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  1. Cheers! I’ve been planning a re-read of the First Law books before reading the most recent trilogy and this was the only book that was missing from my Kindle collection.
  2. I've heard the same argument being made for movie remakes and it holds up. Why remake an excellent film that still stands up now when you could remake something that was good in principle but hamstrung by factors such as poor CGI, studio interference or something else?
  3. I note that it is possible to lock yourself out of the Goldmask quest before killing whatshisface in CFA, as I progressed the quest of his buddy who then later turned up dead
  4. Noted, and spoiler tags added. I have found over half of the fairies but I am approaching my puzzle solving limit and suspect I will have to look up solutions to the remaining puzzles (like the puzzles that have object clusters around them - it seems straightforward but were there any clues in the manual to explain how to approach those puzzles like some of the other hints that are dotted around?)
  5. I have no idea about Lemire's quality as a writer, but I read Black Hammer and absolutely hated it. By the way, if anyone would like to buy the omnibus collections of the first series, let me know.
  6. Well, I think I'm out of the thread until the game shows up to avoid spoilers. See you back in a month!
  7. Have done most of the main bosses (not the final boss though), I decided to try and find the secret treasures and the fairies. I found the manual page that explains the seeking spell, so I'm now revisiting areas and spamming the spell to see if it leads me somewhere interesting or not. TrueAchievements has explanations for the achievement-related puzzles and most of them do this annoying thing of telling you exactly what you need to do, then adding at the end "There's a hint for this puzzle on page X". Maybe put the hint at the start of the guide and then the detailed guide afterwards for people who still want to try and figure it out for themselves. Golden Path-related spoilers:
  8. Is this going to be exclusive forever like Bayonetta 2? I would much rather play this on the Bone but that looks unlikely.
  9. Does it have some kind of magical Ashes of War? That might explain the INT requirement. https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Carian+Knight's+Sword Does magical damage, that would be it. Basically, it all depends on the additional damage, special attack or Ashes of War that the sword does or has. For example, holy attacks/damage would have a Faith requirement, bleed damage would most likely have a Dexterity requirement and so forth.
  10. Fucking A. I was sniping at the sewer ones from above before accidentally falling down and with no flasks to my name. Managed to survive by spamming the Blasphemous Blade's special attack but it was a very close thing. This was after several failed attempts and a lot of lost runes. Wankers!
  11. Nottingham not Birmingham? Sacrilege.
  12. Never bothered me to be honest, but then I read the book before Yewtree and had been completely unaware of his arrests for possession of child pornography in the late 90s. My biggest problem with Chasm City is how blatantly it rips off a very specific Iain M. Banks novel and thus gives away the ending very early on. I note that Chasm City was only his second book, so he does get a lot better with his characters even if he still has trouble finishing books properly.
  13. Framed #188 https://framed.wtf Meh
  14. Framed #187 https://framed.wtf Total guess!
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