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  1. My copy of 370 showed up on Thursday. I know the fact I'm in the EU not the UK means I'll get it later but I receive my copy of CustomPC within a week of UK subscribers. Since the pandemic started a subscription is my only option to get Edge each month but I wonder how many other people like me just stopped getting the magazine because Futures subscription service isn't up to scratch. It's a shame really and not fair to the people producing the magazine each month.
  2. Oh heck, my order went through at 1805 and I got the email at 1807. Based on nothing more than comparing out order times then maybe you'll get yours in early June. The waiting is definitely frustrating but at least you know you have a place in the queue for one.
  3. I hope we see something more along the lines of the first Crystal Dynamics reboot "trilogy". I know it's not really a trilogy as Anniversary is a separate story but I liked those games. There was still a good emphasis on exploration and puzzles not just set pieces. I wonder if it's possible now to make a big budget game where navigating the environment is a challenge. I finished Horizon:Zero Dawn recently and while there is a lot of climbing involved in the game its not very involved. It's mainly look for the handhold then watch as Aloy scurries up a wall. Would a modern Tomb Raider have to work like that or could you copy something like Grow Home where navigation is the heart of the game?
  4. Does anyone know if that Homepass router stuff still works? I'd like to get the puzzle pieces I never got.
  5. Do you know what time your order went though back when you pre-ordered it?
  6. It peaks super early so that's understandable. The restaurant is the highlight of the game. Running up the bannister of the staircase, diving onto a serving trolley, the sheer amount of stuff that broke as the fight went on. It's a genuinely fantastic sequence. The rest of the game is just fine with a few neat set pieces but no more "wow" moments.
  7. I'd be curious to see if they are able to match the slo-mo action from Stranglehold on a consistent basis. The restaurant from the first level of that game is still the peak of slo-mo shooters as far as I'm concerned. I'm not overly excited about going back to Max Payne though. I played the first a bit on PC and beat the second game on the Xbox and they were fine but I never had the urge to go back to them.
  8. Stadia Pro games for April. Deliver us the Moon was supposed to be there as well but got delayed. List is shite enough it has to be said. We're hitting the point where even if are only interested in streaming games then Stadia is hard to recommend. It is probably still technically better than Xcloud (haven't tried either in over a month) but Xbox now has over 300 games available to stream as part of their subscription. I'd love to see a Stadia equivalent of Dean Takahashis book on the launch of the Xbox. How did one part of the operation manage to get so much of the technical stuff right while those in charge of delivering content mess it up so badly. DId they just assume the PS5 and Series X were going to launch much earlier and rushed the launch?
  9. Thanks for that. It just seemed odd that this takeover seemed to happen with none of the restrictions that had been previously discussed.
  10. https://www.theverge.com/2022/4/5/23011757/snk-corporation-mohammed-bin-salman-misk-foundation I'm a little confused by this. Not by the Saudi Arabian government investing in games, just the idea that they were able to buy a Japanese company. Since the start of this acquisition free for all we've had experts falling over each other to tell us that it'd be near impossible for a Japanese company to get bought out by a foreign organisation. Its not great news though.
  11. I think the 360 ports of the remasters work on the Xbox one.
  12. No luck today. Moving on, it's time to start getting my hopes up for next week. That's bound to end well.
  13. This doesn't mean much to me but I'm happy for you guys.
  14. So Uzi ordered his on day one at 1806 and he has his deck now. My order went through at 1807 so todays the day right? Right?
  15. I really don't understand why they are being so slow to roll this out everywhere. Theres no information yet on if Ireland will be included as part of the UK launch but if it isn't why on earth do we have to wait until some nebulous summer 2022 date? They've taken away all the video that used to be part of the subscription and added it to HBO Go so it can't be down to rights over the TV shows. Given the mess Amazon have made of Comixology (honestly, how the fuck did they think what they have done is an improvement?) you'd think DC would be rushing to get a halfway decent experience out there for their readers.
  16. It's not the most effective way of getting news out there but I did enjoy the back to back to back press conferences and posting about it on here and elsewhere. Even when they were bad, and they often were, there was normally at least one thing that generated some entertainment. EA was an exception, did they ever do a conference that wasn't utterly joyless? The nightly Giant Bomb shows were possibly the best thing about old E3. Some great moments.
  17. I'm just going to ignore most of the last few pages and post some low quality speculation based on what has been announced so far. -PS5 games are being added to PSNow Playstation Plus Premium in June I think there might already be one or two PS5 games on PSNow but hopefully this relaunch will mean we start seeing more PS5 native games on there. We know Returnal is coming at least and almost certainly PS5 Miles Morales as well. Death Stranding I'm not sure about just because they didn't use the Directors Cut part of that games name. It probably will be the PS5 game thats gets added to Premium in the end and I'm overthinking that. -No streaming of PS5 games A bit disappointing as its a sign that streaming isn't going to improve much over what they already offer. I like the option of being able to stream stuff and I still think that streaming games can be a big part of gamings future. Its possibly a bit strange that despite being the first to launch with PSNow that Sonys service has fallen into last place quality wise. Stadia, Geforce and Xcloud are all better experiences than PSNow. This could all be down to supply chain issues and Sony choosing to pull the PS5s they can into consumers hands instead of data centres or it might be a sign that they aren't as interested in cloud gaming right now. -PS3 games still rely on streaming The biggest disappointment really. We know that the PS5 should be able to emulate the PS3 well enough to run some PS3 games locally so its a shame Sony don't seem willing to put in the work to make that happen. Some countries simply won't have the option to play PS3 games and that sucks for them.
  18. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2022-03-29-funomena-shutting-down-report Hopefully the non-shitty people who worked there are able to find new work quickly.
  19. For what little it's worth I thing the reason this got delayed was just because it wouldn't be ready this year. Not to coincide with a Switch Pro or get out of the way of Pokémon or any other grand strategy.
  20. Yeah, locking multiplayer behind a paywall just gets more and more ridiculous as time goes on. I'm surprised that we don't hear from smaller developers complaining about it at this point. It's hard to justify putting online multiplayer in a small game nowadays.
  21. That'd be a $40 per year increase for most of their existing customers, I'd imagine there would be a serious backlash to a move like that. Based on what has been said so far the top tier hardly seems worth it for the majority of people. I'd probably download a few PS2 games and put half an hour into them but a lot of games from that era really need someone like Nightdive to give them a once over and take the roughest edges off them.
  22. That rumour is already dead. It's all about the Metroid Prime remaster (not remake) now.
  23. This just means we are definitely getting that rumoured Wind Waker-Twilight Princess double pack this autumn. Guaranteed. 100%. Absolutely going to happen at the E3 Direct.
  24. I wonder that that's about. Seems like streaming will work on PS4 and PS5 in Japan so why not PC? Without knowing what the actual lineup will be when the new tiers launch its hard to be too excited about what Sony announced today. Not having to buy Returnal is nice as I doubt it'll be my cup of tea but I still want to try it out. Doesn't sound like there's any improvements being made to their streaming service in terms of performance or supported devices which is a surprise.
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