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  1. So after yesterdays news its possible that Microsofts lineup from late 2022 through to the end of 2023 includes Forza Motorsport, Starfield, Avowed, Perfect Dark, Contraband, Hellblade 2, Fable, Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 and the next Black Ops. Its probably won't pan out that way but thats a ridiculous list on paper.
  2. I'm a bit confused about Embracer being mentioned here. Their whole strategy seeks to be about releasing a huge amount of games, not just focusing on the AAA stuff, and that includes remasters of stuff like Destroy All Humans and new games in old franchises like Jagged Alliance and Outcast.
  3. Fair enough, it's always Konami podcasters make jokes about regarding links to the Yakuza and stuff so that threw me.
  4. I think you are mixing up Sega and Konami here based on the organised crime reference.
  5. They still can, its only Tuesday afterall.
  6. Steady on, If Activision was capable of making those sort of profits then they'd cost a lot more than $70 billion. It isn't necessarily about recouping the cost anyway. As long as Microsoft can show shareholders that spending $70 billion on Activision was a better investment than leaving the money sitting in their bank accounts then its a positive for them. Pachter did a video on this sort of thing years and years ago when they bought Minecraft.
  7. For what little it's worth I don't think Perfect Dark is going to be a first person game.
  8. Don't think so, IO (who MS were supposedly buying last year) are working on James Bond now.
  9. Guys, this really about battling the Epic Game Store for the number two spot behind Steam.
  10. I really should have an added an "inactive" disclaimer to that question. The lack of first party kid-friendly games is probably the biggest criticism you could make of GamePass as a value proposition at this point. I'm not advocating for a new Crash Bandicoot or Spyro but the teams behind the recent remasters and Crash 4 seem like the best option available to Microsoft now if they want to build up their version of a Ratchet & Clank.
  11. Crash is possibly the biggest kid friendly property they own now right?
  12. Why would they do that? I think it'll be an expanded version of what they are doing with Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls where Gamepass subscribers get currency or perks regularly. I'll be very curious to see what they do with the annual CoD releases though. Maybe this years game will be the last CoD to get a Playstation release?
  13. I guess someone took that bit about "bar CoD" very personally.
  14. Well, thats one way to get Sekiro on Gamepass.
  15. Just for the record, I was the one who bought Deaths Door in the January sale and hasn't played it yet. You're all welcome.
  16. Yeah, the relief at finally being able to beat they hydra was quickly replaced by an "oh no" when I realised how much of a step up Elysium was.
  17. How much of that perception of Sony being in a slightly weaker position is based on them having announced less of what they are working on? Microsofts supposed 2023 lineup (Avowed, Perfect Dark, Contraband, Hellblade 2, Fable) looks great compared to Sonys (Spiderman 2) but theres no way that is a complete picture. Studios like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica and Suckerpunch are all supposed to be starting up second or thirds teams so its not unreasonable to think we'll see those studios produce more for the PS5 than they did for the PS4.
  18. I think theres too much flour in that mix. I don't make them often so I'm no expert but I try to follow Brian Turners* (I mean, if you are going Yorkshire you might as well go all the way) recipe/method. He uses equal parts, by volume, of egg, flour and a 50/50 mix of cold water and milk. So if you are using 5 tablespoons of liquid then you should be using five tablespoons of flour. A tablespoon of flour weighs less than 15g, closer to 10 or 11 based on converting old recipes, so you have 15-20g too much flour in that mix. And use a decent jug for mixing. Pyrex, none of that Anchor shite. *I've no idea if he is actually a horror, I liked him on Ready, Steady, Cook.
  19. I'm a little disappointed with Eurogamer giving Moriarty coverage. He seems like an absolutely rotten individual and I don't think his track record with this sort of thing is anything special.
  20. I'm really bad at this. I've done a few sessions on it at this stage and I'm making some progress unlocking starting bonuses and upgrades but I haven't gotten past the Bone Hydra yet. It's clearly a very, very good game.
