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  1. I was just going to say that this episode reminded me very strongly of Lost in Space (the new one). Now that's a great series but it's shallow as a puddle and it's just as you say, a new problem each time that you know the characters will overcome by the end of the episode. I guess you could say the same about traditional, episodic Star Trek though? There was something about this episode's Wild West saloon that felt comfortingly familiar, like they were circling around the edges of something that might actually work for the show.
  2. When I posted this 18 months ago I could not have predicted the true horror of S3 Tilly, who is practically spherical and made almost entirely of chins.
  3. The DLC mountain is out now for a very reasonable £5.49 (on Xbox at least). Very nice it is too.
  4. It’ll feel odd buying DLC for a game I got through GamePass but I’m getting this as soon as it’s released. To be honest if the main game ever dropped off the service I’d just buy it anyway. It’s a real gem.
  5. Yakuza 5 is 90% side content, the taxi stuff’s not ‘important’ but you’re missing out on a big chunk of the game if you skip that and the equivalent side stories for the other characters. Up to you of course.
  6. Goose Game is an easy 500 points though, you don’t always need to go for the full 1000. Likewise that toy trains game gives you 800 points with no effort at all, I didn’t feel the need to go for the last 200. I ended up playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 which I’d nabbed for six quid in a sale a while back - the campaign gives 400-500 points easily and now I’m well into the multiplayer so that’s actually worked out really well for me!
  7. Thanks. I found that Netflix has a completely different trailer in its Trailers & More section, so you might want to take a look at that one too.
  8. Well that was certainly interesting. It's still really stupid and Not Proper Trek but it was at least different and I'm more than prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt, especially given the clusterfuck that was S2. @Flub you mentioned a season preview - how do I see that?
  9. Tau Ceti on the Spectrum (1985) had a day/night cycle. That's the earliest one I can think of, unless you count stuff like 3D Deathchase that had separate day/night versions of each level. Turok's definitely the right answer here, although it, and Goldeneye, fucked me over for years by locking me into an "inverted sticks" mindset where I got used to using the left stick to look and the right stick to move. It was only when games stopped offering that option that I was forced to train myself to do things the more common way.
  10. I think there’s a Tutorial message for each Adventure map too that describes what the items do. You’ll see them occasionally on loading screens but they’re also all stored in the menus somewhere.
  11. I'm not sure it's all that important that cinema should survive Covid-19. It feels like maybe its time has passed. I mean it's a historic thing really, isn't it? It used to be the only place you could go to see movies. Leave the house, go sit in a big room with a bunch of strangers, just like the theatrical performances that inspired the medium in the first place. Then gradually things shifted. Maybe if you waited long enough you could see your movies when they came round on TV, but that was a bit of a gamble. Then VHS tapes came out and you could watch your movies at home, though
  12. Yeah, it catches up. Give it a day or so.
  13. I might be a bit strange but I find this kind of thing oddly entertaining. Rinsing mediocre games for achievements in the most efficient fashion is quite compelling. And I’m definitely playing stuff I’d otherwise have missed.
  14. I’ve got a couple of Telltale games in my list I haven’t played, they must have been Games with Gold at some point. So I’m playing the second Batman game they did - like all their titles it’s surprisingly well-written if a bit formulaic, and held together by the creakiest fucking mess of a game engine the world has ever seen; but it’s actually lots of fun, and it’s spraying achievements / reward points all over the place so all is good.
  15. It's fun because Mario is fun, but it's nowhere near as good as Tetris 99. Players tend to get knocked out through their own mistakes (falling down a pit, running into a goomba) and when you get down to the last few players it goes on for aaaages because it doesn't have the escalating urgency of Tetris. Eventually the timer starts ticking down quicker but it doesn't happen quickly enough and to be honest there are so many enemies in the game that it's fairly easy to keep the time topped up anyway. So every game just ends up with three or four competent Mario players playing their own games, fo
  16. If anyone wants an extremely cheaty but also extremely easy 2000 points: Load up Surviving Mars, go to the in-game Mod Manager, and search for and install the "Mayo" and "Fries" extensions. All achievements in the game immediately unlock when you enable them. Achievements are separate on Xbox One and PC, so you can do it on each version. That's 2000 reward points for about 5 minutes of effort. (Don't forget to enable the punchcard in the Microsoft Rewards app before doing this! Otherwise you'll just get the achievement points, and not the rewards).
  17. It's fantastic. Absolutely massive (even without any of the expansions) and heavily weighted towards single-player questing. You can go anywhere in the world and pick up quests and storylines without having to worry about being the right level. If you subscribe to ESO Plus you immediately get access to every expansion and bit of DLC, too, apart from the most recent. But there's a huge amount in there without having to do that.
  18. That's brilliant - thanks for that! I use Firefox and the same extension is available on there too. Works great.
  19. I actually really liked Kiwami 1 but I knew what I was letting myself in for, going in. If I'd gone in blind, expecting a Zero-level experience, I'd have been gutted. As it was though I think it's got one of the best main stories in the series, and I got really into unlocking all the Dragon moves, maxing out the Majima Everywhere entries, and so on.
  20. I’m assuming not - it’s a new character and a new play style - but I’m sure it’ll be stuffed with callbacks for those that have played everything else in the series. Most of the Yakuza games are fairly standalone to be honest, they introduce their plots and characters each time. Though they’re definitely best played in order.
  21. Assuming it's like the Xbox One BC, it'll be just the ones they've specifically announced. But those have pretty significant improvements. It's not just a basic emulator.
  22. @Omizzay: September 12 - I’ve bought a Flip Grip for my Switch! September 28 - I’ve bought a custom-built fully personalised pinball machine/gaming cabinet! Absolutely spectacular work
  23. My main complaint is the short notice you get when something is about to leave. Two weeks isn’t enough to play through most games. Well it isn’t for me. It’s definitely best to jump on stuff as soon as it appears on GamePass, if you think you’re going to like it.
  24. Yeah, I find the Switch uncomfortable to play handheld so for me it’s just an underpowered home console. I’d rather play stuff on Xbox.
  25. I’m definitely finding that GamePass is discouraging me from buying new games, especially indie games that are prime fodder for the service. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. For instance I was looking at Hades on the Switch - looks great! But then I thought, well, there are about 20 roguelikes on GP I haven’t played. And who knows if Hades will come to GamePass in the future anyway? If it does then I will feel like a mug. So I didn’t buy it. At least it’s one fewer game on my backlog, I guess.
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