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  1. First, thanks for setting up an easy "I'm Spartacus" joke but I'll have to pass on that opportunity. Second, your last few posts in the thread weren't very good.
  2. Jordan writes for Video Games Chronicle and seems fairly sure that we are going to hear about Spartacus today.
  3. Based on the last few pages I think it's probably best if we just ignore Seans "contributions" to this thread.
  4. Could we at least wait until RDNA 3 is a thing before wasting any more time speculating about a PS5 Pro? Going back to the Miller tweet and specifically the part about them delaying the podcast then presumably they have been told Sony are announcing something on Thursday? I wouldn't be surprised if one of the three rumours was MLB The Show launching day one on the higher tier of Spartacus. Maybe some of the launch games as well. Demon Souls?
  5. How do those order calculator thingymabobs work? If there's one in particular that's well regarded can you post a link?
  6. No mention of Everybodys Tennis means both lists are trash lists from garbage people.
  7. I think the Switch version will end up being a cloud version of the game like Guardians of the Galaxy or Kingdom hearts.
  8. Nice. I saw the video when he posted it and was going to try it out but my local health shop only had massive bags of potato starch in stock so gave it a miss. How messy is it compared to a more traditional fried chicken preparation? I like fried chicken but it's so messy to make.
  9. Its Anker, it'll be on offer again in a week or two. They make good stuff but I don't think I have ever paid the rrp for any of their products.
  10. Maybe I'm alone with this viewpoint but the Man Utd job seems like a no-lose prospect at this point for a manager who already has a decent reputation built up. If you go there you'll be well paid and its still one of the wealthiest clubs in the world so you'd be certain to get a good amount of financial backing to get them going in the right direction. Realistically you wouldn't be expected to challenge for the title for a few years either. If you go there and fail miserably then you'll still get a big payoff plus the idea that the club is a bit of a basket case and the players are a shower of lazy wasters is so well established at this point your reputation won't take a hit.
  11. Four year deal worth £235 million. If they can rename the Camp Nou even before its redevelopment then I guess that means the likes of Old Trafford, Anfield and Stamford Bridge are all fair game now as well right?
  12. I was writing a reply but @Majora did a better job explaining why you'd put the Series S and X figure together. I thought the story was interesting because it highlighted just how supply constrained the console market is right now. Xbox outselling Playstation in the US every so often isn't that surprising. Xbox outselling Playstation in Europe happens so rarely that I felt it was worth mentioning.
  13. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/xbox-series-outsold-playstation-5-in-europe-for-the-first-time-last-month/ I doubt anyone thinks this is a sign of momentum swinging Microsofts way but it really shows just how much demand there is out there for these machines and how much trouble companies are having trying to meet that demand.
  14. Is that the recent-ish Chef John version?
  15. Hamilton to win the first race with the gap to second place being somewhere between 8.2 and 8.9 seconds. Sainz third.
  16. It could be great for their APUs. The new RDNA 2 APUs already seem like a massive jump over their Vega offerings. If this is good enough to let them render a game at 900p but make it look like 1080p then that jump gets even bigger.
  17. I'm within touching distance of finishing off the main story in this but I want to mop up the hunters lodge challenges first. I need one more power cell for the ancient armour side quest which should be in the next story mission and than that'll be all the sidequests finished. I'm not sure if I'll go straight to the DLC or give it a break once I'm finished.
  18. In terms of impact on other games is it GTA or Far Cry 3? Theres absolutely no question that GTA is the bigger game by far but it's such a big, sprawling, yet also carefully crafted monster of a world that only a handful of titles have even attempted to match what Rockstar did with their modern San Andreas. Maybe it's just the games media I follow but I hear the words Far Cry mentioned far more often when people talk about what Title X is like. That's less of a knock on GTA and more a reflection of the fact Rockstar are operating in a different world to almost everyone else and know they can spend massive amounts on the world of RDR2 because the game was going to sell tens of millions of copies.
  19. I posted this in the wrong console wars thread originally. Some jackass who runs a moronic Playstation fanboy account decided to own the accursed Xbots by filming a video of themselves at work in an operating theatre. Showed stuff that identified their place of work and the patient details during the video. All because console wars are so important. Sweet suffering fuck.
  20. https://www.xfire.com/exclusive-quantic-dream-struggles-to-hire-for-star-wars-eclipse-release-aimed-for-2027/ So the gist of the story is that they announced the game early so that people would put aside any doubts they might have about working at Quantic Dream because they'd be so excited about possibly working on a Stars Wars game but that hasn't happened. People don't want to work for David Cage so this might not come out until 2027 or 2028. 2027 or 2028 still just seem like crazy made up future dates to me.
  21. Not a merger or an acquisition but this still feels like the best place to mention this. https://venturebeat.com/2022/03/03/sky-and-journey-maker-thatgamecompany-raises-160m/ I hadn't realised Sky had been so successful.
  22. Schalke have confirmed that they are ending their deal with Gazprom early but I haven't seen anything yet to say if other clubs are helping them out. Uefa are supposed to have thrown Spartak Moscow out of the Europa League in other news related to the invasion.
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