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  1. Yeah, this is great, on first listen at least. It's not quite "fire and brimstone" Cave (which I miss a bit) but it's really menacing and no-one else sounds like this. It feels like the third part of the journey he's been on over the last few years - I find Skeleton Tree still so raw it's hard to listen to, Ghosteen sounds like a man emerging from trauma, this sounds like him rediscovering a part of who he was but still obviously deeply affected by everything that's happened. I've admired Cave for most of my life but for him to take what he's been through and fold it back into his
  2. Games leaving GamePass "soon" (i.e. mid-month): Witcher 3 Kona Alvastia Chronicles Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Astrologaster Bloodstained's been on my list for ages, I really should have got around to that by now. Wonder if it's doable in a couple of weeks.
  3. Quite like a bit of videogame golf so my son and I thought we'd check out one we spotted in the EA section of GamePass. Big mistake. Turns out Rory McIlroy PGA Tour has the worst new-player experience I think I've ever seen. To start with we couldn't even find it in the list of installed games, because it's listed as EA SPORTS RORY MCILROY PGA TOUR - of course it fucking is. Then you start up and you have to watch an unskippable, poorly compressed video featuring a badly-animated uncanny valley zombie Rory McIlroy doing something or other. Then about 15 tuto
  4. I drop in and out of LOTRO and Elder Scrolls Online, both of which are still getting regular updates, but they're both pretty solo in terms of how you play, big expansive single-player adventures for the most part with the occasional optional bit of multiplayer content if you want it. That suits me fine, depends what you are looking for I guess. FFXIV is the only game out there that feels like a proper old-school MMO, it's brilliant and keeps going from strength to strength.
  5. Parental controls maybe? It should have prompted you to set them when you first logged in after the update but if you skipped it, you’ve probably just got the standard “12” rating stuff available to you.
  6. You also forgot Crackdown 3, which is (indirectly) the game that suckered me back into the Xbox ecosystem after years of being a PS4 owner. Last gen I had an original Xbox One Potato Edition but it was so slow and unreliable that I only really used it for Rock Band. Couldn't resist the "3 months of GamePass for £1" offer though and it was Crackdown 3 that really sold me on GamePass, the kind of game I would never have bought full price but there it was for immediate download and I absolutely loved it. Long story short, I ended up buying an Xbox One X and it immediately became my ma
  7. I've never done that, though I have bought DLC many times for GamePass games. It's slightly annoying when those games subsequently disappear from the service and you're left with a load of useless DLC you've paid for, but as long as I've had my use out of it, I don't really mind.
  8. To be fair though, playing something for a little while and deciding it's absolutely not for you is a brilliant feeling. You get to cross something off your list and it hasn't cost you anything!
  9. I'm absolutely certain it will, but a bit further down the line. With the whole of the rest of the series on there, I can't see any way in which this one won't show up.
  10. Yakuza Zero is the one to start with.
  11. I've got a basic flight stick that I've used on the PC from time to time, I'm guessing there's zero chance it'll work if I plug it into the Xbox?
  12. Enjoyed what I played of Elite Dangerous last night. It used to be completely overwhelming to get into this game but at some point they've at least added a decent flying and navigation tutorial so the new player experience is much better than it used to be, and it all works surprisingly well on a pad. I don't think I've even reached the end of the tutorial yet but it's taken the training wheels off a bit and tasked me to go somewhere and dock with something under my own steam which is nice. I'm hoping it goes on and explains some of the planetary Horizons stuff too.
  13. Cassidy started out in business as a vagrant farmer He was infamous for 15 minutes and he appeared on Panorama
  14. Anecdotally I've had more problems with Xbox One controllers than with anything since the N64 - generally with buttons sticking or not responding - although to be fair they were the early revisions of the controller. I've been using an Elite 2 for the past year and the damn thing feels indestructible.
  15. It's a bit of a series trademark. It's also very easy to get stuck in a long series of cutscenes with no way to save till you've watched them all (I wouldn't say Yakuza games have a lot of cutscenes, but they come in massive lumps, so when they get started you just need to accept you're going to be there for a while). At least in this one you can pause the cutscenes. In Yakuza 3 and 4 you can't even do that.
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