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  1. That's all I've been doing and it's been great. Played through Katamari Reroll and I didn't adjust any setting.
  2. Also true but considering that analysts like that Harding Rolls guy were forecasting the PS5 to outsell the Xbox 2 to 1 this year then Sony's struggle to get consoles into the market has to be an issue. Based on what we know they are probably even across Europe and North America this year which can't be down to some big Xbox exclusive because there hasn't been one. Right now feels like the time Sony should be pressing home their content advantage but they can't because the consoles aren't there.
  3. bear


    Finum Brewing Basket L Permanent Filter, black, Large https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000J3JFJU/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_2Q0QN16P9CHXVWS2BME1 I just use a Finum brew basket. Cheap, easy to clean out and works fine with fruity or floral teas. Those little infuser ball things aren't great with tea blends that swell up a lot during brewing. At least that's what I was told by a tea blender once. They were selling Christmas gift sets at the time and could easily have gotten away with selling a mug like me some sort of expensive la de da infuser but didn't so I'm inclined to think they were telling the truth.
  4. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/xbox-enjoyed-record-march-sales-in-the-united-states/ In short, the Switch is still a phenom and Sony just can't PS5s on shelves.
  5. Some poor git now has to spend their weekend explaining that it's not a battle royale and they aren't planning to put NFTs in it but can't explain what it actually is.
  6. https://www.pcgamer.com/new-halo-infinite-roadmap-targets-online-co-op-in-august/ A clearer roadmap is a big step in the right direction but they really need to hit every one of these targets. I hope that someone reputable is able to do a really deep dive or even a book on how this game was developed. There has to be a good story in there somewhere considering the difficulties they are having rolling out content.
  7. There is something just spectacularly Sega-ish about all this. They announced that they are going to give the people what they want with high quality ports of the classics and then manage to mess up any buzz that generated by trying to squeeze an extra couple of quid out of people for bonus tat. Idiots. It's something I'll inevitably end up getting at some point as I'll admit to being a sucker for these games but I'm not sure it's an automatic day one purchase now.
  8. Does the novelty of something just working on this ever wear off? I installed Mashed and Outrun on this and they both worked which I was shocked about. Maybe Outrun should be running at a higher resolution but I'm just happy it worked at all.
  9. My deck showed up today, its not as big as I was expecting. Maybe its because I had a Wii-U I was used to dealing with a very chunky gaming tablet but I just thought it'd be bigger as so many reviews emphasize the chunkiness. Just installing a few bits and pieces now as well as exploring my Humble Bundle library and activating a bunch of stuff from there. I almost certainly have a bunch of keys on there I could get rid of. Pleasantly surprised that my key for Minecraft Story mode activated. I was certain it would have just errored out.
  10. I haven't followed his guide yet but Russ from Retro Game Corps has a few videos up about the Deck.
  11. I have never understood peoples attachment to the story elements of Saints Row 2 in particular. At one point you have to shoot one of your little buddies after Michael Dorns character decides to mess him up. Its absolutely naff but somehow people have convinced themselves it is a big totes emotes moment. Maybe it'd work if the game had a more serious tone throughout but the mission starts with your character getting bothered by a flasher.
  12. I don't think the Arkane part has anything to do with Grubb. He said that MS may be doing something with Shadowrun and people ran with it.
  13. Whenever there is a rumour of a company reviving an IP that has been dormant for years I can't help but wonder what came first, the idea for the game or the idea to revive an IP? Perfect Dark is the big one for me, I'd love to know if a reboot was always the plan or if someone higher up at Microsoft looked at what The Initative were making and said that it'd work as a Perfect Dark game, something they already own the rights to. Were Sega prototyping something original that just happened to fit the Crazy Taxi and JSR names or has the process been driven by the desire to bring back the brand? The people who have nostalgia for the brands also seem like the people most likely to reject the business models the games are supposedly going to be built around.
  14. Sega absolutely should be doing stuff like SoR 4 and Sonic Mania regularly. They might have gotten some attention initially because of nostalgia but they only sold as well as they did because they were good games. This recent news/rumour about their Super Games is just grim. When they first started talking about it I, and I think a lot of other people, thought they were looking at the success Capcom was having with the radical idea of making really good games that could sell well for years after release. Chasing after Fortnite seems daft and way more likely to fail.
  15. Paid for it on the seventh, it shipped on the twelfth and there's been no update since the thirteenth. I'm sure it'll be fine, I just want it now.
  16. Licensed movie cars maybe. Real cities. Good god no. I remember people hyping up the Getaway for being an accurate representation of London which I'm sure was very impressive for people who wanted to do a bit of sightseeing. Miserable place to drive around though. Those Activision True Crimes games had the same issue. LA and New York were no fun.
  17. My tracking information hasn't updated since last Wednesday. I'm sure the bank holiday held things up a bit but I am starting to get a little nervous.
  18. The idea of creating a Sega City One (that's horrendous I know but as soon as I put the words Sega and City together I knew it was only a matter of time before the Sega City One "joke" so I'm just ripping off the bandage and hoping we all get past it) where you could then set multiple different games seems neat.
  19. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/sega-has-greenlit-big-budget-crazy-taxi-and-jet-set-radio-reboots/ Crazy Taxi is the one that really confused me here. The formula was basically done by the time the third game came out, how do you even make a big budget version of that now? Jet Set Radio seems like it has more potential to work as a modern game.
  20. The removable USB C cable is a big positive on that dock. Most of the reasonably priced USB hubs I've seen come with the cable wired in which is fine for laptops but the placement of the USB C port on the Steamdeck makes it a touch awkward. I don't want a setup where the hub is dangling from the back of the deck. It isn't worth £100 unless you have a setup where you'd also regularly be using something like an iPad or Galaxy Tab docked but it's got almost everything you'd want on a Deck dock. Ethernet would have been nice I guess.
  21. https://uk.anker.com/collections/hubs/products/a8387?variant=42031377580196 That seems like the perfect Steam Deck dock but it's pricey at £100. One to stick on a wishlist for when it goes on sale.
  22. I knew it was easier to make a Series S but it does seem like the Series X is getting to a point where it's not that hard to get one. As I'm writing this every branch of Smyths in Ireland bar two has Series X consoles available. Maybe we are a particularly poor market for Xbox and so demand is weak here. That being said, if you can't buy a Playstation (4 or 5) new anywhere then a certain amount of people will just get an Xbox instead.
  23. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2022-04-14-nintendo-switch-was-europes-no-1-console-in-march-european-monthly-charts Just like last month I am certain that Xbox outselling Playstation was down to just how supply constrained the PS5 is but I am curious about how Microsoft seem to be getting more consoles out there now compared to Sony.
  24. Nah, they are still around. They became part of Raspberry Pi press a few years ago which meant the paper quality got better and there's now a regular section about Pi style computers.
  25. In that example the club's FFP figures would probably list a transfer window like that as massively profitable not a £50 million deficit. Net spend doesn't account for free transfers or the cost of wages. West Ham have a higher net spend than Liverpool over the past ten years but if you factored in the likelihood that Liverpool's wage bill was at least £100million higher each year then you'd get a truer reflection of each clubs financial clout. Given how much talk there has been about FFP and various measures over the past ten years we really should have moved to using annual squad costs ( (Wages + Amortisation) - Transfer profits) as a way to compare club spending.
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