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  1. I think a lot of people simply felt that a rapper headlining didn't really fit in with the festival. Just like a lot of people thought Metallica didn't fit in. Bit like if Paul McCartney headlined a hip hop festival I guess.
  2. I've put a few hours in to it and haven't had any problems either to be honest. Had to adjust the contrast and brightness as it was very dark but no glitches.
  3. I don't think £55 is too bad. Three massive games for less than 20 quid each isn't a complete rip off. If they've got updated controls and mission checkpoints then playing them again should be thoroughly enjoyable.
  4. I was thinking exactly the same. Was expecting it to be terrible but I'm really enjoying it. The first mission does drag though.
  5. JBs has moved to Waterloo so it's not all bad.
  6. Those names are vaguely familiar, think it's all nice stuff. Sorry that's not very informative at all! Has anyone else got the deluxe version if Arctic Monkeys 'AM'? It's bloody lovely; gatefold, 180 gram vinyl, photo booklet and lyric sheet. Fantastic album as well.
  7. Only listened to it once so far but I thought it was a pretty strong album. Arabella was the standout track for me. Off to see them at the iTunes festival tomorrow night, be interested to see how much new stuff they play.
  8. Yeah that Gameboy looks great. Did you just give it a clean inside? Or was there some electronics you had to do? Tempted to do mine now!
  9. Yeah I was looking at the speedbox but they seem to be about £100. It's annoying because I have about a hundred 7" singles. Maybe I'll just put up with the Pro Ject, they look amazing.
  10. I'm in the market for upgrading my deck. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was really keen on the Pro Ject Debut III but I've just realised to change between 33 and 45 you have to lift the plater and move the belt...
  11. On the subject of pricing, has anyone else noticed charity shops charging way too much? My local Scope is charging £5 each for some Yes LPs that are pretty poor condition. As for Oxfam...
  12. It depends, all of the ones on Berwick St seem a bit overpriced. Music and Video Exchange in Notting Hill is more reasonable though.
  13. I happened to go past it yesterday, I didn't even know where it was.
  14. Wow, that's a massive improvement! I'm half tempted to get one but my method of using Clear Grove fluid and a microfibre cloth is giving very similar results. What inner bags did you for?
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