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  1. 51 minutes ago, Timmo said:

    This shit is why, even if Hitler rose from the dead to fill in at centre back during an injury crisis, I'd still be hoping City win



    It was a decent site once upon a time but now I'm not sure there's a more accurate indicator of acute walloperitis than the three words "The Anfield Wrap". 

  2. That La Liga statement is a bit daft but in Tebas defence he has at least been consistent in pushing for tighter financial controls, has brought in a slightly fairer distribution model for the La Liga TV money and held a hard line with Barcelona last year even though it ended up with Messi leaving the league. 

  3. 3 hours ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

    Always hated centralised club badges

    I think it works on this year's Galway United kit. 

    The detailing isn't as noticeable in the actual jersey so it does look very good in the flesh. 



  4. Quote

    The Xbox Series S outsold the PlayStation 5 in Japan last week, according to new sales data.

    According to sales data published by Famitsu, the Xbox Series S on its own (not including Series X) sold 6,120 units, whereas the PS5 and PS5 digital edition sold a combined 2,693 units.

    Well that's one of the signs of the apocalypse ticked off. 

  5. I don't think Tyler is anti-Liverpool, pro-City, he is just bad at his job. I haven't heard any fan praise him in years. Part of the selling point of Sky was that they had the best football coverage and I don't think you could say that anymore because of Tyler in particular. 


    A few of my mates have gone down the dodgy box route and while they've mentioned missing Carragher and Neville's analysis none of them miss Tyler. One lad watches some African stream regularly where he doesn't understand a word of what the commentator is saying but at least they get excited when something big happens which is more than Tyler does now. He is basically Colin Robinson off What we do in the Shadows. 

  6. For what little it's worth three of the top five games in last year's GotY poll were announced during E3 season last year. 


    The summer drought feels more severe this year because February and March were ludicrously stacked compared to most years.  


    Summer games fest is around four weeks away and we'll see a clearer picture start to form for the rest of the year then. 

  7. 30 minutes ago, Flanders said:

    Yeah, said something along these lines a while back but someone at Microsoft has to be looking at Obsidian and quietly axing the Outer Worlds 2 to get them working on Fallout. It’s still surprising that they let them crack on with Avowed tbh. 

    Obsidian would presumably have been working on Avowed for over two years by the time the Bethesda deal closed so I'm not surprised Microsoft didn't touch that project. 


    I'm more surprised that Bethesda hadn't already started a new team or studio to work on Fallout 5 even before they were bought. Seems crazy to go with a strategy that would have meant they'd go over a decade between mainline entires in that franchise. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, Sarlaccfood said:

    Gotham Knights is my bet.

    Maybe Saints Row? That might not be big enough. 


    These two slipping is presumably going to have an effect on Microsoft's 2023 lineup. Their on paper lineup for 2023 already seemed stacked before the Activision deal. Add in Activision and these two and something has to give.



    Hard to see how Fallout stays as a Bethesda Games Studio game. The gap between Skyrim and Elder Scrolls 6 is already going to be ridiculous. Someone has to make a Fallout game. 

  9. 23 minutes ago, Sarlaccfood said:

    Not surprised really we’d seen fuck all.


    What does that leave MS with this year then? Hellblade 2?

    There were reports out there a year ago saying Hellblade was a 2023 game. 


    I am surprised at the Starfield delay as they'd made such a big deal out of announcing the date. The lack of gameplay hadn't bothered me as we didn't see anything of Fallout 4 around the E3 before it released. It's also been nearly seven years since Fallout 4. 



    MS supposedly have Forza this year along with a smaller rumoured project at Obsidian. 


    Publishers must be delighted with this news, MS need to open the chequebook to get stuff for Gamepass this winter. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, Gotters said:

    Not only have Fifa lost out on the $150m a year from EA they intend to launch their own game in 2024. 

    It’ll sell a few copies at xmas to unsuspecting grandparents but it’s a tough space to compete

    I'm guessing they have to be going into a partnership with someone to make that happen. I'm sure Take 2 would love to have a big football game each year but I can't see them agreeing to FIFAs terms. 

