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  1. Wow, one of my most endearing gaming memories is GameCube Animal Crossing and my epic wait to catch a Coelacanth, constantly visiting the island with Capn looking for rain and the excitement of the huge shadow. First one I eventually caught I accidentally threw back and my long agonising wait continued for weeks more. What an epic achievement it felt. Day 3 new horizons, Coelacanth get!
  2. Dreams is the most ten of all tens they've ever tenned (probably not but it's well worth that score). I may be an exception to prove the rule here but it is keeping me sane at the moment (and not just because of the Covid19 situation). It is a way easier proposition to craft a full experience in than learning something like Unity. Most importantly of all it's for the sheer joy of creating, just like painting an image or composing music in reality. Sometimes you do so because it's a therapeutic enjoyable activity and not because it has some possible financial incentive down the road.
  3. ItchyTasty Island is also full of pears, bah! That's ok though, I plan to promote a narrative of a seedy underbelly and impending doom.
  4. It's at 4pm GMT, should be on the playstation blog (gooners link above). Not that I can see any mention of it on there at the moment.
  5. I'll settle for something that doesn't require me to be a world class gymnast to access it's various USB ports and other inputs.
  6. Oh well, it's the right thing to do obviously. I am absolutely gutted though, it falls in close proximity to my birthday and generally fills me with the sort of joy you used to feel around christmas as a kid. Turning 40 this year too, Birthday cancelled!
  7. Ran

    Name That Game

    Fun topic! Pretty useless at guessing but here's a couple. Ran1 https://voca.ro/jFvwn9zGfm0 Ran2 https://voca.ro/njXWzNYV6rV Ran3 (easy I think) https://voca.ro/117ijg4mS7P
  8. It is a change yes to make the terrorist action look more sympathetic/heroic (less like an act of terrorism)
  9. Ran

    Dreams - It's out!

    I see what you're saying but ultimately if you invest your time in Dreams you are doing so with the explicit understanding that you're engaging in something focused on sharing and community. No one has to use it and whether you spend 1 hour or 10000 hours creating content you do so in the knowledge that the only incentive is to please and express yourself.
  10. Guess it's too soon for a Dreams review. It's worthy of a 10 for it's ambition and scope alone, but I hope it gets some decent praise regardless of score.
  11. In a world where the gyro sensor doesn't even get added as a standard option for third/first person aiming it's hard to imagine a heart sensor being employed for anything other than niche titles developed around it specifically or the occasional novelty implementation. On that note I hope the gyro is something that becomes more standard for that very purpose. Having it for making light adjustments on top of the stick control makes a huge difference to the quality of my aim. (Though it's still not as precise as a mouse but definitely better than the right stick on it's own)
  12. Possibly.. This is from the Eurogamer preview "The options when it comes to your own avatar are still fairly limited, and while features are now no longer locked to gender it seems the bulk of the customisation will come later in the game." Presumably by features they mean eyes / hair etc. Hopefully this means the same ethos applied to clothing.
  13. Just finished Locke and Key. A fantastic read throughout and even a little tear at the end! (End spoiler)
  14. Ran


    Not post apocalyptic tone in general. Just had a look now. There was a short animated film called "Codehunters" which it was suggested they 'borrowed' the art style from (and closely aped for one of their cinematics) with no acknowledgement or crediting for the influence. Before this Borderlands had a more realistic/gritty look to it.
  15. This is "the best film". I easily watch it every year and never tire of how lean and efficient it is. Most recent viewing made me appreciate how it introduces Burke and establishes Ripley's state of mind through an almost immediate dream sequence that doesn't feel as trite as they usually do.
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