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  1. It might seem obvious that they will gate off a load of IP with exclusivity but I'm not so sure. They could have done so with Minecraft which was arguably not worth the monumental backlash it would generate, but releasing/allowing the VR update on Sony's platform? VR might not be a huge mainstream thing but that still seemed a surprisingly open move to me. I think the big IPs like Fallout and Elder Scrolls will still find their way on to the Playstation but maybe not as quickly.
  2. Pretty sure it is. I think there would have been a bit of furore if it had been announced digital only.
  3. Looks pretty bland in the character department to me (again). Final Fantasy used to have interesting and weird races, characters with odd proportions/tails and actual colour. Now every installment looks like battle of the impossibly pretty humans with melodrama.
  4. I tried playing the original again recently (I bounced off it pretty hard). It is excellent but (and I realise this is probably blasphemy against it's well woven design) I wish I could play it without the looming threat of the ghosts arrival and explore more casually.
  5. I think DeKay might be being a little disingenuous chaps and employing it as a strategy for poking fun at how unremarkable the "remake" looks. It is a pretty disappointing reveal but there may be time for a negative internet reaction to make them revisit the character faces etc. Alternatively much as this is one of my favourite games of all time it looking a bit pants makes it easier to ignore and deprive Ubisoft of a few more pennies.
  6. 10th of September according to the last issue I think.
  7. "Unlike other forms of camouflage, the intention of dazzle is not to conceal but to make it difficult to estimate a target's range, speed, and heading" Aye can't think of how that could possibly backfire in a game designed around passing a ball to each other...
  8. Jesus, I could live with the horrible shirt but paired with matching shorts? Looks like jammies for a zebra obsessed 10 year old.
  9. This is going to sell out almost instantly I assume.
  10. I am not super bothered about physical media but I don't trust the platform holders with the possible eventuality of having their customers locked into their own stores with no alternatives, so I'll be sticking with the disc option if I can afford it.
  11. Maybe for extra authenticity they are launching exclusively in Japan and bringing it to Europe/US much later. (can you imagine...)
  12. This never lived up to the massive hype I created myself from over a decade of not getting to play it but I do think the overall look and character design is phenomenal and still pretty unique. There's just something about how it joins big circular shapes with thin limbs and joints that doesn't feel like it should work but it hangs together brilliantly.
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