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  1. If the Wii was 2 GameCubes duct-taped together, the Wii U must have been 8 and the Switch is at least 16. I’m sure it can manage a respectable-looking port of Monkey Ball of all things.
  2. I posted a little message on Twitter describing him as my childhood hero (which is absolutely true) and it was “liked” a few minutes later by one of his family, which made my evening. I hope he knew what an impact he had on an entire generation. As with so many here, his inventions shaped my entire life. And practically invented an industry. Sir Clive was more important, more influential for me than any movie star or rock star, and he and his creations were an absolutely integral part of my life growing up. Rest in peace, you crazy eccentric genius you.
  3. The game is vast, even without the DLC. I liked it, but it might be over 100 hours before you even see any of it.
  4. Odyssey is brilliant. Make sure you play as the female character though.
  5. "The Lady's Not For Returning" is sheer genius.
  6. Alpro do a soy milk derivative called My Cuppa, specifically for use in tea - it's amazing. The best for hot drinks by far. And it lasts ages because you only need a tiny splash. Stupid name though. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with oat milk, as others have said you really need the barista versions though.
  7. I really wanted to like this. It exists at that exact junction of music games, arty games and walking simulators that in theory is right up my street. Sorry, I just find it boring. Totally unengaged with the characters, the setting or the music. I’m just pushing right all the time then skipping through dialogue boxes. Never mind, such is Game Pass. Glad everyone else is having fun.
  8. I played The Sentinel on the Spectrum and the agonising slowness of the response was the entire point of the game. Like being trapped in a nightmare where you can never respond as quickly as you need to. A unique, terrifying experience. Sentinel Returns didn’t get it at all. A total dud.
  9. Finished this last night. I thought it was an absolutely superb entry in one of my favourite series. Amazing characters, a great setting, and it's also a big step up technically which helps to bring everything to life. Both of the game's big twists completely got me (having gone into it knowing literally nothing about it) and it stuck the landing with ease. Alex Chen has become my favourite protagonist in the series and Haven Springs probably my favourite setting. However. I know games should be judged on their own merit (and taken purely on its own merit, I loved this) but this really, really doesn't feel like a £50 videogame. It's both shorter and smaller in scope than the previous two games in the series (much of the game takes place on a single street), yet somehow much more expensive. It feels like a cynical attempt to extract as much money as possible from fans of the series before the inevitable sale / appearance on Game Pass. In my case I'd played all the previous games either on PS+ or Game Pass, so I guess I was a bit overdue in terms of supporting the developers and I don't mind too much, but it's a shame when you finish a game and your first reaction isn't "that was great!" but instead "is that all there is?" I know there's a DLC chapter on the way (had to pay extra for it, though, of course) but it really feels like the game could have done with fleshing out that gap between chapters 2 and 3. One additional chapter there showing the growing relationship between Alex, Steph and Ryan would have gone a long way towards making the game feel more complete. I wonder if anything was cut here during development?
  10. I've been getting this recently on wired headphones plugged into the controller, so I don't think it's necessarily the fault of your headset. It would happen reliably when playing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, every time I unlocked an achievement. The sound would break up and be crackly for a few seconds, every time. This week I've been getting it intermittently on scene changes in Life is Strange: True Colors. It's not completely random, it's definitely connected to what's going on. Obviously not right though. Are you using the Dolby Atmos for Headphones plug-in, my suspicion is there might have been an update to that recently that's caused a few issues?
  11. Best episode so far I think, I was grinning all the way through. I really like Mariner and Boimler’s less antagonistic relationship this season. I want a Data bubble bath. And it had a higher than usual number of DS9 references. I’ve stopped thinking of this show as a spin-off now, it’s just great Star Trek.
  12. Certainly seems that way. I'm on the final chapter now having done chapters 3 and 4 in one sitting last night. The individual chapters are shorter than both the previous games and there's very little variety in locations. I like almost everything about this game but it's really hard to justify that £50 price tag. In terms of scope, this feels more in line with something like Tell Me Why than it does with Life is Strange 2 - and both those games were significantly cheaper than this is.
  13. This has been my main issue with this so far, actually - I'm on chapter 3 and the time jump between chapters has been a bit jarring each time. Even a title card saying "one week later..." would have helped. It's essential to go into the phone and work out what's happened since the end of the last chapter. I was a bit disappointed between chapters 2 and 3 in particular because the text messages on the phone make it sound like the characters have had loads of fun together yet we don't get to experience that! I much prefer the slice-of-life stuff in this with these guys all hanging out together, to the somewhat overcooked mystery that makes up the actual plot. It feels like it's been designed for an episodic release where the player would have had a gap between episodes, but of course it's all been released in one go and it's so good we're all just ploughing straight through it.
  14. I wish the UI elements like phone screens, letters etc weren't in MAXIMUM BRIGHTNESS on HDR. It's really off-putting, especially as the game itself looks so great.
  15. Series X is 30fps too but performance seems solid. Only an hour in but loving this so far.
  16. Oh god, what have I done
  17. Assassin's Creed Valhalla is still utterly broken when you Quick Resume. It used to corrupt or delete your saves without warning. Now it's changed: when you boot from Quick Resume it pops up a message nearly every time saying "A problem has occurred which means you cannot save. Please restart the game". I mean that's better, obviously, but why the hell they can't fix this - or simply disable the feature for this game - is beyond me. It's a bit frustrating that I can't just disable QR for this one game and have to remember to manually quit after each session.
  18. You were right, of course. I kind of knew that all along. Just needed to satisfy my own curiosity.
  19. Just as an update, I bought the Lucidsound LS50 X headset. It's going back. I mean it's fine but it doesn't sound any better really than my current Sennheisers and it's a hell of a lot less comfortable. The convenience of wireless doesn't justify the cost and to be honest the mess of tiny buttons and having to charge it and keep on top of firmware updates kind of outweighs that anyway. At least I've satisfied my own curiosity - no point in buying an expensive gaming headset if you've got a decent pair of cans. If these headphones break, I'll buy another pair of headphones.
  20. That looks absolutely dreadful. It's going to be a whole series of Mirror Universe rubbish, isn't it?
  21. I was thinking £49.99 was pretty steep for a game like this, but then I realised I played Life is Strange on PS+, then Before the Storm, Life is Strange 2 and Tell Me Why on Game Pass, all without paying a penny - so I think they deserve some of my money for a change. I'll be picking this up this weekend.
  22. Have you tried rebooting the Xbox fully after you've rebooted the router? Putting the Xbox into a DNZ in your router settings should resolve the problem, regardless of its cause.
  23. I remember playing Driller on the Spectrum, which had a frame rate that was measured in seconds per frame, not frames per second. It was still an absolutely incredible experience for the time.
  24. It doesn't, but it's safe to delete the old version.
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