  11. Quote

    In the next 12 months, Microsoft plans to release an Xbox cloud-gaming streaming device. This will likely look like an Amazon First Stick or perhaps a small, Roku-like puck. And like a Roku, the Xbox streaming device will enable you to access movie and TV services in addition to a library of games through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


    If you already have a Samsung smart TV, though, you can maybe skip a separate device entirely. Microsoft is working closely with its partners at Samsung to develop an Xbox game-streaming app for that company’s televisions. That, too, should debut within the next 12 months.




    I suppose it was inevitable that they'd ttry releasing some sort of hardware like this. I'll be curious to see if it'll use the same frontend as the Series consoles or if they'll come up with a UI that emphasizes the video apps more. One thing I really like about the PS5 is the way it boots into the media apps section if you turn it on using the remote instead of a dual sense so it'd be nice if this puck leads to MS adding the same sort of functionality to the Xbox. 


    Ideally it'd also work for in home streaming so you could have the Series X connected to one TV but play it in another room without any hassle. Maybe update the controller to ripoff pay homage to the way Stadia lets you use one controller on multiple screens. 

  12. https://www.eurogamer.net/fortnite-joins-xbox-cloud-gaming-giving-iphone-users-another-way-to-play



    Fortnite has today joined Xbox Cloud Gaming, making it the first free-to-play game to do so.


    This means the ever-popular Epic battle royale will be available to stream via the service on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, plus PCs - all via web browser.


    As with any Xbox Cloud Gaming title, you'll need an Xbox account to log-in - but you won't need membership to any subscription, such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.



    Doesn't seem to show up in the app but it works if you go to xbox.com/play and sign in there. 


    Article says there will be more free to play stuff added to cloud streaming soon, presumably Rocket League is going to happen as that's also an Epic game. 

  13. 9 hours ago, deerokus said:

    I wonder how that works out, is the marvel licence somehow tied to the ex-Square developers or could they conceivably have something like Volition making a Hulk game?  Please make a Hulk game with Volition.

    Embracer have a lot of very good dev studios now.

    I think it just means that Embracer will have the rights to continue selling the existing Avengers and GotG games. 

  14. This whole deal just seems like a very odd move by Square. Does it really make them more attractive for a buyout? They reduced their headcount but it also seems like they've reduced the variety in what they produce. If the big players are Tencent, Sony and MS then are Square now a more attractive proposition for any of those companies? 


    As someone who just plays games its probably good news as Embracer seem to have some sort of plan for their future even if it just ends up being that they want to have a load of stuff to stick into PS Plus/ GamePass and get paid that way. Its hard to know what Square are at really. 

  15. On 28/04/2022 at 14:06, Mr Do 71 said:

    I'm very curious about how they are going to handle their first party stuff this year. The temptation is always to show something brand new but their announced lineup of games that's theoretically due to launch between this showcase and the end of 2023 feels like it should be enough to backbone a good to great show. I want to see real footage of Avowed, Fable etc. I don't want 30 seconds of clearly pre-rendered footage followed by a logo. It needs to be a showcase of real games. 

  16. Refusing to wear headphones seems an unnecessary bit of bawlbaggery to be honest. It's been a while since I last played an RTS but they always had repetitive dialogue. "Walk softly and carry a big gun" has been seared into my brain from playing Dawn of War for 40 hours over a decade ago. I haven't played League but from I understand it's likely that Jim has a main character he uses so their dialogue also gets repeated over and over again. And again. At this point headphones are like masks, there isn't really a good reason you can't find a comfortable solution as theres so much choice out there. 

  17. https://www.eurogamer.net/sony-reportedly-now-requires-some-playstation-developers-make-time-limited-game-demos-for-plus-premium




    According to a GameDeveloper report, PlayStation has updated its developer guidelines to state that a game demo lasting at least two hours will now be required for any title which costs $34 or higher (around £27).


    This rule is not retroactive, so will only apply to games currently in development and not yet released. Additionally, developers will have a three-month grace period after a game launches before this trial must be made available.


    That sounds like it could be great. Obviously it'll be down to how it's implemented but I thought the trials stuff would be way more limited than that. 

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