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  1. Yes! I went full Pachter and spoke total bollocks. I am pretty confident those 3 Nintendo shouts will also be red by the end of the day.
  2. Yep, Skyward Sword, Mario Golf in the main I think too. Not expecting BOTW2 and definitely not expecting anything from Metroid now.
  3. It's been massively disappointing this year but I think I just have to accept my own part in that for allowing my expectations to massively outstrip reality. The Capcom show last night was the absolute nadir of that but in fairness to them, there was a clear list of what they were going to include in the youtube description and not a hint of "a few surprises". We're seeing the continuing results of what the pandemic has wrought on development and it's ok to be disappointed but I have a fresh perspective for today that has happily moved on from my mood in the evening of "FUCK E3, FUCK GAME
  4. The teaser left me totally stone cold (mostly because I was aching for a big info dump and proper in-game footage). Will have to be a little more patient and I expect they will do a big feature on it this time next year 6 months before release (unless it's delayed) In the positives column I'd say it does have a look all of it's own and I think the music we have heard is really great and on point.
  5. I am pinning all my E3 hopes on it foolishly. Been totally underwhelmed watching every conference with the exception of the Elden Ring trailer. I think maybe the problem lies with me and I am worryingly losing interest in games generally.
  6. Looking forward to this. So much potential in their roster that there should be at least 1 thing that will get me all giddy! E3s been a bit underwhelming so far (apart from Elden Ring reveal, plenty of cool looking indie stuff but it's the big super games I tune in for).
  7. I wonder if this will be a bit more overtly western and feature skill trees rather than popping points into stats just unlocking weapon types. I can't wait to see more, the bit with the dragon catching lightning and then smashing it into the ground as an attack particularly excites me.
  8. Ran

    Sony are AWOL then?

    Hope so, wasn't trying to be a dick about this. I was expecting/hoping they would do something around the E3 season. It's not a big deal they aren't, I just selfishly love the overload of news at this time of year and am sad to see it change even a little. Was hoping there were rumours / news that I'd missed.
  9. Maybe they just wanted a clean slate for all the world lore and story, especially with the George R R Martin involvement. Oh, you've pretty much said that too.
  10. Sony haven't attended E3 for 3 years now but it looks like they're not even pushing out a direct style thing as they have done previously. I assume they would have announced it by now if there was one and I'm a little surprised there hasn't been any mention of them not doing anything at all. It is a shame I think, E3 time is Christmas time for me and I love the excitement around all the conferences and announcements (though the reality is usually much disappointment with glimmers of actual interest). At least we've already had the excellent full reveal of Elden Ring and I am looking
  11. Oh typical, Clearly ripping off Playdates crank except everyone will rave about it because it's Nintendo branded!
  12. Nice that the other two home nations get to move about 3 feet for their games (and enjoy a home advantage in the process) and Wales seem to jet set across Europe. How on earth has that come about, something to do with rankings, or just how the chosen venues have fallen kindly for some?
  13. Ran

    Dreams - It's out!

    I would consider whether you are interested in the act of making things with it. As a single player experience it is good (and absolutely mind blowing in the context of 'they made it using just the tools I am being given'). There is fun to be had surfing through all of others people content (much the same LBP) but it's mostly amateur / interesting curios. I've not even tried the VR stuff but it was launched and ran for a long time without it so it's not an integral part of the package as far as I'm aware.
  14. I have always found Nintendos propensity for "Mario" + "Activity" releases really tedious but a daft Mario wrestling game really appeals!
  15. Once you know the reasons why you will be ashamed of your words and deeds
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