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  1. Trailer alert. Looks shit, and annoying. https://streamable.com/ds72si
  2. Interesting that the Rolling Stones keep coming up - with different songs. Under My Thumb is the one that always creeps me out.
  3. It is oddly compulsive. I thought we'd be done with it when we beat the final level but we've just gone back to the start and continued on the next difficulty level. And it's more fun than ever. We bought the DLC and even though it just provides more of exactly the same, we still consider it money well spent. Such a simple little game but so compulsive too.
  4. Has anyone else been getting the "For some reason, <game xxx> has taken too long to start" message more frequently lately? I seem to be getting it all the time at the moment. It regularly takes me a couple of goes to launch anything, and last night it took me five consecutive attempts to get Jedi: Fallen Order to start. Even a reboot doesn't seem to help. What's most frustrating about it is that half the time you can actually see the game starting to load, behind the error message. So the timeout is *just* too short. If I could extend it by about three seconds the problem would go away.
  5. I’ve thought hard about this and I’m not sure anything has topped the mission in Yakuza Zero where you have to sneak along an alley in order to buy porn from a vending machine for an 8-year-old.
  6. If you liked this (we did!) then Ultimate Beastmaster offers more of the same straightforward style of entertainment. Lots of people falling off stuff into water, it’s basically a genre to itself at this point. There’s a Great Britain version of one of the Beastmaster series which replaces the over-excitable Yank commentators with, well, over-excitable Brits.
  7. Exactly the same here - really wanted to like Tekken 7 but the long loading times and all the characters locked behind DLC really put me off. Then I found TTT2 mostly looked and played the same, had three times as many characters and loaded games in seconds, so I played that for ages instead.
  8. It’ll be interesting to see what you make of it as it progresses - Enterprise is almost three entirely different shows over its run. S1/S2 is basically a rerun of TNG/Voyager with a different (worse) crew. Same sort of episodic stories you’ve seen before - in some cases the exact same plots! It’s not inspired TV but it’s great comfort viewing especially coming off of Discovery & Picard. S3 is heavily serialised and features mostly new threats and enemies. It’s probably the most distinctive season Trek ever did. Downside is that if you’re not onboard with the main plot it might derail the entire season. S4 is explicitly a prologue to the original Star Trek series and how much you like it may depend to some extent on your affection for that era of Trek. It’s a fascinating show really, so many misfires but overall still absolutely worth your time.
  9. The DTS Sound Unbound app is now available in the Xbox store, giving Xbox owners a third virtual surround format to choose from in addition to Dolby Atmos for Headphones and the built-in Windows Sonic. I've tried it out and it definitely sounds different! It's got a really wide soundstage and the positional accuracy seems excellent so it might be a very good option for gaming. For movies though I'm less impressed, voices sound a bit artificial and over-processed in comparison to Dolby. And both Netflix and Disney+ offer Atmos soundtracks on selected shows but default back to plain 5.1 if you're using DTS:X. I've been using Atmos for Headphones for a while now and I'm happy with it, I'll probably stick with it, but I can see DTS:X gaining some momentum. They've both got free trials if you fancy giving them a go.
  10. It is dreadful but I’m willing to cut it some slack because it’s so early in the show’s run. They didn’t have any idea where to go with it all in S1 and were just throwing shit at the wall to see what would stick. (Thankfully, this didn’t). It’s far harder to forgive a story like Profit and Lace seven seasons in!
  11. I know absolutely nothing about musical theatre and was sceptical about how well it would even work filmed for TV - but Hamilton blew me away. It’s stunning. And there’s so much to take in. I can see I’m going to end up watching this over and over.
  12. I think Code of Honour is not only the worst episode of TNG, but the worst episode of Star Trek I've seen. I don't think I'd feel comfortable even watching it these days. It's a spectacular misfire on every level, and deeply offensive. For DS9, Profit and Lace is an obvious choice but you can't have a list like this without including Let He Who Is Without Sin... I'd probably stick Meridian in there too. Enterprise is a toss-up between Precious Cargo and These Are The Voyages... Nothing else comes close. The actual worst episode of Star Trek, though, is every episode of Discovery.
  13. I'm on board with the concept but it's got exactly the same cheap animation style as all modern American cartoons so I kind of hate it a bit already for that reason alone.
  14. It's fantastic, I'm not sure where you've heard that from.
  15. As a massive fan of Dead Rising 1 and 2, I can confidently state that Dead Rising 4 is a travesty. You've dodged a bullet on that one. Agreed though that a bit more warning for games leaving would be good. Two weeks isn't really enough to get to grips with anything substantial. Maybe they want to bounce people into panic buying the games with the Game Pass discount if they're in the middle of them?
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