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  1. 10 hours ago, bear said:

    Service is struggling under the weight of  preparing all the shadow drops coming this evening. Only explanation.

    Any minute now. Just wait. 

  2. At the very least I think you should keep it until you actually need to commit to buying it or not.


    The fiddling/tinkering aspect of the Deck that dominates the thread on here doesn't reflect how I have used mine since getting it. I did a small bit of mucking around in Outrun and Mashed as I didn't expect them to work at all but was pleasantly surprised when they were fine. 


    Sticking to stuff that shows up in my games library as being "Great on Deck" has been practically identical to playing a game on a console. The option of fiddling is there but it's optional. I installed and played Katamari HD (well whatever the proper title is) and it just worked. I didn't need to adjust anything.


    It's already a great machine and it's only getting better as stuff like Emudeck gets more and more optimised.  


    It's nicer to use than a Switch in handheld mode despite being a lot chunkier because it's easier to hold. When I use my Switch in handheld mode I find that my pinky fingers tend to go to sleep as there's nowhere to put them on the machine. The deck doesn't have that issue. 


  3. 40 minutes ago, Fallows said:

    I’m hoping for some Elder Scrolls VI news. That’s all.

    Does it make sense to say anything about Elder Scrolls when, hopefully, Microsoft will be showing off a decent amount of Avowed tomorrow? We've only seen a few seconds of Avowed when they announced it two years ago and then almost everyone jumped to the conclusion that it was going to be Obsidians take on an Elder Scrolls game. Maybe it'll wind up being a very different style of game but I still think it'd end up a bit like what happened to Sony with Days Gone and TLOU 2. Very different games but TLOU 2 was always looked at as Sony's top tier post-apocalypse which didn't help the perception of Days Gone pre-release. As it turned there was enough of a gap between each games release that Sony could have gotten away with not saying a thing about TLOU 2 until after Days Gone came out. 


  4. @Mr. Gerbik


    It's like you are just trying to get a rise out of Rubberjohnny with that list. :lol:


    My own basic wishlist is as follows:


    -Forza Motorsport this year


    -Only show games that are on track to release by the end of 2023. If that means no Perfect Dark, Fable or Everwild then that's fine. 


    -A reveal of that "Penitent" game from Obsidian as well as a release date for this year.


    -Singleplayer DLC for Halo Infinite and showing off some big additions that will hit this year.


    -Goldeneye HD or whatever. I'm not bothered about this one but I just want to stop hearing about it. 


    -Whatever Stoic are making. It might come out this year so hopefully we see that.


    -An update on Stalker 2. 


    -A full on PC game like Age Of Empires 4.


    -GamePass family plan. 


    -1 vs. 100. Just because Jeff Grubb keeps bringing it up. 


    Edit: I started writing before anyone followed up Gerbiks post. 

  5. I started this last night as it's on Gamepass and I had slipped into the comfort gaming rut of just playing a little Hades or Spelunky. 


    I've barely started it, 40 minutes or so, and it is very Paper Mario so far. 


    I don't think it's a Series X optimised game but there's basically no loading times. I suppose there shouldn't be as it doesn't seem like its taxing the hardware but you gotta love SSDs. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, Paulando said:

    That’s great news. Hopefully there’ll be official support for Google TV and other TV sticks.


    Enjoyed playing Tunic on my iPad with this over the last week or two. It’s been absolutely flawless.


    I would love being able to play games I own digitally from the cloud though - do we know if that’s coming? One of the big issues with playing non-first party stuff on Xcloud is that they can disappear from the service at any time. If Tunic goes I won’t be able to play it at all :ph34r:




    Microsoft is planning to bring a lot more games to Xbox Cloud Gaming later this year, allowing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to stream most of their own game library. “We’re excited to share that later this year, it’s our intent to roll out the ability for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play, from the cloud, select games they already own or have purchased outside the Xbox Game Pass library,” says Will Tuttle, Xbox Wire editor in chief.



    That was just announced as well today. 



  7. 8 minutes ago, gizmo1990 said:

    Nintendolife seem to take the complete opposite direction and absolutely love it. Obviously they're Nintendo content, but I've found them generally trustworthy.



    I'm not sure that review is the complete opposite. They clearly like the core gameplay more but the solo modes get covered in around two sentences which lines up with the Eurogamer gripe about there not being enough content. 


  8. Reading the Eurogamer review it sounds like there isn't enough game there to justify the price which unfortunately feels like the same story we've heard a few times now about Mario sports games. 

  9. They took some of the rough edges off for the 360 version plus it runs at a higher resolution, has wide-screen support, better draw distance, better camera control on the right stick and a few other touch ups. 

  10. Strictly speaking, I think doing the whole add a splash of water and then cover the pan technique changes it from being a fried egg into a braised egg. At least that's what they called it on Man Vs Food when I first saw them using that trick. 


    I still use it all the time when I'm trying to fry eggs with a soft yolk. 

  11. Its sad that this happened during not-E3 week as well. The E3 shows were always some of the best content they produced. There were some clusterfuck segments in there where people tried way too hard to be funny or were clearly drunk but there were also some fantastic interviews. 

  12. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/marvels-midnight-suns-leak-reveals-spider-man-scarlet-witch-and-a-release-date/



    The leaked images have been taken offline by a copyright claim issued by 2K Games (although they're still easy enough to find if you're interested), but as noted by Nils Ahrensmeier on Twitter(opens in new tab), they indicated an October 6 release date, and that three editions will be available: The standard release, an Enhanced Edition with five premium skins (Captain America (Future Soldier), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Magik (Phoenix 5), Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm), and Wolverine (X-Force), and a Legendary Edition, with 23 premium skins and the four-DLC season pass.


    If that's accurate then it seems like this has to show up at one of the showcases next week. 

  13. 21 hours ago, Keyboard Koala said:

    Wouldn't count on that too much.


    The big Capcom leak, which was basically a roadmap til 2025, mentions several new RE games (and this RE 4 REmake). But there's no talk of any more REmakes after this one.


    There will be more RE games just no more REmakes I suppose.


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    I've spoilered the leak, and highlighted all the things that have already been announced/released in the meantime giving it a lot of credibility.

    There'll be a three year gap between the releases of the 3 and 4 remakes. If that's any sort of reliable indicator for the time needed do one of these remakes then the next one wouldn't be due until 2026. 


    I'd be surprised if they stopped after 4 just because they keep selling so well. Resident Evil 2 is closing in on ten million sales at this point while 7 has sold at least a million copies a year since it came out. I've no idea what they'd do next though. Be weird to go back to Code Veronica as you would have thought remaking it now to better bridge the gap between three and four plotwise would have been the right move. Maybe go back to the original again? 


    Ideally Capcom would be making more wholly original stuff but I suppose you can't argue with five years straight of record setting profits. 


  14. 49 minutes ago, Quest said:

    Unless the character is spouting Kremlin propaganda between bouts I'm not sure why it's a problem. Are we meant to erase Russian people from all media now?

    I'm just surprised as companies are normally so eager to avoid controversy and to me at least it feels like adding a Russian character is going to attract negative attention no matter how they are represented in game. Maybe I'm being silly and it won't matter but I wouldn't be surprised if that characters nationality changed to avoid any discussion about the merits of adding a Russian fighter. 

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