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  1. Cheers dude. I appreciate the offer. I am happy to return the favour if there is something that you desperately want from here and can't get in the UK. Mind you, postage is ridiculous but such is life.
  2. It's available via Amazon and larger bookshops, but since it's been imported from the US it costs about 1.5-2 times the original price which is a bit of a kick in the teeth. Whilst I will continue to consume English media in its original language, I am endeavouring to read manga in Japanese as much as possible. I can cope with high school or slice-of-life stuff like Komi Can't Communicate (albeit having to look stuff up from time to time), but anything that features domain-specific knowledge or is genre-based (eg: SF or fantasy stuff) tends to sail right over my head. I'll get ther
  3. I've dipped into that series via the high seas, and the art is just gorgeous. I need to read more but maybe I'll just do the the right thing and buy a book.
  4. Wash your mouth out with soap!
  5. I *think* I did that? Maybe. I do remember electrocuting that guy just before you meet Garrus by accident (not knowing what the fuck the left and right triggers were doing) and then reloading because I was doing a Paragon run and that meant not killing anyone where a choice was available.
  6. Probably a better idea. We can discuss there and maybe round them all up afterwards.
  7. 48 Hrs (1982) I haven't seen this in years, and I'd forgotten how brilliant the chemistry between Nolte and Murphy is, assuming you can put the racial slurs to one side. That said, the film does call out Cates's racism when he claims it was all just to keep Hammond in his place and Hammond's response is along the lines of "All of it? Really?", and Cates has the decency to look sheepish. A short while later, it's practically comical when the black police captain calls Hammond the N word, Cates looks surprised and the captain says "Yeah I called him a n***er!". Murphy pretty much
  8. I don't think I ever did a renegade playthrough of ME2. Oops.
  9. Badass progress: Finally managed to do Nadja Drago (I swear I died more on her level than all of the other Misconducts bosses put together) without dying, and even the first Heatseekers boss didn't take that long either. Skipping Suki because she was almost as hard as the Shogun, and working my way through the Heatseekers bosses. I'm getting there, but the beautiful thing about the game is that an individual level isn't all that long and retrying is quick, so I can put it on, bang my head against a boss for 30-60 minutes and just put it down again without any problem. Such an amazi
  10. It can be a straight up list, but explanations are also cool to explain to people why something is being recommended (those can always be added later on though).
  11. I realised that most of my picks were going to be DC, with the exception of one Image series. Also why haven't I fucking read Nextwave yet? Argh.
  12. Heh. Fuck it. Just submit it, because you're going to put it on your list anyway right?
  13. Damn it. I've been waiting for Children of Ruin to go on sale, and it seems that every other damn Tchaikovsky book is put on sale instead. At this rate I may have to just buy the damn thing for the princely sum of 5 quid. Cheers all the same, as I'd been wanting to read this one for a while. I think he's got another novel (possibly two!) novels on the way, as well as another novella. He is nothing if not prolific.
  14. Spinning off from the Watchtower comics threads, here's a new thread to discuss personal favourites that can be recommended to new and old readers of comics. General criteria: Run should have actually finished. If you think something is great but got cancelled before it was actually finished, then okay, but Saga is still technically in progress and hasn't been cancelled so doesn't count. Immortal Hulk on the other hand gets a pass because it's only got 5 issues to go and eh, I'm a Hulk fan so sue me. Five submissions per person to keep things manageable Writing about why y
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