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  1. After taking a quick look at gamefaqs I think I am a little less than halfway through the main quest line and almost three quarters of the way through the side missions/ errands. Last thing I did was beat the rockbreaker in the quarry. I ended up cheesing it as I had taken the "wrong" route into the quarry and crawled under the fence to get in. Quickly realised the easy way to beat the mission was to go outside the fence again and just chip away at its health with hardpoint arrows. Cowardly but effective.
  2. For what it's worth my 1807 order is listed as Q2.
  3. Jez Corden of Windows Central was on some podcast or YouTube channel saying Avowed might come out in the first half of 2023. I'd be surprised if New Vegas 2 happens but it does feel like they need to get someone working on a follow up to Fallout 4. There was that rumour knocking around before Christmas that they were starting up a new studio to takeover the Fallout franchise as Bethesda are going to be tied up with Starfield and Elder Scrolls for years. It's already six years since Fallout 4 came out so even if Obsidian started working on a new Fallout tomorrow you'd be looking at ten years between new single player titles in the franchise.
  4. Stadia Pro games for March. That's not very good at all. Boasting about owning almost all the games on Stadia is a bit odd to me but the idea that over half the games released on the service have been in Pro at one point is kinda crazy to me.
  5. I am almost certain that I'll hate this but the reviews are testing my resolve.
  6. I just hope the day one package compares favourably to what Netherealm are doing with Injustice and Mortal Kombat. I know that elements off the fighting game community are dismissive off the extra modes they add to their games as they don't do a good enough job teaching you how to play the game "properly" but I ended up playing a lot of MK X and its different modes and felt like I got great value out of the game. I even played a handful of games online as I had played enough of the game to reliably be able to perform most of the moves and a decent chunk of the techniques in the game. I wouldn't have attempted that with a more barebones fighter as I'd have no base level built up.
  7. Heh, I started the first game last week and one of my few criticisms was that they should have forced the weather to be nice/bright in the early going so you could see things clearly until you got used to the game. I guess I wasn't the only one saying that sort of thing.
  8. I put him on ignore as well after reading his opinion about the glorious visuals of SFIV.
  9. Julian Brandt guff? Good grief.
  10. I'm an hour or so into this now. The rain effects sure look nice but I can't help but feel that maybe they should have forced the weather to stay nice while you are getting used to the world. Its a small complaint but I didn't like having to go wait in the grass until things brightened up so it was easier to see what I was doing.
  11. There won't be a PS5 Pro or Xbox equivalent this generation.
  12. I want to unlock the epilogue in Hades and then I'm going to start Zero Dawn. Reckon I'll have that beat by the time Ragnarok gets released.
  13. In this particular case it feels like a deliberate strategy. Hiding the PS4 version on the PS5 store, the poorly written descriptions on the website and lack of communication from Sony about the PS4 to PS5 upgrade all seems like they want to create enough uncertainty that people who want the game on PS5 just opt for the more expensive version. Judging by the post after yours it seems to be working.
  14. I'm trying to finish of some the side quests and it's getting a little frustrating to be honest. I've a few instances of needing dialogue to trigger in order to earn favours and it's not happening. I've done a few runs which have felt a little wasted when none of the side stuff progressed. I'm trying to fight Asterius on his own for instance and it keeps giving me that damn butterfly ball.
  15. What the hell? I guess that explains why it looked worse than a 360 game anyway.
  16. That's their announced lineup for 2022. I'm sure there will be more than that but it's already a solid set of games. I'd like if we got more experimental new games like Good Job or Game Maker Garage but I don't think the idea that have cut back or are releasing nothing holds up.
  17. Neat I guess. I'd like it if they let you pin Edge bookmarks to the home screen or some section under games and apps. It'd be nice to have a shortcut to go straight to Geforce Now.
  18. Has Phil Harrison left Stadia? Moving on, -Wind Waker HD this summer -Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for people who are into that sort of thing -Something about Fallguys -Valheim for Switch but it's a cloud version
  19. "dead in a couple of years" That's the most optimistic statement I've seen someone make about this game.
  20. bear


    Metacritic 84. The previews I saw were very positive.
  21. Sounds like a matter of time before Stadia goes away. If it isn't going to get the big games then what's the point?
  22. There'll be a video on onlyfans for anyone interested.
  23. I'm starting to waver a bit as well to be honest. What Valve are offering still seems good for the price but I'm not sure if something like the Ayn Odin or similar would serve my needs better. I know that I'd be giving up the ability to play my Steam library natively but I'm not sure how much of that I'd be doing anyway. The Steamdeck will be able to run some version of Cyberpunk natively but will it really matter if the battery life isn't up to much in that scenario? This might also just be me attempting to justify buying an Odin now.
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