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  1. I can sorta understand the appeal of the N64 controller but the Megadrive pad just seems worse than Retro-bits licensed Megadrive controller apart from having a type c connector for charging.
  2. I posted about Stadia on the Xbox in the Xbox thread. It works but for some reason my Xbox pad was trying to switch back to mouse mode when I pressed the B button so things were a little screwy. It seemed to work fine when I switched to using a Stadia pad.
  3. The console version of Edge has been updated to Chromium now so you can play Stadia on your Xbox now. Seems a little finicky to get going if you are just using the Xbox pad but if you have a Stadia controller it works fine. I think the dash is 4K now as well. I loaded it up this morning and my ancient avatar gamerpic suddenly seemed very low-res which I'm guessing is down to a higher resolution for the dashboard.
  4. Looks like some of the stuff planned for Scalebound where you were supposed to fight alongside your big dragon buddy ended up in this. Looked alright but any attempt to show a spectacle is going to be held back by the hardware at this point.
  5. €50 for a Mega Drive pad. And it's a three button pad as well so the likes of Streets of Rage 3 and Comic Zone will be compromised using that pad if they ever get added to the service.
  6. If you've got an Nvidia GPU then the first thing I'd try is using the Moonlight app on the Fire Stick and see if that performs any better than Steamlink. Won't cost anything. What sort of WiFi setup have you at the moment?
  7. Time for the Castlevania Advance Collection reveal? Seems like the right place for it. It'd be great to find out what the Odyssey team are working on but I doubt that'll happen here.
  8. bear

    Edge #363

    My copy showed up today. Delivery times seem to have improved a bit over the last few months for European subscribers. It wasn't uncommon for my copy to show up four weeks after the topic was started on here.
  9. Back on topic, the article isn't great. Its a bit clumsy but I do think the writer was holding their hands up and saying they were a bit of a silly twat for trying to force their son to play games the "right" way instead of letting them just have fun. The title doesn't help though.
  10. I know it was very gamergate friendly at one point but I was under the impression that version of the site went bust and it was relaunched under new ownership a few years ago. Zero Punctuation stuck around because it was the only content of any value the old site was still producing by the end.
  11. bear

    Nintendo Switch

    It'll be a bit shit if the OLED Switch has the same sort of limitations. I know they've said no performance upgrades but would better Bluetooth fall under that category? Massive tangent, how awkward is it to have a Switch Lite and regular Switch on the same account? I'm thinking of picking up a Lite for stuff like Spelunky but only if its not a pain in the hoop moving between devices.
  12. By the end of the week I should have a laptop capable of playing modern PC games so I guess Age of Empires 4 has to be high on the list. Really looking forward to Forza Horizon 5 and The Gunk as well. I ended up really liking Steamworld Dig 2 so I'm eager to see that studios first 3D game. Metroid Dread (not Prime, stupid brain) is a day one purchase unless the reviews are horrendous and it's hard to see how they could foul up an Advance Wars remaster so I'll be getting that. Never played God of War on the PS4 so I want to get through that and the first Horizon game this year as well.
  13. I hate Madworld on the Wii. I've said it before on here but it's the only game I can remember playing where I was nervous about the idea of someone walking in and seeing me playing it. I got as far as the third black baron section and never touched it again.
  14. I'm a little surprised the rumoured Sunset Overdrive re-release didn't get announced. If its real you'd think now would have been the time to show it. Guess that whole story is bunk. Ah well.
  15. Do people expect this to be set in a city environment like Spiderman or in a more rural setting? I'm sorta hoping it'll be something like Days Gone starring Wolverine where you are going through mid-west America uncovering Stykers latest shenanigans. Fighting mutant racoons in the woods and that sort of thing. Or just remake Roadhouse with Wolverine instead of Dalton.
  16. Honestly, I've barely used my PS5 or Series X to play any current gen games and I'd still argue that both are already worthwhile upgrades. They are just really nice machines to play games on.
  17. Solid showcase overall. No OMG hype moment for me but it moved along at a decent clip so you weren't looking at anything long enough to get bored by it, well maybe Rainbow 6. The enemy designs just look so fucking dull. I can only assume that Ubisoft are getting great feedback from some sort of focus groups because it just seems weird to me that they are hellbent on releasing that game instead of delaying it like Far Cry or Watch Dogs. Insomniac making a Wolverine game should be good. A bit of a shame its one of those games that seems like it's been announced ridiculously early. I'm not at all convinced that announcing games so far out is the best strategy. Like it's cool to know Insomniac are making Wolverine but maybe wait until there's something real to show. Spring 2022 is looking loaded.
  18. The RPG and the shooter are from totally different companies. The shooters existence has nothing to do with the RPGs development.
  19. APE ESCAPE 4. Anything else is a let down.
  20. bear

    PS5 Pro

    I was just amused by how silly the idea of a PS5 Pro seems at this stage. I copied over most of the article as it doesn't seem like a story worth giving clicks to, if it was a halfway decent story I'd just have copied over the first paragraph and let people go to the site to read the rest.
  21. bear

    PS5 Pro

    I've got two words for people like you. POW ERRRRR! Are you on board now?
  22. bear

    PS5 Pro

    Based on this very credible rumour, which definitely isn't a load of bollocks, it seems like a PS5 Pro is on the way on late 2023/early 2024. https://wccftech.com/sony-playstation-5-pro-targetting-late-2023-2024-launch-pricing-at-around-600-700-premium-8k-gaming-segment/ I'm excited.
  23. There's two quotes floating around about free upgrades. One is from the PlayStation blog but that only seems to mention launch games specifically so people are using as a pass for Sony going down this road. There's another from a Jim Ryan interview with the Washington Post where he talks about upgrade paths from PS4 to PS5 version of the games they announced as cross-gen titles.
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