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  1. 3 minutes ago, gospvg said:

    Not every month has been great but I have enjoyed some of the monthly games, I just completed Planet Coaster which was given away in Februaury this year I would never have purchased the game. I have now also subscribed to the Extra option, after looking through this list there is more than enough for me to enjoy for the next 12 months.



    Especially Adr1ft, Bad North, Celeste, Cris Tales, Dead Cells, Deliver us the Moon, Frostpunk, John Wick Hex, Last Stop, Mafia & Mafia 2 Definitive Edition, Stray (coming soon), Stellaris & Wytchwood.



    Stray isn't for the lowest tier of plus.


    In general Plus has been fairly decent. Next month's rumoured list looks fairly solid again 


    Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (PS5/PS4)

    The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan (PS4)

    Arcadegeddon (PS5/PS4)


  2. A AAA open world game set in a map the size of GTA3 but the gameworld reflects your actions. For instance if you to a building site for a school and steal some of the machines then construction work on that site either slows down or stops completely. If the school never gets completed then people with kids leave the area so you end up with an elderly population in that district. If it gets completed then a green area might be developed into a playground. Stuff like that but built around systems not scripted scenarios.


    I know why open world games haven't gone that way and it's because of the constant demand for bigger worlds. When Crackdown 3 came out a lot of people said the game world was too small. The world seemed plenty big enough to me but there wasn't enough to do there. Making the world bigger wouldn't have addressed any of the games flaws. 




  3. I'm not basing the idea on anything other than the fact I was reading about the Mini 2, and it's big expensive joystick, when I got as far as this bit of the VGC article


    In total, Mega Drive Mini 2 will include 50 Mega Drive and Mega CD titles, including arcade ports and what Sega describes as a “mysterious new work”.

    and then my brain went "That's the Treasure game innit". 


  4. I've reached chapter six so I'm getting close to the end now. 


    I couldn't ague that this is a looker but at some point I just got used to the slightly cheap look and it hasn't bothered me since. There are some neat moments where the environment changes but it's never "oh wow".


    I can't remember how exactly levelling worked in Thousand Year door but here you only get to boost one of your three stats each time you level up. One of the side effects of that is that any items you pick up is still useful even fairly far into the game. The items you can cook in the various towns by combining them are noticeably better than what enemies will drop buy at least everything you pick up has a value which is important as inventory space is limited. 


    They've played a bit more with the story since the end of chapter two. It's fairly straightforward and predictable up until that point so it's nice that the devs mixed things up a little. 


    One thing I do prefer about this compared to my memory of Paper Mario are the main characters. Just to be clear I'm not saying Vi is a better character than Mario or anything like that. The games best storytelling is showing the relationship between the three main characters and how that develops over the course of the game. They have their own backstories and that plays into the game. I've not finished the game but the main characters are now not the same as when the game started. In the Mario RPGs Mario was Mario at the start of the game, Mario during the game and Mario at the end of the game. The most interesting characters were always the side characters or the villains. There's a different emphasis here.


    I don't know if it was taken from Paper Mario or from MMOs but the quest board system of highlighting side quests is nice and handy. There are too many that just boil down to go fetch my missing item but at least its simple to keep track of them.



  5. I had a look at it yesterday as my account is now at the Premium tier. 


    If you are already a Plus subscriber then another €40 a year to go to the Extra tier is easy to recommend to someone considering the amount of stuff you can play, especially for titles like Returnal which I'm not sure about based on what I've read about how the game works. I would have probably never bought it but I'll try it as part of the subscription.


    Not convinced about Premium yet. The relative lack of support for streaming compared to other services is a bit of a stumbling block.


    Like others have said they really need to add separate sections for the retro consoles. I know putting them all in one section hides how limited the selection is for each console but it's not a good user experience.


    Discoverability is already an issue for this and Gamepass. It's impressive looking at a big huge list of games but like browsing Netflix there's a chance you'll just look at the menus for a while and then not actually play anything. 

  6. It's gonna be a remaster or follow up to the GBA Astro Boy game which will make me happy as that's the closest I ever got to enjoying anime.


    Given that it hasn't mentioned yet it'll also annoy a lot of people here who have their black hearts set on some other guff. Which will make me even happier. You bastards. 

  7. 1. Forza Motorsport

    It's been years since I got into the campaign mode on a racing game. GT7s sounds good but I don't want to go near it until I know how Forza compares. I'll go with whichever one people say is better. 


    2. StreetFighter 6

    I'm bad at fighting games but I always want to love them. MK is the only series that's given me enough to do in single player that I've felt like I've gotten value out of buying the game. I'm hopeful Capcom can finally produce a game where there's enough stuff for me to do where I can build up a decent understanding of the game without it feeling like a grind. 


    3. Avowed

    This is partly down to what it represents as it's possibly going to be the first big test of the studios Microsoft have bought and integrated into Xbox(I'm not counting Bethesda's studios as that structure still seems to exist in some form inside Microsoft). If this shows that MS studios can deliver games with the same level of quality Sony do then we are in for some great times. 


    4. Starfield


    I know what they showed had performance issues but the more grounded aesthetic and slightly grungy universe seems cool as hell to me.


    5.Rocksteadys Suicide Squad Game

    The name is clearly not memorable but the studio makes great games and have been working on this for years. 


    6. Pentiment

    I'm not sure what this is but the ideas floating around it have got me interested. 


    7. The Plucky Squire


    Only seen the trailer but this looked fantabulous. 


    8. Stray


    It looks charming in the trailers.



    9.UFO 50 


    Look maybe I'm being naive by putting this on here but sod it, I firmly believe that this will finally come out before the end of 2023. 


