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  1. Ran

    The 3D Thread

    Well keep it up and be assured that you are not alone. I am not keen on the UV/texturing part of the process myself and seek to circumvent/make it simpler for myself whenever possible. There are certainly some great tools about now that make it less of a chore than it used to be (pelt mapping and the peel functions in 3D max are a godsend) I have little knowledge of the same aspects of Maya or Blender but they've no doubt got their own equivalents and shortcuts. It will become more second nature the more you do it to the point where you'll be fully comfortable (but no less bored doing it
  2. Ran

    The 3D Thread

    Sure thing. He's using 3 main textures for the body, head and eyes (I did an alternate evil eye texture too), box modelled/unwrapped in Max (the diaper is actually a separate mesh too) then the exported UV's were painted in Photoshop. I also painted some quite basic black/white surface textures to convert into normal maps which add a little extra detail (but are probably horrendously wasteful). I have been doing this professionally for about 15 years (10 years self employed) but to be honest I do suffer a bit from not really excelling particularly in any discipline, I am sure my working m
  3. I thought England looked better as an attacking force but Ill discipline cost them dearly. I am pleased that you could subtract the two controversial tries and Wales still win. Itoje easily should have been binned for his multiple penalties but that non decision doesn't seem to be of importance.
  4. I am sorry you've obviously lost your hands in a tragic hand dismemberment accident.
  5. Ran

    The 3D Thread

    Ah thanks, I'd be happy to go into any detail about his construction that would be useful. As an overview he was built, textured and skinned in 3d max/photoshop and exported as an FBX to be posed in Unity.
  6. Ran

    The 3D Thread

    I've been re-imagining Binding of Isaac as a 3D title in what fragments of free time I can find between actual work. Quite happy with the range of movement/expression I've got out of him as he's pretty low poly by modern standards (I think). These were posed in Unity and I'm hoping to find some tutorials to help build towards a proper little scene with him running around in eventually, though I am some way away from that sort of thing!
  7. I had an odd love/hate experience with this. I have completed just about everything but the Godhome area (multiple boss rushes... fuck that!) so I have to conclude it must be excellent though I felt like I spent most of the playthrough scowling and hurling abuse at it. I think the art and design of everything is superb but my main bugbear was finding the exploration personally unrewarding. To elaborate I recently clocked Super Metroid and everything you find feeds a little into your current power base or expands your options even more, with Hollow Knight there isn't as much granularity t
  8. It does look pretty nice but that's the quality of the original art direction and assets shining through. I'll reserve judgement till we hear a bit more (hoping for some QoL improvements, specifically the incessant item description pop-up). I think they should get plenty of stick for that price tag though. I've no problem with them bolstering their release schedule with quality offerings from their back catalogue but I don't imagine they've had to invest the same sort of resources in porting this as they would developing a new title so pricing it up like one again is cheeky to say the lea
  9. I feel like they've got some brass with their pricing for what look like barely upgraded ports of late, but evidently so many people carry on throwing money at them when they do it who can blame them. Why put in more effort than is necessary. Some of the sword battling in this was excellent but I did find the motion controls being flaky just enough now and then to irritate. I don't want to pay £50 to go through that tedious, tadnote bollocks or those repetitious 'smash his toes' boss fights again though so will hunt a second hand copy sometime in 2030 when it might be £20!
  10. Well there is an unusually long first party direct tomorrow. Maybe some prayers will be answered! (Don't count on it!) https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-02-16-surprise-theres-a-lengthy-nintendo-direct-tomorrow
  11. Not sure this is entirely what you were asking for, but I've been playing Ni No Kuni and though I knew the main fairy companion had a welsh accent in the english translation I am pretty blown away/amused at how deep they've gone with his various exclamations and terminology.
  12. Haven't read them for a while. I seem to recall there aren't a lot of survivors for the series. Was it...
  13. Aye, another of his books that is pretty bleak for a kids book. I remember the ending to it being a proper gut punch. I've never read any of Jacques books but it being adapted by Patrick Mchale is certainly of interest. I would love to see Jarvis' work adapted though, I loved all his books as a child and think some of them would make for absolutely brilliant Sunday evening serialised TV (Wyrd Museum trilogy and the Whitby series are fantastic)
  14. I think it's great to have all 3 brought up to some kind of parity in a single package. As much as I get all weirdly frothy and excited for full remakes I think what they've done here is the best approach with all the proper focus on crafting a new entry. The way Andromeda was received too hopefully means they will make sure it's a rock solid launch and we get the best Mass Effect to date.
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