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  1. Just bear in mind that for whatever reason, saves from the GOTY version are not compatible with saves from the regular version (even with all the DLC). So don’t start the regular game, put 50 hours into it then upgrade to the GOTY edition in a sale!
  2. The GamePass version doesn’t come with the expansions though - you’d have to buy them (or the GOTY edition) separately.
  3. I’ve been playing Star Trek Timelines again lately, it’s oddly compulsive even if it is your typical mobile game with cooldowns, timers, eight different types of currency and special offers for only £99.99. But it pays real attention to detail and there’s a lot to like there if you’re a fan of the series. Plus it’s got a great LCARS interface and playing it on an iPad feels like something straight out of TNG. It’s the little things that count. The absolute best bit though is collecting unlikeable crew members and immediately flushing them out of the airlock. I’ve spaced three different versions of Tilly this week alone and let me tell you, that feels great.
  4. Deanna Troi as nightmare helms(wo)man surely. Didn’t she crash the Enterprise multiple times? Also Odo as counsellor please, that dude gives no shits for any of your problems.
  5. Completed this yesterday. As per the posts above, it has a lot going for it and in particular it's one of the most atmospheric and graphically impressive games I've played for a long time. Sadly I thought it got steadily worse as it progressed. What starts off as a kind of medieval walking simulator with light puzzle elements gets progressively bogged down with an over-complicated crafting system that has you building various types of ammunition to light torches, extinguish torches, attract rats, repel rats, blow up rats and so on. This impacts the game negatively in a few ways. Firstly it all becomes a lot more "gamey" - you are no longer immersing yourself in the atmospheric environments, you're scouring every corner for crap that you can use to build stuff with. Secondly it gives you "ammunition fear", a reluctance to actually use any of the stuff you've collected in case you need it more later, meaning you end up trying to get through the game in the most awkward way possible in order that you use up the fewest resources. Thirdly, it's just really frustrating in play, switching between different types of ammo on a radial menu as guards bear down on you constantly. The final level and boss fight were just aggravating and not enjoyable at all. So, a bit of a shame overall. It's still a beautiful game with a strong cast and tons of atmosphere - maybe play the first couple of hours on GamePass and enjoy it for what it is.
  6. I bloody love Big Finish, more so than the show itself these days I think. The sheer volume of stuff they put out, and the enthusiasm of everyone involved, is really remarkable. Currently listening to Destiny of the Doctor, more of a series of linked audiobooks read by the companion actors than a traditional BF production, but hugely entertaining all the same. Fraser Hines’ impression of the second Doctor is really good!
  7. I’m incredibly envious of any Xbox owners who haven’t had the chance to play Yakuza Zero before. It’s an absolutely incredible game.
  8. Awesome work as ever and a source of great music recommendations that'll last me months. Minor nitpicks - I've seen Jon Hopkins - Singularity in there twice, once at no 58 and again at no 169.
  9. I'm not that fussed to be honest, it sounds like something that shouldn't be happening so I'll just assume it'll get fixed at some point and keep checking back every couple of days to see if it's working yet or not.
  10. Yeah I'll give that a go later - thanks. Others on Resetera seem to be reporting the same thing though and it seems to be some sort of store glitch as it worked fine as a preorder before the Champion Edition was actually released. When did you upgrade?
  11. Idly looking at the Champion Edition upgrade on the PS store, apparently I'm not eligible to purchase it because I own the following? Street Fighter V - Character Pass 2017 Street Fighter V - 2016 Season Pass I'm pretty sure these were just the bits and pieces that came with the Arcade Edition. So can I not use the upgrade - do I have to buy the whole game again?
  12. That's kind of mind-blowing for me: I'm level 20, just doing the opening quests in Skellige and I've been playing for what feels like forever. Yet my quest log is full of stuff I'm either meaning to get back to, or aren't the right level for yet, and everywhere I go is just opening up more and more stuff. The speed at which I'm levelling is, if anything, getting slower. It's going to be ages and ages before I even get to the end of the main game, isn't it, let alone the two expansions? (I'm not complaining, of course, game is incredible)
  13. The long one is surely Ori and the Will of the Wisps - which we all know about already. Two short ones possibly Control and Yakuza 0?
  14. Enterprise - Sleeping Dogs: pretty decent Klingon episode rounded off by an entirely gratuitous scene of half the cast sitting around in the sauna in their pants. Marvellous.
  15. Peter Rabbit. James Corden perfectly cast as an unlikeable little cunt. The movie is utterly stupid, brilliantly disrespectful to the source material and I laughed like a drain all the way through. 4 carrots out of 5 if only because I’m a bit hungover and easily amused today.
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