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  1. So I'm assuming that means a Roma-Villareal Europa League final?
  2. Do you think the Dulux rep knew about what was coming and tried to warn us?
  3. "And then he went and lumped Cobh Ramblers in with the British clubs"
  4. What have Cobh Ramblers got to do with anything?
  5. Yeah, Everton spending two years fluting around with Allardyce and Silva instead of going all out for Dyche back in 2017 is probably the biggest fuck-up of Moshiris ownership.
  6. Dyche for Spurs. Not taking the piss or just trying to rile up Plissken. I'd like to see him get a "big" job.
  7. Fair play to Mourinho. Stuck to his principles against the Super League even though he knew Levy would sack him. Is the story I'd be putting out there if I was Jorge Mendes.
  8. They've also mentioned that they are planning on doing the same thing for a women's Super League.
  9. The proposed competition doesn't even sound that good. Or Super. At least that project big picture thing had some interesting ideas. This has nothing. What on earth are these clubs thinking?
  10. Letting PS Plus subscribers stream the first hour of something like Days Gone seems like a good way to at least let people try the game especially if prices are going up. For instance, Returnal looks cool but it's €80 so not an impulse purchase.
  11. What's being proposed, or at least the details that are out there, doesn't sound all that interesting. It feels like it needs to be bigger/more aggressive if they want to get customers on board. There has to be some sort of gimmick beyond "well, it'll make us richer". That's what worries me right now, the idea the clubs involved have some sort of ace up their sleeve to change people's mind even if it's something as simple as it being cheaper to watch this than the Champions League.
  12. Is banning players from national teams a deterrent? I'd always seen it the other way and that clubs threatening not to release players for international duty would be one of the ways they'd eventually get approval for some sort of Euro League. I'm curious to see just what the clubs are planning to announce. To be clear though I'm not in favour of a super league.
  13. So basically I should make sure that my current PS3 and Vita are both set as my primary consoles and up to date just in case that Evil Fiend Jimbo Ryan decides to pull the plug on PSN? There's a lot of fluff surrounding the messaging but I think that's right.
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