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  1. I'd go the opposite way to the original post and argue that companies, both TV manufacturers and content producers, tried to push 3D way too soon. Modern displays which get much brighter so that they can support HDR and in a lot of cases also support high refresh rates should be ideal for solutions using active 3D glasses like Nvidias 3D vision stuff which was the best implementation of 3D gaming back when it was a thing. Theoretically Microsoft or Sony should be able to sell you a pair of 3D glasses that'd work with the Series X/PS5 and let you play the 1080p 120hz "performance mode" versions of a lot of games in 3D and offer a great 3D effect for a fraction of the price of a VR headset but the well was thoroughly poisoned by the mediocre nature of earlier attempts at 3D.
  2. The PSP one came later and the big difference is that it's got a better single player mode. It's basically an RPG with tennis instead of battles.
  3. @Paulando Have you ever played the PSP version of Everybody's Tennis? It's criminally overlooked as it came out so late in the PSPs lifespan but it's fabulous.
  4. I'm not entirely sure I want another Legacy of Kain game but if it's the only way to get another game built around the idea of switching between light and dark worlds and puzzles based on manipulating that mechanic then I'd be on board. Beyond The Medium we haven't seen any current gen games about that sort of setup even though the fast loading times of modern hardware could allow for some real differences visually between each realm.
  5. I thought that was a fairly cool summary of the season. Really highlights how dominant Verstappen has been this year.
  6. It sounds like you should get one of the newer Chromecast with Google TV devices.
  7. Perez's new deal runs until the end of the 2024 season. Perez isn't the most exciting driver on the grid but he's been almost the dictionary definition of a solid number two driver for Red Bull. With the exception of Brazil this year theres been very little drama and even there most of the blame would be on Verstappens shoulders. I'd probably rank him as the eighth best driver on the grid and of those I'd rank higher Norris is the only one who might realistically replace him at Red Bull. I certainly wouldn't be looking at Danny Ric as a potential replacement. In terms of average finishing positions last season his performance relative to his teammates was the worst on the grid. The Latifi-Albon comparison may be a little iffy because most of the time Latifi couldn't finish any worse than he did but its the only team mate comparison even in the same league as Norris-Ricciardo.
  8. When I started hearing about these Hall Effect analog sticks on stuff like the Aya Neo Pro Air Turbo II or whatever model they are on now I just assumed that they were extremely pricey and we'd only ever see them on Elite style controllers. I saw a video about this Gulikit controller with hall effect sticks on one of the LTT YouTube channels a few weeks ago and it's about the same price as a Switch Pro Controller. https://www.amazon.com/KingKong-Wireless-Controller-Bluetooth-Vibration-Android/dp/B0B7JRM795/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?keywords=ZHUFON&qid=1669053072&sr=8-6 And apparently the Dreamcast was using sticks like that 20 years ago?
  9. The shitshow that'd ensue if MS changed course on their messaging and let developers release Series X only games wouldn't be worth it, especially seeing as the Series S is selling fairly well. It might be different if the S had utterly bombed.
  10. Vettels now in the points, what a pair of gents Alonso and Hamilton are.
  11. I'm trying the first episode of this now. Pete Tong is a bit of a dose as the narrator so it's hard to recommend so far, maybe the episode will pick up.
  12. I'm wondering if the reason the device ended up being relatively pricey compared to a chormecast or what have you is that they wanted it to support the Xbox wireless stuff instead of Bluetooth? That'd mean a certain amount of bespoke hardware but it'd also justify an Xbox streaming sticks existence as it'd offer a better experience than the TV apps. Or maybe the hardware had to be relatively beefy in order to support the app store that's on the current console.
  13. That comment is meant to be fake.
  14. For me it was probably getting NES and Megadrive emulators working on the Ngage QD. I'm sure the quality of the emulation wasn't up to much but getting Super Mario Bros running on my phone without a load of messing aboout felt like the most futuristic thing ever.
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