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  1. Taken from the Thurrott.com write-up on the images: https://www.thurrott.com/games/xbox/228561/xbox-series-x-hardware-shows-up-early
  2. I think it looks great but I'll freely admit that's because my mind has been warped by having spent too much time fiddling about with small PC cases that end up making a load of noise because the fans are just too small so they have to run at full speed the whole time. This looks like it's been designed with functionality being given priority. I like that. The lack of a USB Type C port is the only thing I find a little odd. Even if Microsoft aren't planning on supporting VR anytime soon it does seem a little strange that they aren't covering their asses by including a port the industry, including Microsoft,seems to have agreed on for VR support. https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/17/17583362/virtuallink-vr-headsets-oculus-valve-microsoft-connect-usb-c-cable
  3. Just throwing it out there but is anyone else hoping that Bournemouth stay up purely because of how much of a div that Matt fellow is being about them on the Totally Football Show?
  4. If people are going to make up rumours then surely they can put in the tiny bit of effort required to make them credible? Microsoft buying Sega? Not credible. Microsoft buying Relic Entertainment from Sega? Credible. Lying doesn't have to be hard.
  5. If it was a handful of points then you could argue it's down to the league getting better. When it's a 10-20 point drop compared to last season that argument isn't credible.
  6. Never said anyone should give me anything for free, just pointed out that the idea that they need to charge money in order to provide online play doesn't really hold up. Its not something that upsets me. It's their walled garden, they can do what they want. If I was in charge of advertising Stadia the fact online play is free in the standard version is something I'd be putting front and centre in my marketing plan. Even if there is no one else to play with.
  7. How much were Sony and Microsoft making from digital sales when they started charging for online play compared to now? Just taking a quote from this article: Link Pachter did a video years ago where he said the revenue split between for a game sold at retail was 20% platform holder, 20% retailer, 60% publisher compared to digital where it's 30% platform holder, 70% publisher. And Sony don't charge people if they want to play Fortnite online but using the same service to play FIFA requires a PS Plus subscription. If I buy Gears 5 from Microsofts store I get the PC and Xbox versions of the game. To play online using Xbox Live on my console I have to pay for Xbox Live Gold. If I play online on my PC using Xbox Live, even against Xbox console users, I don't have to pay. I understand that they control the control the platform so they can do what they like, I just don't like the "well it costs them money so they should charge you" argument.
  8. The idea that they were given the choice of having their accounts audited or accepting automatic relegation, and then chose relegation suggests that there's a lot of iffy behaviour that has yet to be exposed. Surely the taxman is going to start asking questions now?
  9. Is that down to Lampard doing a really good job or the other likely contenders for Champions League qualification being a bit of a mess this year? Compared to last season, after 23 games they had: Tottenham 51 (31 this season) Chelsea 47 (39 this season) Arsenal 44 (29 this season) Man Utd 44 (34-37 this season depending on how they do today) He has done a solid job, bringing young players into the side the biggest positive, but he is being made look better due to the clownshows elsewhere.
  10. The lack of competition for Nvidia at the higher end of the market has let them charge silly money for GPUs. SSD prices seem to be dropping by the week, RAM prices seem to be falling again and you get way more bang for your buck CPU wise since AMD brought Ryzen to market.
  11. The case for switching to the PC was arguably stronger around the end of the last generation. People were going to lose access to the games they'd bought digitally on 360/PS3 if they switched to the next set of consoles and the pricing of full games on Xbox Live and PSN up to that point was abysmal. If I buy a Series X/PS5 this winter I'm still going to be able to play every game I had for the current generation, possibly better than before thanks to the new console having an SSD so they'll load quicker and the OS should be better. On top of that we've seen Microsoft and Sony regularly have quite good sales on their respective stores and Gamepass is a fantastic bargain.
  12. I'd be more inclined to view this as a new way to try and sell consoles to PC gamers. "Here's Horizon:Zero Dawn, hope you enjoy it loads. If you want to play more you can buy the sequel in three months on PS5 or you can wait three years for a PC port". Dreams would be slightly different as getting PC users on board to create content would benefit console users. I'm guessing you'd need to have a PSN account to upload stuff for that game though.
  13. Link to Kotaku story. I know this is being discussed in the Horizon thread but it seems like a big enough story to justify its own thread. Afterall we now seem closer than ever to getting those PC ports of the Ape Escape games that the PC community has been demanding for years. No talk yet of Sony planning to launch their own storefront for PC games but I guess that's possible. Steam and the Epic Store seem to be the likely destination for the Horizon port anyway. I miss Ape Escape.
  14. bear

    Google Stadia

    Apparently the only way to get a Stadia username without a bunch of numbers at the end is to have pre-ordered the founders edition. Which seems silly.
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