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  1. I hate that tweet Schreier has quoted there. The theory is fine but how true is it? EA for instance are already massive and could be taking more risks. Would them getting a bigger slice of app store revenue lead to a new wave of wild and creative games from EA or would it end up with Andrew Wilson going from a mere $21million this year to something more respectable, like $25million? Maybe I'm just overly sensitive to the whole "gamers are thick as mince" stuff.
  2. I watched that 198Fortnite thing. I am a lesser being for having done so.
  3. I'd imagine the statement is referring to stuff like that. Every studio they bought has increased their number of staff. I think either Phil Spencer or Matt Booty are on record saying they need/want an Asian presence as well.
  4. After checking it seems that the PS4 & PC versions got some extra skins, weapon mods and a side mission, "Isolation" that weren't in the Xbox version.
  5. How much of that could be put down to the Xboxone version getting less content than the PS4 version? I don't know how substantial the PS4 exclusive content ended up being but I do remember seeing a few higher profile Xbox-enthusiast accounts being sour about Remedy cutting a deal with Sony. Good, well argued, rational behaviour.
  6. I think that we're going to see a lot more emphasis on the All-Access pricing once they finally start giving details about the Series S. $19.99 a month for a new console and access to Gamepass will tempt people. Losing Halo from the day one lineup is massive though. Not sure what they can do at this point to compensate for that.
  7. They haven't announced the Series S yet so nothing is full confirmed but going by the rumours and innuendo it's basically: Series X- Native 4K, $500-600 expected price Series S- No optical drive, 1080p graphics, same CPU as the Series X, $300-400 expected price.
  8. Initially they gave the impression it would have VR support but they've moved away from that based on the way Spencer has spoken about VR since then. I wouldn't expect them to support it anytime soon on console.
  9. It seems like there's a bunch of the controllers out there.
  10. I think the success of the S will depend on just how aggressive Microsoft are with the pricing of the All Access option. If there is a $20 a month subscription that gets you a Series S + GamePass then I expect that'll do very well for them. The Series S would need to be $299 or less for that to happen though.
  11. The Series S is presumably going to bring all those day to day quality of life improvements they showed off earlier this year with the fast game/app switching, quicker loading times and hopefully an OS that's consistently responsive. I've said it before but I genuinely believe that the enhanced usability of the next-gen where consoles behave more like modern computing devices will be the biggest change people notice once they get their hands on them. Not something that'll get your pulse racing but nice in its own way.
  12. I think people are reading too much in to the decision to keep the One S around while killing off the SAD and the One X. Open to correction on this but I think all the console manufacturers have experienced a jump in hardware sales as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns while you'd expect PS4 and Xboxone sales to be down at this point in their lifecycles if you look back to other generations. So we've had companies experiencing higher than anticipated sales while at the same time production capacity has taken a severe hit due to the virus so they were going through stock much quicker than they expected. MS have to start making Series S and X consoles but they can't just leave the console market for the next four months so they had to leave one of their current consoles in production. The standard One S is the logical choice.
  13. They are a bit boring but you can at least look at the design of the female characters and say it'd be plausible for them to have the anatomy of an actual woman. You can't say that for many of Liefelds interpretations of the female form.
  14. bear


    That partner sounds like marriage material.
  15. Stadia works fine using the Edge browser since they changed to Chromium or whatever it's called. Not sure if it's listed as supported but it's what I've been using.
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