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  1. Have you seen the animated version of "Dragons of Autumn Twilight" with Jack Bauer doing Raistlin's voice? If not, don't bother as it was utter trash. Seconding Abercrombie for the modern grimdark type fantasy. China Mieville for New Weird, which was basically a wild mash-up of genres. He can actually write, came up with a lot of really fascinating stuff and his series of books set on Bas-Lag were incredible. I highly recommend reading Perdido Street Station - it is bloody long but a standalone novel. The later Bas-Lag books overlap in places, but can be read separately. K J Parker (aka Tom Holt). His books are secondary world fantasies but with no magic or any fantasy races, just terrible human beings doing terrible things to one another. He's written a mix of trilogies and standalone novels, and of the latter I recommend reading The Folding Knife and Sharps. David Gemmell is a personal favourite for heroic fantasy stuff (and lots and lots of sieges. Practically one in every book I seem to recall). Not the greatest writer by any stretch of the imagination, but his books were short and the plots engaging and well paced. The older stuff has aged somewhat but are still worth a read. Try Legend or Waylander and see how you get on.
  2. For any SF fans out there, these are all worth your while. Roadside Picnic was the basis for the Stalker film and games, and tells of a world where aliens visited and left behind "rubbish" that is of great value to both scientists and collectors, providing you can get in and out of the affected areas without dying or getting caught by the patrols hunting for criminal theft. Neuromancer is the quintessential cyberpunk novel (and you have to read this to understand exactly what Neal Stephenson was taking the piss out of with Snow Crash. I read them in reverse order and Snow Crash was somewhat baffling as a result) and though some of it has dated a little, much of it remains excellent. Revelation Space is one for the space opera and hard SF fans, as Reynolds doesn't go in for any FTL travel in his book which tells of humanity's spread into the stars and the dangers that lie in wait. For a first novel, it's a bit rough in places and the ending is a gigantic fucking info-dump that ends on a cliffhanger, but if you like space opera, you should read it. The Dispossessed is where the concept of "ansibles" originates from (FTL communication devices) and I can't really summarise what it's about very well, but it's widely lauded as one of Le Guin's best books and is up there with The Left Hand of Darkness. Lastly, The Forever War was written as an analogy of the Vietnam War, and charts the experiences of the veterans of a very distant war returning to Earth and finding themselves increasingly alienated from society after each tour of duty due to increased spans of time passing in their absence due to the effects of relativity.
  3. Slightly off-topic here, but could you elaborate on that a little please? What do you mean by "found out"?
  4. There was a Guardian interview with the actors that exonerates them to a certain degree, but yes, those parts were pretty bad it must be said.
  5. What BitterToad said. Much as I enjoy playing objective games, they're often totally shite if you're joining with a bunch of (often) clueless randoms who aren't using voice comms, so Slayer is my preference in those situations. At the same time, I hope that 343 keep things sensible and don't split the player base by having too many playlists. My personal preference would be to have playlists for FFA, Slayer, Objective and BTB, but if you add ranked playlists to the first four, then you've got players spread out over 7 playlists. Is that still workable?
  6. After getting the Binary Domain quote correct I failed to add my own, so here it is.
  7. Bumping this thread given the recent backwards compatibility update - for anyone who doesn't already have a physical copy (or it's somewhere you can't get to) get the game digitally whilst it's still available! Whilst it was mildly annoying that the game only hit BC after the online servers shutdown in September, I loved it so much that I'm happily playing through Story mode again on Hard. Despite completing everything up to the penultimate level on New York Minute mode around 2013, I'm getting my arse absolutely handed to me and I'm wondering how much of it is to my skills atrophying over the past 8 years of not playing and how much is due to age. I do want to finish New York Minute mode eventually and maybe even New York Minute Hardcore mode too, but at the same time the prospect of trying to complete the entire game without dying and with a time limit constantly hanging over my head is not something I think I would find enjoyable (much like trying to finish Dead Space 2 with only 3 saves in Hardcore mode). Has anyone here managed with New York Minute or even New York Minute Hardcore?
  8. Binary Domain. It's newly released on BC so it counts.
  9. Note that voice comms are off by default in Infinite. You'll need to go to Settings > Audio and scroll down to change the setting to "Open mic". Or just get into a party, whatever works best.
  10. Hey, at least the first couple of Dragonlance trilogies were relatively short. Their problem was that they knocked out so many of the damn things that quality inevitably suffered (and then Weis and Hickman wrote the Death Gate Cycle which was about 4 books too damn long. Interesting concept, but poorly executed. Rose of the Prophet on the other hand was amazing [to my teenaged self]).
  11. I always used to play Fiesta games on Halo 5 as a warm-up, but I realise I'm most likely in the minority for that kind of thing. It's a RNG fest for sure and can be incredibly frustrating when you repeatedly spawn with shit weapons, but for the most part it's utterly hilarious carnage and forces you to try and learn/use the weapons you start with.
  12. Ghost in the Shell is an acquired taste and I can see why you didn't get on with it but there's plenty of anime out there that is very different and still incredible in their own way.
  13. K literally quoted someone talking about the content of the fourth mission. Some would regard that as a spoiler so now all of the conversation around the campaign can happen in its own thread without the risk of affecting the experience for people who want to go in blind. It's not as if we have one thread for positive talk only and another for more critical takes.
  14. I wonder if bcass is still playing Halo these days and if so what he thinks of Infinite so far.
  15. Created a campaign discussion thread for those of you who want to discuss with spoilers
  16. Was it the "Killed 50 Tomikichi" achievement by any chance? That seems to be the last achievement that I got but it was offline so hard to be sure.
  17. GT is the same as my username. If anyone happens to be online from 12pm to 2pm in the UK, then by all means invite me along. Possibly a difficult ask, but anyway, some of you slackers were online around midday yesterday so it's not impossible.
  18. I'm online now - send me an invite! (shame there's no 2v2 playlist)
  19. Whilst I agree with the sentiment, it's possible that they are trying to reduce how much a very good sniper can dominate the game? That said, watching the video posted earlier on, there's not much you can do to defend against a person launching vehicles up into the air with grenades, grappling on to the flying wreckage and then no-scoping you from way up high. A response that works on two levels - well done!
  20. As someone who doesn't seem to actually notice 30 FPS as being a problem, I will be replaying the story on my potato-esque Xbox One X and will replay it again whenever I am able to get my hands on a Series X (this time next year maybe...)
  21. Can I also recommend Spy x Family for some wholesome fun (albeit with some occasional brutal murder that becomes more akin to slapstick in later stories - the cruise ship story for one, with Yor and the repeated panels as she dispatches a series of hapless and far less skilled assassins)? I've now caught up with all the available scanlations and now feel deprived, but at least I can go back and fail to re-read them all in Japanese instead. Be right back in a few months....
  22. Sadly, it's not just noobs doing that kind of thing. Last night during a Slayer match, @Wahwah* drove our Rockethog into the chasm on Behemoth. In hindsight I should have recorded that moment, because of course now he can come in and flatly deny that the event ever happened and was just a figment of my sleep-deprived brain at close to 3am, and I will have no evidence to the contrary. To be fair, all of us are still learning our way around the maps so I can't really blame him, plus he did warn me to bail and I failed to pay heed, so that's on me. On a related note, now that we've got bots to play against, I might do a few training rounds on each map to get a better feel for proceedings, especially for the BTB maps.
  23. There's only three Cyber City episodes. Meanwhile, more Bebop live OST stuff:
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