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  1. Does Mania and Mania+ just give you more enemies to deal with, and with larger health bars, or are there any other differences? Do the bosses have greater health as well?
  2. Congratulations! Which character did you use and did you use any of the alternate moves? My highest remains 21 but I often sure earlier due to those fucking wrecking balls and getting stuck in a loop of getting whacked, bouncing off the electric fence, getting whacked etc or just flying out of the arena and losing a fine of health. It's fun yes, but very very frustrating at times.
  3. I assume that your gamertag is the same as your username here? Mine is Talvalin so feel free to add me (my scores are shit mind you).
  4. I've managed to get to 22 with Shiva on the latest simulation, using the same tactic as Benny (spamming Blitz attacks), and just having one extra jump led to some hilariously OTT combos with elemental effects on top, so having extra jumps would be insane.
  5. Can I just say that level 15 of the current simulation is utter bollocks.
  6. I just had a quick blast of Survival mode with Shiva, and he was ridiculous to start with and then got more insane with the power-ups. Perhaps the elemental power-ups could be added to the base game as well for added comedy.
  7. I bought a ticket for much the same reason, plus it will be good to see the band play something other than the festival classics that is all we get when they play in Japan (versus a proper album, like they did in the Kings Among Scotland live recording taken from the For All Kings tour), but I doubt I'll be able to stay up to watch it so I'll be watching it over the weekend instead.
  8. "Crumbag" "This guy is a serious airhead" "Blow this bloodsucker's head off" "All right you blaggard" Amazing scenes all round. I wonder why that scene where Emil doesn't get run over was originally filmed? Perhaps they were just going to leave him as a ruined melted mess, and then Verhoeven decided to give him a more graphic death or something.
  9. Given that the rest of the Land's characters have such elaborate names, why he settled on Kevin was faintly bemusing. I mean, I think the purpose of it was that Kevin also came to the Land from our world right, but Donaldson could have picked a slightly more, um, heroic name? I apologise to any Kevins out there. I pretty much agree with everything you said above. The rape is shocking yes, but it's an integral part of Covenant's reaction to being healed of his leprosy in the Land and the fact that he thinks that none of it is real, plus the consequences of that action reverberate throughout the trilogy. My own memory is that the second trilogy was better, mostly for the relationship between Linden Avery and Covenant and the flipping of roles (by granting Avery some kind of magic "health sense" in the Land and the ability to wield the white-gold ring, but making Covenant powerless and at death's door for pretty much the entire trilogy), as well as the weird ass Sunbane, but I read these books soon after university and possibly lacked critical judgement. I'd forgotten too much by the time the third series came out and they came out years apart, so I read the first book and then stopped. Whilst I'm here, Donaldson's SF series (the Gap series) features a female character being mentally controlled by an implant device and raped repeatedly by a sadistic male criminal in the first book, so maybe this is a Donaldson thing and I shouldn't be defending him in the slightest. I enjoyed that series when I read it as a teenager, in particular how the main trio of characters moved between the roles of hero, villain and victim at various points in the series, but I do wonder how well it would stand up to a re-read now.
  10. Robocop (there was only one goddammit. That remake never happened. All right, then 1987. Happy now?) "Who cares if it worked or not?" A rewatch of one of my favourite films ever. I think I must have originally watched and rewatched a slightly cut version, as the version on Amazon Prime showed things that I didn't remember and that stood out immediately, like poor Mr Kinney getting repeatedly shot by ED-209 whilst sprawled lifelessly atop the Delta City model, as well as Murphy's right arm getting blown clean off in the abandoned steel mill. Apart from some effects work that doesn't quite hold up and a few minor discrepancies (eg: the recording of Dick Jones' confession not matching his actual appearance in the original scenes), I have nothing bad to say about this film. Actually, I can't really work out what to say about it to express my love for the film. It's perfect, although it's not a film I could watch endlessly on repeat due to the brutality of Murphy's death and the pathos of his quest once he awakens to himself as Robocop. Or maybe I could. Anyway, enough babbling.
  11. Heh. I will happily admit to skipping fights and de-spawning enemies at every possible opportunity through my MN run. I did do the stairs fight though, which admittedly is just a long series of chaining UTs with the the weapon of your choice (obviously the tonfas, although I may have used the Falcon's Talons on MN for the easy Izuna Drop come to think of it), but what a glorious set-piece that is. How can you grind the first stage though? Are there any areas where enemies spawn continuously?
  12. Cool. I will check this out whilst wondering to myself how I ever managed to get through this on MN. The first two levels being bastard hard, the multi-rocket bastards and d'ya like dags? Not really, and especially not with bloody swords and shurikens in their mouths. So, by about 2015, I have managed to get gold medals for all but one of the Survival missions in the DLC (only needed the Kusarigama one) but managed to nuke my save data on my old 360 and so started again from scratch via BC on my Xbox One earlier this year, and after 6 years of not playing the game I was unsurprisingly rubbish, getting battered in the first wave with every single weapon I tried. The skill will come back with time, but those gold medals took long enough first time around and I'm not sure I have the patience any more (and let's not even talk about the other ridiculous boss rush missions - ugh).
  13. Look, if you want to start talking about differences between the Series X/S vs the PS5, there's a thread for that.
  14. In those situations, you can leg it out of there (or just die) and then go and talk to whatshisface at the bottom of the first bell tower to pardon your sins, which will reset any aggro'd NPCs. He might charge you a fortune mind you. To answer the NG+ question, yes, you get to keep your level and all your weapons, which means you'll wipe the floor with the initial enemies and bosses but all enemies will get bigger health bars and do more damage (which continues to increase with each subsequent playthrough). I seem to recall that NG+ is the biggest jump though, so if you can handle that then you'll be fine (you need to play through to NG++ in order to get the rare weapons achievements since you need three of Sif's souls, plus both souls for O&S)
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