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  1. For any doom/death fans out there, the new Worm album is pretty good (at least from what I've heard so far). Listen for yourselves!
  2. Yeah, Satyrs can get to fuck. I've gotten to Styx with all my Death Defiances intact, gotten absolutely battered by the Satyrs (especially the time where I had to do all the fucking tunnels to get the snack for Zag's buddy) and then died to Redacted. That said, I'm getting better at reading and dodging Redacted's attacks. Last night I started the fight with the Twin Fists at full health (I had 300 health mind you, so that was good) and all my Death Defiances, and managed to get through the first phase without taking too much damage and then only used up one Death Defiance in the second phase, so that's my second escape completed, woo! On reading some of the discussion above, I decided to try using the +3HP/chamber thing and I'm regretting it now as I'm going into Elysium with about 20HP and I'm going to get battered by T&A (). Still, I've got Ares's blade rift cast at Lvl 3 plus Black Metal, so maybe I'll be okay. There's supposed to be a Duo with Artemis that makes the Blade Rifts lethal (something that makes them home in on enemies?) but I doubt my luck will run that far lol.
  3. No Time to Die I'm surprised that the Craig era Bond films turned into one long story, so if you're not reasonably familiar with previous films (you could probably skip Quantum of Solace but the others are pretty much required) then a lot of the story will be baffling, possibly as much as the timeline for Rami Malek's character but movie logic eh. I do feel that they should have let younger people write these films who were perhaps a little less enamored of the pun-filled gadgetry of the older films, gadgetry that has gradually become divorced from actual reality (I mean, developing a LiDAR that can go around solid objects in 3D *and* return to its emitter? That's not indistinguishable-from-magic levels of advanced technology so much as just plain fucking magic), but such is life. Still, I enjoyed it and it finishes off Craig's Bond in a suitably big way. I might even rewatch it in IMAX but next up is Dune. 3/5
  4. That's pretty much why I go with it for now, as I've got as far as Redacted with most of the weapons now so it's good for the health bonus. That said, it's only the Elysium fight that gives me trouble generally, although there's a variant of the second fight that is a pain in the arse (fucking homing missiles at speed? Argh), so I can often get there with a decent amount of health and all of my Death Defiances. Is there some kind of special trigger for giving nectar to your kin who helps you out from time to time in chambers? Every time, he just buggers off immediately after I talk to him but there's no prompt to gift so I'm a bit clueless as to what to do (and not helped by the RNG in whether you actually meet him).
  5. Took me about 20-30 runs, but I finally managed to beat Redacted, mostly due to having some nutty Boons like Demeter's laser beam cast with a Duo that increased their tracking ability and damage, an extra Bloodstone from Chaos (apparently its possible to get a +4 Bloodstone boon from Chaos, which would have laid waste to everyone) and then Artemis's Call which was getting powered up by the constant spamming of the Casts. I was running with the Eternal Spear, which is the only weapon other than the Adamant Rail that I've managed to get to Redacted with, but this was the time I finally won. And then straight back in lol. Tried going with extra foes for my first Heat 1 run but chose a different weapon, got rubbish Boons and then got slapped straight back to the House. Lol. It's mildly annoying (stupid of me really) that you can't reset weapon aspects after adding Titan Blood. I had no idea what I was doing, so dumped four Titan Bloods into the first Adamant Rail aspect before realising that wasn't the best idea as I was doing much better with the Spear overall. Fail.
  6. Regarding King, I loved Omega Men and liked The Vision, but Mister Miracle made no bloody sense to me. I only have a vague sense of the character from reading Justice League comics in the early 90s and that's it. I did buy both omnibuses so will catch up that way but eh glad to hear Strange Adventures is good.
  7. Wonder how long I'll have to wait for an omnibus edition? Hopefully only a year or two, but it could be longer. After all, it's taken DC ten bloody years to collect the Rucka/Williams Batwoman run (but then DC are shit compared to Marvel in terms of getting omnibuses out of the door, so that's definitely a worst case scenario).
  8. (split from the Celebrities who can't handle their shit on Twitter thread) Blow (and some other dickheads) talking about the superiority of Western game design compared to modern day Japanese games. Have at it people.
  9. Much as I loved Paradise's party mode and the joy/pain of trying to get a team of 8 people to do double barrel rolls or 360 flatspins, Revenge is still the best (only played 3/Revenge/Paradise, so don't @ me Burnout 2 fans)
  10. Just finished a re-read of the entire Preacher run (plus all the off-shoots) in the second 25th anniversary omnibus. It's still the best thing Ennis has done (well, a toss-up between this and Hitman which I hope DC will put in an omnibus one day but they're shit compared to Marvel so who knows -> I mean, they fucking reprinted the three Geoff Johns Flash omnibuses in two volumes, so for anyone who owns a partial set of the previous editions is fucked. Argh). Aaaaanyway, it was interesting to read and pay attention to the talking heads and things espoused by Jesse and Cassidy. Yes, I know it's dangerous to read too much into these things, but I really did get a sense that Ennis had (still has?) a massive hard-on for the US in spite of the country's utterly abhorrent international politics and blood-soaked history, and also seems to a massive centrist dickhead in how he both-sided Republicans and Liberals throughout the series (the parodied-to-fuck talking heads on radio that crop from time to time, with the liberal female commentor being portrayed as the absolute worst kind of bra-burning headcase constantly banging on about the overabundance of phallic symbols and the patriarchy etc etc). I'm sure he's a lovely person at heart, but that all left a bad taste in my mouth when I wasn't laughing at the ridiculous shit that Starr suffers to the point of mental collapse and the general hilarity of the side characters and the utter barminess of the entire thing. First half is still the best, but I had far less of an objection to the Salvation storyline this time around though it does feel a little bit rushed as if it was just something Ennis wanted out of the way before resuming Jesse's hunt for God. RIP Steve Dillon.
  11. Due to falling asleep, I managed to miss the first Komi Can't Communicate anime episode. It was on at fucking midnight of all times, which is frankly barmy considering its sweet and pretty wholesome content. I'll have to try again next week.
  12. Looks like a bonkers cyberpunk version of Gun Kata - The Videogame. And I am totally on-board for that.
  13. Yeah. I remember that level being a significant difficulty spike on Heroic, so I'm not looking forward to trying this on Legendary. For any achievement-minded people out there, matchmaking for the 360 version of Reach (as well as Halo 3 and 4) will end around mid-December this year, so if you have any multiplayer achievements left then you've got about two and half months to get them before they become impossible to unlock.
  14. Playing on Legendary by any chance? Despite finishing every other Halo game on Legendary, it seems that I never got around to doing Reach. I could have sworn that I did it (and the last mission being incredibly fucking hard) but I don't have the achievements for it so I guess not. I think that maybe I'll go back and finally do it (and the one above as well).
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