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  1. Phlox is great, no problems there. Dear Doctor was probably my favourite episode from season one and all his scenes here were fine too. It’s everything else that’s wrong with this episode, especially Boring Archer and his boring mutt, the relentless perving over T’Pol and the endless scenes of the crew soaping each other down in the Enterprise’s dedicated sex disco.
  2. Yep, four decent episodes on the trot at the start of season 2, I'm happy with this now. Carbon Creek in particular was excellent.
  3. Which one’s Nier and which one’s Nioh? I can’t remember which one is worth playing.
  4. The final episode was, sadly, a bit bobbins. I completely missed how Doctor Jurati got the magical McGuffin that saved the day, and there were too many scenes where you just thought: naaah And that's a shame, because overall I really enjoyed the series: they mostly got the pacing right, it had an episodic kind of feel to it in places, Stewart was great, I liked the new crew (Rios especially) and I tuned in every week not out of a sense of duty (as with Discovery) but because I genuinely wanted to watch it and see what happened next. I hope someone's keeping Patrick Stewart in isolation somewhere until the coronavirus outbreak passes because I'd really like a series 2 of this and now the heavy lifting's been done in terms of setup I think it could be very good indeed.
  5. The Samsung TV (KS7000) I use has a sound delay when passing through 5.1 sound via HDMI, in Game mode only. It’s a very specific bug that’s never going to get fixed given the age of the TV. I’m disappointed that the Xbox Series X appears to have removed the optical output. It’ll mean I’m limited to stereo unless I buy a new TV or some different audio equipment.
  6. I’m using optical audio from my One X , no issues here. You just set it up in the Audio section of the settings page and make sure the format you are using matches what your audio system supports. This might sound silly but every problem I’ve ever had with optical audio has been because the cable hasn’t clicked in properly. Give it a good shove at both ends.
  7. Yes. Though for some reason I had to do one run with one of the old characters before the Watcher would unlock. Probably a bug.
  8. Go me, I just got the bad ending
  9. Yeah, I really liked Skellige but I definitely didn’t go for all the question marks. The bit that was a bit flat for me was Novigrad: too confusing to navigate by eye, so I ended up spending most of my time squinting at the Witcher satnav on the minimap, and the hunt for Dandelion went on for ages. After the amazing Bloody Baron questline it felt like quite a comedown.
  10. Completing the daily Microsoft rewards searches and quizzes at the moment is like living in a bizarre alternative universe, where the Formula One championship is still ongoing, people are concerned about who's going to win the rugby and you might be planning a European city break. They've not changed their bullshit questions one bit and it's increasingly surreal with every day that passes.
  11. Well I finally finished S1 of Enterprise Yes I took my sweet time about it but then it wasn't exactly compelling me to rush through it. It was perhaps the most relentlessly average series of TV I have ever seen. It wasn't terrible, it was rarely particularly good, it just sort of trundled along in a haze of adequacy. The cast were OK. The storylines were OK. The set design was OK. It was OK. I did enjoy The Andorian Incident, Cold Front, Dear Doctor, and Shockwave. And it handled the whole episodic thing quite well, with some nice references in later episodes to things that had happened previously, and a few threads persisting throughout the series. But overall it was all very unambitious. Interestingly I thought the first half of the series was more experimental than the second half, which was about as vanilla Trek as it's possible to get. I'm going to carry on watching, it's still enjoyable if undemanding viewing, and I hear it picks up - although it sounds like S2 at least is more of the same.
  12. Well I’m really fucking sorry, that’s how I remembered it working and I was trying to be helpful. Won’t bother in future.
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