    10. God of War Ragnarok


    Chunky Thor must die. 


  8. 2 hours ago, AK Bell said:

    So they do seem to be able to track subscription shenanigans but don't seem to care about most people converting 3 years worth of gold or whatever?  

    At the very least those accounts for sale are a nightmare from a customer service and security perspective compared to people doing the three year trick. Whoever created the account originally almost certainly has access to it either through knowing the password, answers to the security questions or linking two factor to one of their own accounts. There's always a chance they'll take back the account especially if they see that a payment method has been attached to it and how do you sort that mess out if you're Microsoft. 

  9. Yeah that looks a lot nicer than anything I've seen in Bug Fables. The characters having proper faces makes a big difference to the characterisations. 


    I'm up to chapter three and the story is building up nicely. The main thread hasn't changed but they've started introducing more side stuff and fleshing out the main characters more who all seem to have some backstory that will inevitably get addressed. 


    The music is great. 

  10. 7 hours ago, rgraves said:


    See, I fundamentally disagree with that. There was a lot wrong with the Wii-U, but the idea was actually, fundamentally, a good one IMO. Being able to game away from the main TV, having a seperate screen for stuff like chase and sweet day in Nintendoland, being able to tap the map to jump in Splatoon - all things that worked really well. Made those games better, or only achieveable on that platform (Nintendoland remains a massively underappreciated/experienced multiplayer title as a result)


    Hell, even just being able to move the map and equip management to the pad in stuff like ZombiU showed the potential was there. Not *essential* to the experience no, but it did make it better (play ZombiU on WiiU and then on any of the other platform ports and you'll see it pretty clearly).


    It was a calamity, but it didn't need to be - with a few different decisions being made I think it could have been a whole lot better for them (and, more importantly, us). If WiiU has taken off just a little bit more, I think we'd have seen some really exciting and unusual stuff from Nintendo.

    There are dumps all over the world filled with potentially good ideas executed poorly.


    I'm not talking about the concept and that conversation has been done to death. I'm saying that the actual product Nintendo put on shelves was fundamentally shite. The setup was complicated, it used proprietary connections for no good reason, the software was dated (mine was the Wind Waker console and that still had the silly shit where you created an account before it looked for an update), the screen on the controller was low res compared to other devices ,the e-shop was slow as a wet week, the range for off screen play was very limited, the online system was bobbins compared to Live/PSN/Steam/Sodding Gamecenter and it wasn't powerful enough to offer a notably better experience over a 360/PS3 for games like Arkham Origins beyond "go play it in low resolution in the corner of the room while the partner who wears the pants in your relationship uses the TV". Whoop-de-doo. 


    Its the same as the 360 Kinect. The idea might have some merits but the product that got to retail wasn't up to the job. So it was shite despite having some good software. 

  11. One of the things that doesn't get enough attention while discussing the Wii-Us failure is that it was fundamentally a bit shite. 


    Early in the pandemic I set mine up at my  mothers with the idea that she could use Wii Fit for doing some yoga. 

    She is reasonably tech savvy but found the whole setup so unintuitive that she didn't bother using it. 


    It wasn't a good device. Even basic stuff like how during setup it got you to create a profile and then checked for an OS update which it needed to apply before you could try to add your Nintendo account just felt backwards. And as for nonsense like using a proprietary adaptor to charge the gamepad when Micro USB would have worked just fine...



  12. 12 minutes ago, TehStu said:

    Anyone walked the entire map in a sprawling game or two? I have most recently in AC Odyssey. I think massive game worlds don't need to be 100% curated per se, a lot of the AC map is just copy and paste tat for people who like to explore off the beaten path of the main story, or even side quests. Plenty of places you appear to have no good reason to go other than to go.


    Looking forward to seeing more footage but I reasonably assume the 1,000 worlds will include a mix of curated, copy/paste tat, and pointless exploration. Maybe completely dead worlds that are for nothing other than whatever nonsense we did in ME# to upgrade the Normandy.

    I think the fact Howard mentioned goldilocks planets specifically also means theres going to be a lot of dead worlds in this game. 


  13. 30 minutes ago, Fargo said:

    Wonder if there’s any hope of this being announced at the extended showcase tonight 

    None whatsoever.

  14. I was wondering if they should have done some sort of time limited upgrade offer for people who own the PS4 version and if that would help or hinder the games overall performance. Do something like 50% off if you upgrade to the PS5 version inside the first three months of its release. Sure you'd make less per sale but you'd also probably get some people who wouldn't otherwise be interested to pay for the upgrade as they'd be getting a deal. 


    I'm just posting this to get the idea out of my head. 

  15. 7 hours ago, RubberJohnny said:

    I'm all for only showing gameplay for titles a year in advance, but switching to it after several years of CG trailers for titles apparently stretching years ahead is probably the worst way of doing it, because not only is there a list of titles as long as your arm that don't show up, but next years show is also going to be without surprises because everything has already been announced.


    I'm not sure there's any way of transitioning smoothly from one strategy to the other. To me it feels like MS knew that the reaction to this showcase was largely going to focus on the rest of the year being a bit of a wasteland (theres really just Pentiment and Grounded 1.0, the games might be great buts that's a pish lineup) and decided to take another hit this year on the lack of new announcements. They still announced three games this year so it's possible they'll have more than that to announce next year while also taking the wraps off stuff like Perfect Dark and Contraband properly. 




  16. 5 minutes ago, Pob said:

    Have there been any dev interviews or anything since that gameplay footage was released? I'd be keen to hoover up any details, especially with regard to how seamless it is, how space flight and planetside traversal work etc.

    Microsoft are having some sort of Dev showcase stream tomorrow so I'd expect it to show up there. 

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