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  1. The only good thing about this is that Paramount are going to put it on a streaming platform I will never own, so I can completely ignore its existence. My life has been greatly improved by not having the latest season of Discovery in it.
  2. Hitman 1 progress can’t be synced to Hitman 3 in any capacity. Hitman 2 progress can, but only on the same platform, and I think Steam, Epic and Game Pass are all effectively separate. Sadly I think you are out of luck.
  3. The Elusive Target Arcade mode is pretty broken at the moment, the missions are being randomly marked as failed whether you've played them or not. Some sort of problem with the timer apparently. Hopefully it's something they can sort out at the back end that doesn't require patching, otherwise it might take a while. Also, it turns out it's another variation on the Escalation format, which I don't think is exactly what people wanted. Some of the complications they've added are restrictive enough to really remove any kind of freedom of approach from the Elusive Targets, making them more of a puzzle format with a single solution than a sandbox. The excellent briefing videos have been removed and there's no way to play the Elusive Targets in their original form without the new complications. As @Hitcher says, not a great start.
  4. This has "car crash at launch" written all over it.
  5. Hitman Trilogy is up now. Looks like it includes the standard editions of Hitman 1, 2 and 3 only. So it's missing (a) the two DLC levels for Hitman 2 and (b) the 7 Deadly Sins expansion for Hitman 3. Of those - the two Hitman 2 levels are excellent and absolutely worth getting, though wait for a sale. 7 Deadly Sins is for completionists only.
  6. It does indeed. It's up there with Final Fantasy XIII in the "there's no way a game this old should look this good" stakes.
  7. I'd forgotten that. The cinematic equivalent of a PowerPoint presentation.
  8. I can't think of anything I'd describe as "very, very bad" in this game. Like, at all. I mean it shows its origins as a Skyrim mod a bit and things like the character animations lack AAA polish but really what do you expect? It's basically created by one person FFS. It's a clever, well-written game that completely absorbed me for a few days and I wouldn't change a single thing about it.
  9. Am I right in remembering that you can play the entire campaign in split-screen co-op? How does that work - do you progress if either player meets the requirements for the race in question?
  10. I also had the issue with the game forgetting the invert aim setting each time, but none of the other problems you described. I thought the game was pretty solid given that it was essentially the work of a couple of people.
  11. The whole trilogy is coming to Game Pass tomorrow, if you are on Xbox or PC. If not, this week sees the release of the Hitman Trilogy, so get that as it includes everything. If you buy 3 on its own right now, you have to also buy all the other bits as DLC.
  12. Really looking forward to loads of new people discovering this game in the next couple of days. It's my game of the generation... or maybe the game of the last generation... or maybe both. Playing around trying to work out my list of favourite levels and here's where I ended up.
  13. You do realise all three 360 Mass Effects are already available on the service? They are part of EA Play which is included in the Game Pass subscription.
  14. I don't know anything about this character but that trailer makes him look like Narcolepsy Batman.
  15. They've done that specific challenge at least three times, and the last one was only a couple of months ago. It's the most boring thing ever. Walk in one direction, turn around, walk in the opposite direction, repeat. I like the way the Rewards scheme can get you trying out games you'd otherwise not have looked at, but bringing the same tedious challenges back time and again really isn't a worthwhile use of people's time.
  16. Maybe we're all misreading the actors' amazing, subtle performances and not giving them the credit they deserve? I mean, Gemma Chan may have been going for and therefore it's not her fault her performance has been widely interpreted as "wooden". Richard Madden clearly was aiming for and is being harshly judged for instead coming across as "constipated". ..... naaah. They were shit.
  17. I'll be getting Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for £3.74, and TimeSplitters Future Perfect for £2.09.
  18. Or different accents. Why was there a Scotsman and an Irishman wandering around Ancient Babylon?
  19. Watched this on Disney+. The IMAX presentation is deeply distracting, it changes aspect ratio constantly - not just between scenes but often from one camera cut to the next then back again. Just pick what you want your movie to look like, and stick with it. Also it’s really fucking dark. In a pitch black room it was still really a flat and subdued picture. I actually had to adjust my TV settings (which are fine for literally everything else) to see what was happening in some scenes. Also the film was shit.
  20. And then you’ve got The Visitor, Little Green Men, Our Man Bashir, Homefront/Paradise Lost… S4 is just classic after classic.
  21. As others have pointed out, the rewards for playing a PC game online at the moment are ridiculously generous. I'm earning nearly 300 extra points a day just for loading Human Fall Flat and joining an online game for 30 seconds. Over the course of a month that almost pays for Game Pass on its own, let alone all the other tasks I'm doing.
  22. I hate Joy Cons. Tiny, fiddly things with an appalling wireless range that's easily blocked by, say, your leg, or the hand you're holding them in. The buttons are tiny and stiff and I'm forever losing the little slide-on attachment that's the only way to make them even halfway comfortable to hold. Stick drift is practically a standard feature. "HD rumble" is a marketing gimmick. Even when they're attached to the Switch they are bloody uncomfortable things. I've swapped them out for a Hori Split Pad Pro (and/or a Pro Controller, when playing docked) and I'm far happier.
  23. I really enjoyed the N64 version back in the day, it even had a high-resolution mode if you owned the memory expansion pack. It was so brown Priti Patel would have tried to deport it but it was pretty atmospheric for its time. I remember running through the Tube station level marvelling that a game was actually set in a real place I knew. Looking at footage of this "remaster", it looks almost identical to the original but with slightly more garish lighting.
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