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  1. In case anyone was wondering, I moved the Crunchyroll talk into its own topic, because I could not fathom why the discussion started up in the Xbox Series S/X thread of all places and then why discussion continued but eh rllmuk. Link below for anyone who wants to continue that conversation in a more appropriate place.
  2. After chatting with Wahwah about the Series X and it being close enough to Christmas, I thought I'd take the plunge on Amazon Japan since no one buys Xbox consoles in Japan. Naturally there's absolutely fuck all to be had. I blame the Japanese Gears fans. All 20 of them. Fuckers.
  3. You seem to be suggesting that the showrunners should have replaced the original actress with another white actress. Why?
  4. Damn, and coming on top of finding the Orion omnibus (bought for Simonson's epic art) almost completely opaque men's I might have to do that.
  5. So I'm about halfway through the Tom King Mister Miracle series (I have the floppy collection) and I have absolutely no idea what is going on. Is there a point to all of those weird visual glitch panels that keep appearing? Honestly, I have no idea and I'm not entirely convinced that this can be read as a standalone series as I get this feeling that there are too many references that are passing me by. I only remember Oberon from the JLI comics and even then only in passing.
  6. I just finished this via Game Pass and it was mostly great fun apart from some of the later platforming sections and some minor jankiness around staircases and rolling at unintended moments. I started the game on Hard and was getting mostly C ratings until hitting a wall with the second boss and then bumping the difficulty down to Normal but still continuing on with the C ratings lol. I'm debating over whether to try and get S ratings for the entire game. I managed one on the first boss and the very first level but I'm not sure I can be fucked to learn every level so we
  7. I've not read them but they are supposed to be good. The first Kindle collection was going for 99p a long while back which I completely missed, so it's possible that the collection will go on sale again at some point. Maybe. As an aside, all four of the books in Garth Nix's Old Kingdom series are going for a mere 99p each and are well worth a read. I remember that the series peaked with the first book, but at that price I'm happy to re-read them and to read the fourth book as well. https://amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00W6QRQZ8?ref_=dbs_dp_rwt_sb_tukn&binding=kindle_edi
  8. If they just fixed/updated the identikit bases in ME1, I will happily throw whatever money is asked of me for the remastered trilogy. ME1 is high up on my GOAT list, with the best finale in any game I've ever played. Whilst the following games refined the combat to a superb degree (with the notable exception of adding those stupid heat sink clips as an ammunition replacement, which made fuck all sense after the first game), the sheer sense of exploration and pure SF feeling of the series diminished rapidly. My embarrassing admission is that due to all of the talk of the
  9. Yes. I got all but two of the endings legitimately then one seemed bugged and I couldn't finish the second Emil quest because he just stopped appearing so I did the thing we don't talk about. It felt bad but the RNG on some of the crafting materials was total bullshit (for the weapon and pod upgrades) so I fucked it off. A slightly sour ending to the affair but I still had a great time overall. That ending though. Truly amazing scenes.
  10. I love David Gemmell and all my books are in a different country so if you see any more at 99p then please post in the thread! I just looked and saw all of the Rigante series are available for 99p each! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/kindle/series/B00W6RYVM8?ref_=dbs_dp_wam_ser_shvlr
  11. A few: Going to the Epcot Centre in Disneyworld with my school orchestra and spending the entire time playing on the "free" arcade machines instead of going out and seeing the sights (I was wearing a thick cotton t-shirt which meant going out in the Florida heat was murder and I barely knew anyone on the trip but I still have regrets about that). Playing Halo 2 online until 1-2am every night for about six months in 2005 then waking at 7am, crawling into work and drinking venti mochas from Starbucks to stay awake during the day. Like Timmo, I have no idea how I didn't get fired
  12. I've just finished this.
  13. Congratulations! I have to admit that it was a bit of a slog at times but I hope she found it as enjoyable as I've done. I've sunk about 90 hours into the game (all bosses minus one, and just the final Pantheon and the speed runs to go). So, to access the Pantheons in Godhome, you need to have a Simple Key (there's a limited number in the game and if you've used the others then there's a hidden NPC sort-of boss fight near the Colosseum where you can get one that is pretty difficult to stumble on without a guide). You need to go to the bench in the Royal Waterways then
  14. My favourite anti-hero protagonist that you end up rooting for is Ballas in Ian Graham's Monument. Lean prose in the style of Gemmell but such an utter bastard of a character. It's a one-off which is good news for anyone not willing to invest in a series but sadly Graham has written nothing since then. Edit: So I idly checked Goodreads and it turns out that he wrote a duology back in 2016, which was 14 years after Monument came out!) In terms of epic modern fantasy, I've finally managed to acquire the main Malazan series and I'm just summoning the will to read through a
  15. Seventeen Ways to Rule an Empire was of a similar bent, in terms of a hyper-competent protagonist (an actor this time!) somehow managing to lurch from one crisis to another without getting himself killed. I still enjoyed it but I have to admit that I preferred the first book. The ending was also unexpected to a certain extent but made sense given the situation. I also liked that some of the foreshadowing was lampshaded, which draws attention away from the foreshadowing that is not, but YMMV. I need to finish reading Father of Lies at some point as it's been sitting ar
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