  21. Costume Quest:Grubbins on Ice Its another two hours of Costume Quest but with a winter setting. I'm glad I didn't jump straight from the main game to this as they don't do anything to really expand on the mechanics of the main game. Theres a few spots where you use the suit powers from the main game again but its very straightforward. I'm glad I've finally Costume Quest off my to-do list. I've had the game installed on my 360, Xboxone S, Xboxone X and most recently Series X for over ten years without actually playing it until recently. 6/10
  22. That was what was meant to happen but I don't think it ever went anywhere. Toshiba released a few laptops with cell chips that were meant to help with video work but it never took off as companies like Adobe started to support GPU acceleration in software like Premiere.
  23. Time for a bit of quick housekeeping. Astros Playroom (PS5) I’m assuming that everyone who has managed to secure a PS5 has played through this so I don’t have much to add. As a platformer its solid, as an introduction to what the DualSense offers its effective and as something to showcase the history of Playstation it’s a joyful experience. 7/10 Links Awakening (Switch) The first remake of a Gameboy game that I beat last year and this was clearly the better game. As I never played the original I’m not sure how much they changed for this but I didn’t hit any sticking point where it clear that the developers had kept something from the original that should probably have been changed. Maybe the feather should have been a dedicated button given how often you needed to use it instead of it being something that needs equipping regularly but that’s a very minor gripe. It looks lovely but there are regular performance dips. Its not gamebreaking but it shouldn’t really be happening. 8/10 God of War (PS5) Very late to the party on this one but I’m not sure that matters much now, its not like the PS1 days where games aged liked cheese in the sun over the course of the generation. Would it shock people to find out that this is really good? The first boss fight is a bit of a difficulty spike on whats otherwise a very smooth curve until the very last optional battle, which I hated. The game still gives you the platinum even if you drop the difficulty to easy, which I did for that final battle, which is nice. 9/10 Rain on your Parade (Series X) One of those games that could just as easily be classed a digital toy. I’d put Donut County in the same category and based on the amount of people I’ve seen drawing comparisons between the two games I’m obviously not alone in that. If you treat it like a toy then it’s a great distraction. Treat it like a game to get through and farm for achievements and it doesn’t hold up so well. 6/10 Last Stop (Series X) If you judged this purely as a “game” it is probably a 2/10. Theres not much depth to the action and I’m not sure if its even possible to “fail” a sequence. You get to make some limited choices but they aren’t reflected in the “last time on last stop” cutscenes when you start a chapter so do they even matter? The last chapter is also batshit crazy. I enjoyed experiencing it but I don’t think it built on Viriginias strongest aspects. 6/10 Samus Returns (3DS) The second Game Boy remake I beat this year. Going back to the 3DS is a bit of a shock to the system at this point as you are practically going back to the PS2 days. The game is solid but nothing remarkable. Once you master the counter system, which is generous with its timings, then there isn’t much challenge in the game until you hit the final boss. Once you realise that the key to winning that battle is to go on the offensive instead of being defensive like all the other battles then it becomes doable. 6/10 Bloodstained:Ritual of the Night (Xboxone) I really enjoyed this once it got going. It’s a bit ham-fisted when it comes to introducing systems and mechanics early on, a slower rollout of that stuff would have been better I think, the menus could be better and theres too much of a reliance on random drops which unfortunately is something was deliberately carried forward from the later Castlevanias. As someone who loved the DS Castlevanias this was a great update to that formula. Its shameless pandering but if Konami have no interest in scratching that itch then I’m ok with that. If they do a sequel then they do need address the issues I mentioned. 8/10 Costume Quest (360) Never played this when it came out and kept putting off starting it until Halloween rolled around. Finally played through it this year and as an introduction to RPGs it does its job but theres very little depth to it. I was ready for it be over by the end. 5/10 Call of the Sea (PC) I’m not scoring this as I rushed through it in few nights, consulting a guide along the way, as I wanted to finish it before it left Gamepass. I liked the story and most of the puzzles made some sense to me but there were some where I didn’t understand the logic of them even after looking up the solution. I’ve gone back and listened to the song that plays over the credits a few times on Youtube. I really liked that for some reason. Halo Infinite (Series X) Its clearly very flawed but its also the most fun I had with a game last year. 9/10
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