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  1. I've just finished watching the first series of The Orville and it takes about half a dozen episodes to really settle down but it is so, so good once it gets into its groove. A proper love letter to TNG. Apparently the second series is even better, I'm very much looking forward to continuing with it.
  2. That's a seriously uninspiring list. Bloody Skyrim is going to outsell most of that lot, again. I tried playing Back 4 Blood yesterday - it's been out a matter of days, it's on Game Pass, it has crossplay across all platforms, and it still took nearly ten minutes to match me as part of a team of four. It's dead in the water. Can't see this year's Avengers Cosplay game being a big hit. Just stump up the cash and get the MCU likenesses, it might be a decent game but no-one wants to see That Guy and That Other Guy pretending to be the characters we know and love. Skyrim's a remake. Advance Wars is a remake. Danganronpa is a remake. Pokemon's a remake. Monkey Ball's a remake. GTA's a remake. Fuck's sake. Basically the year has peaked already with Metroid Dread. It's downhill all the way from here.
  3. We've probably got a thread somewhere on teeny tiny fonts and the problems they cause, and it's not purely a Japanese thing, but they sure do love having big dialogue boxes with tiny writing in them. I mean look at Fire Emblem: Three Houses for instance: You could increase the size of that text by about 30% without having to make any other changes to the UI. There's so much unused space in that dialogue box. And it would be much more readable in both handheld and TV mode. Cram a little less text in each box and you could have something that's actually pleasant to play. Compare and contrast to Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS: Now isn't that better? I miss the days of handhelds being dedicated machines, and having UIs to match: the Switch has muddied the waters too much and everything's perpetually too small and fiddly.
  4. I don't disagree with any of that, just observing that what they've come up still feels quite stilted. The lack of swearing definitely feels part of that, the language is all very sanitised in a way that doesn't suit the source material. I'm thinking particularly here of the Yakuza series of games, which I've been playing a lot lately - of course it's Japanese rather than Korean but I'm sure a lot of the same translation challenges apply. Yet somehow they've managed to come up with something that always feels natural yet also authentic, and still keeps in a lot of the honorifics that give the language its flavour. And they do that over hundreds and hundreds of hours, not just a limited Netflix series. I'm sure this stuff is exceptionally difficult.
  5. Just watched episode 6 and really enjoying this - if that's the right word - but I really wish it hadn't been translated by someone who learned English from reading Enid Blyton books. Every time a character says "Goodness" or "My gosh" (and they say them a LOT) it takes me right out of it. "Old sir" is also really clunky.
  6. I've grown to hate the new trend for intensely cluttered menu screens that you have to navigate by pushing a little circle around with the left stick like it was a mouse pointer. The last few Assassin's Creed games have done this and it's an absolute nuisance, but Marvel's Avengers takes it to new heights (lows) with tab after tab of relentless clutter. Everything you click on takes you to another screen of incomprehensible rubbish. Just lay your screens out sensibly and let us jump between options with the d-pad.
  7. I like the EMMIs mostly because they actually help to differentiate the various areas of the map. Knowing there's a big EMMI section you'll need to traverse multiple times actually helps you get the map straight in your head. Otherwise the environments are a bit too samey. Also it's very cathartic when you finally take one of the fuckers out. I've been stuck on Kraid for two days now, this is getting embarrassing.
  8. How many energy tanks did everyone have when facing Kraid? He's kind of kicking my arse and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile trawling through other areas to see if I can beef myself up a bit.
  9. How about The Turing Test? Nice little first-person puzzler with strong Portal vibes. Supraland is also really nice although for some reason it gave me terrible motion sickness and I had to stop playing.
  10. I got it with Undertale without any issues. You basically just have to play the first 5 minutes and it pops an achievement.
  11. I confess to voting for Stamets as best engineer. I like that he’s Trek’s first out gay character, I like the strange little family he’s got going on with Adira, I love the way he appears perpetually on the verge of snapping and punching someone in the face and I hope one day he gets to do that and it’s Michael Burnham.
  12. I struggled with the first main boss (it took me way more attempts than I'd like to admit) and I'm now completely lost in the second area with no idea where I'm supposed to be going, so this one is going to last me a very long time. It's very, very good though.
  13. If you've got a Switch Online membership, it's one of the many many classics on the SNES app you can download.
  14. Could probably have done with some characters (and maybe the ship) from the Picard series. I guess Rios is probably a helmsman and Jurati a Doctor? Raffi as Number One? The characters don't really fit the archetypes. Ah well, no-one would have voted for them anyway I suppose.
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