo (plus mopping up every single enemy in order to get all the checkpoints).
  4. 14/01/2021 - Streets of Rage 3 (Normal) In an effort to clean up some of my immense backlog of shame, and because I had finally clicked with Streets of Rage 4 this month, I decided to go and dig out the Sega Vintage Collection pack that I had bought for Xbox Arcade to play through the original games. SoR3 was fun for the most part, but I have to admit that I save-scummed like a pro to get through some of the more bullshit mobs and random environmental hazards (also, I had no idea what to do in the rescue mission and lost two lives to the gas which was annoying but nothing requiring a rest
  5. 09/01/2021 - Guardian Heroes (360) 9 years after I first played the remixed version of this game on the 360, I went back and actually finished (and then again a few more times to see all the respective bosses and the various endings). It was surprisingly good fun for a sideways scrolling brawler with levelling up elements, despite the game providing zero explanation about what any of the stats meant (is this a common thing in JRPGs or something?). I mostly button-mashed my way through the first few times, but started trying to learn the inputs for other moves to try and get combos going w
  6. "Face challenging platforming" - It does look quite cool based on that trailer, and I loved Hollow Knight so much that I'd happily try out adjacent games.
  7. 2. Ravenor Returned - Dan Abnett The second book of the Warhammer 40K Ravenor trilogy, where Ravenor and company return to Eustis Majoris in secret (due to having supposedly died at the end of the previous book) to see exactly what the Imperial administration there could possibly be doing with warp-tainted cogitators and how far up the conspiracy reaches. To complicate matters, Ravenor has received warning that he or someone close to him will bring about the realisation of an existential threat that could lead to the deaths of untold billions of lives. No pressure eh. For a mi
  8. The game did seem like it was building up to some kind of epic finish like the one you describe, and the finale was somewhat of a letdown after the epic maze fight. Wonder if it was cut for budget reasons, or perhaps that's being saved for a sequel.
  9. Success is one thing, but given that they were owned by Microsoft, success meant getting potentially locked into making iterations of the same game for 10 years. I can see why a developer might resent that situation.
  10. Extra lives and stars. Only possible when getting a stage in Story Mode.
  11. Discussion is proceeding in a civil manner, so this kind of comment is unproductive to put it mildly. Give it a rest please.
  12. Came back to this after starting out on Hard with Blaze and getting comprehensively owned on the Chinatown level so badly that I put the game down for 9 months. Started again last week on Normal with Cherry and blasted through the stages for the most part, albeit completely forgetting about using specials (don't ask), then playing through on Normal again with Axel and trying to use specials more (I'm still terrible with defensive specials) and now I'm back on Hard. Except I forgot to play on Story Mode and instead did stages 7-11 via Stage Select (which has no assists available), a
  13. Hmm. I'm wondering if I should get it, or wait to see if it gets collected in a later Criminal deluxe edition. Decisions decisions. I am wavering on that Morrison JLA collection. I bought the comics when they came out but they've been sitting in a box quite possibly mouldering away for 20 years now so may not be in a readable state any more. There is a problem with lack of space in my flat here though if I keep buying these giant omnibuses (like the Snyder/Capullo Batman. Damn that's big).
  14. I don't think Schaffer is a Nazi but he's definitely a MAGA fucking idiot.
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