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  1. Don't Stop, off the Stone Roses' first album. It's literally the previous track played backwards, with Ian Brown groaning over the top. Back in the day I found out that leaving this one out not only improved the album, but also enabled the whole thing to fit on one side of a C90 cassette.
  2. Top 3: Infinity War Winter Soldier Guardians of the Galaxy Bottom 3: Black Panther Iron Man 3 Thor 2 Everything else somewhere in the middle.
  3. There's a Chrome/Firefox extension called ABS (Automated Bing Searches) that automates most of the browser tasks for you. The other stuff (the Game Pass quests on the app, and the stuff on the console) I actually enjoy, in a strange kind of meta-game way. It's definitely encouraged me to try out a few games I would otherwise have ignored.
  4. I'm just keeping mine rolling with Microsoft Rewards. It's essentially a free service as far as I'm concerned.
  5. I don't think that Suede track is that bad but it's interesting to note that when they released remasters of all their albums a few years back, they came up with revised track listings in the sleeve notes for each of them and that album did indeed swap out that track (and The Power) and brought in My Dark Star, Killing of a Flash Boy and The Living Dead. So it seems like the band agrees with you. The worst offender for me is Radio America on the first Libertines album, it's a complete mess of a track on an album full of bangers.
  6. Aaarghhh, I'm in the middle of Yakuza 5 which is so flippin' huge it's dropping about two achievements a week. I think I rinsed all the really exploitable games back in October last year when they did this before. Maybe I can find something else to blast through in a week or two though.
  7. Apparently Resident Evil Village has a very pronounced split in sales across console platforms - only 20% of sales have been on Xbox. (50% on PS5, 30% on PS4). Which seems exceptionally low. I'm assuming this is physical sales only as that tends to be what's tracked. I wonder what the reason is? - Greater reliance on digital sales on Xbox? (Don't know if this is true, but it feels likely for some reason) - Everyone's got too much to play on Game Pass and isn't buying full-price releases? - We're all expecting this game in particular to land on Game
  8. The Clone Wars film kicks off the series - so if you've been through the whole lot without seeing it, I definitely wouldn't bother going back and revisiting it. It's pretty shit in its own right and its main purpose is to introduce Ahsoka.
  9. Omega's actress is the only actual Kiwi on the show so I guess she would know. (It sounds even odder from a UK perspective I guess as our tendency is to stress the first syllable of the word - OHmega).
  10. I really liked Utopia Avenue (Mitchell's without a doubt my favourite author) but it was the first one of his where I thought the way he interweaves his various novels became a bit detrimental - there are a couple of sections where you are almost required to have read The Bone Clocks and De Zoet in order to make sense of it all. It makes it a hard book to recommend. I'm currently halfway through The Snakes by Sadie Jones and I can't put it down. I went into it not knowing anything about it at all and it's switched gears on me about three times in terms of what I thought it was goin
  11. It's got to be Rock Band for me, although that's across multiple iterations - must be thousands of hours all told, both solo and in company. Quite a lot in Singstar, too, back in the day. Other than that, it tends to be MMOs - I've put several hundred hours into Final Fantasy XIV, I probably did the same with XI, and LOTRO's probably got the biggest tally of them all albeit split over several characters at various points over the last 14 years. In terms of single-player games, nothing really comes close: I managed 150 hours on Assassin's Creed Odyssey and I've probably
  12. Yeah, I kind of agree, it's a deeply uncomfortable scene but a really memorable one that reinforces a couple of the game's key themes (Saejima's isolation and difficulty rehabilitating after so many years inside, and Kiryu's/the player's protective instincts towards Haruka). It reinforces Kiryu's decision to trust Saejima - he does actually manage to control himself in that scene. I'd take this kind of storytelling any day over Kiwami 2's creepy photography game or Zero's wanking booths.
  13. I very rarely abandon books halfway through but I've bounced off a couple of quite different ones lately: The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell - playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla had me in the mood for some more quasi-historical Viking stuff and there was quite a lot of overlap between this series and the game in terms of setting and characters, can't go wrong, right? But the whole thing is just so dry, the writing style is basically "this happened then this happened then this happened" and there's no characterisation or interesting detail to speak of, I can't imagine reading 14 bo
  14. You do get the chance to play as all the characters again, but it's basically right at the end before the final sequence. You can switch between them at will, swap items between them and finish whatever side activities you want. Or, if you prefer, you can press on and complete the game, then jump back into Premium Adventure mode to mop up all the other bits and pieces. Up to you.
  15. It's a tiny thing but the way Omega pronounces her name "Omeega" and everyone else pronounces it "Omayga" really grates, especially when she introduces herself to people (like she did with the kids this week) then they immediately turn round and say it differently. It's very apparent that everyone's voice lines have been recorded separately. Other than that though, the show is great, and I enjoyed the second episode more than the first.
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