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  1. I watched the first episode (fell asleep more due to work tiredness). What I did see though had me thinking the three leads did a very admirable job of portraying Spike, Jett and Faye. That clip of Ed above has put me right off though. Quirky child characters can be a massive annoyance in anime but I think Edward is one of the good ones and they've utterly blown it by the looks of it!
  2. The next mainline Final Fantasy should ditch the cast of bland, androgenous, pretty popstar people and go either: Full Final Fantasy 9 style again with an outlandish cast of varied races in a chibi-ish style. Or Emulate the beautiful character art of Amano 1 for 1 and commit to a laborious acrylic/watercolour artstyle. No chance of either but I'd dearly love to see a talented team do the second one.
  3. Yes of course it's still brilliant, didn't want to imply otherwise! I watched Last Crusade almost directly afterwards. This is an interesting one for me, I had a rare cinema trip as a boy when I turned nine to see it so it is an incredibly special film for me. I adored every second of it as usual but watching it with older more experienced eyes has softened me a bit more on Crystal Skull the same way a rewatch of Temple did a few years ago. Now I'm not saying I hold the fourth film in the same regard but there are bits in the second and third film that absolutely make me think if I was a cynical 20 something when I saw these would I have judged them much more harshly? (I would have)
  4. I hate Dark Souls 1 and 3 (especially 3) but very much enjoy Sekiro and Bloodborne. I'm getting the vibe from videos and impressions I should probably give this a miss right? (At least at launch)
  5. Turns out I've never seen an uncut version of Temple before! That human sacrifice scene is even more grisly than I knew. I always had a soft spot for it as a kid and I still love it now but it's easily the weakest of the original trilogy for me.
  6. It made a bad first impression on me. As said before though it is a perfect game to dip into for an hour or two. It came with my GPU so I don't know how much it being free has effectively softened my critical assessment of it.
  7. I didn't think it looked all that bad to begin with but nice to see it's had a good polish (enough to seemingly placate the wider internet) Gameplay wise the footage looks brimming with potential, what I always want in an open world is great flexibility in traversal and the grapple looks like it has enormous potential to facilitate this! Hopefully will feel like throwing yourself around freely like a just cause game but with the AI and finely tuned combat of a Halo game, could be very special.
  8. Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2 Dragons Dogma 2
  9. I had next to zero interest in this as a franchise but I think that trailer is superb and I'm now looking forward to it a lot more. It may be all cinematics (Reasonably in-engine though) but the quality of the animation and general level of polish is pretty gob smacking even for a studio as proven as Rocksteady. Most surprisingly of all it's even funny!
  10. Can't wait. Music is on point and the animation quality looks great.
  11. Ran

    Dead Space 2

    I didn't play for Dead Space 3 for ages after release. It still was an underwhelming and miserable experience (that I never bothered seeing through to the end)
  12. To be fair this is an incisive and accurate review if you read it as sarcasm.
  13. It looks fantastic on duckstation. I would love more Vagrant Story but I wonder if a remake would lose something with modern visuals. Part of the charm for me is how perfectly it uses the texture / geometry limitations of the PS1.
  14. I played on in the hope their relationship would deepen and he would soften over time (he shows signs of more tenderness early on when he reaches out to comfort Atreus but resists). I found him a very convincing evolution of the horrid sneery, rapey cunt of a character from the original series. He is very stern and still dislikable in plenty of moments but it worked for me in the context of the story and how it develops.
  15. I would temper my expectations on FF9 personally. Square haven't exactly shown themselves to be throwing lavish budgets at their back catalogue beyond the FF7 remake so far. Fingers crossed though because it's the last FF I really loved visually. (FF12 was nice in a Vagrant Story kind of way but still all realistic proportions and elfin looking man boys)
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