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  1. Bitmob got proper podcasting equipment two weeks ago so the sound quality on the last two episodes has been pretty good.
  2. The Story Bullet Episode Download link
  3. Does anyone know roughly when GAS is due? I loved Mashed on the original Xbox so I'm really looking forward to what looks like a spiritual sequel.
  4. New Ingame Chat-The Pointless Crank Episode
  5. £5.47 says its a bunch of United fans betting on him joining Liverpool to give Liverpool fans false hope. That or Wayne Rooney is getting a bit desperate trying to win back all his gambling losses.
  6. I guess the key thing to remember is don't take your stick apart as soon as you get it and then post a whiny video about your troubles on giant bomb. I hate that guy.
  7. I don't think they are being released in Europe for some reason. I haven't seen them for pre-order on any UK site anyway.
  8. Don't know if this has been posted but the official Mad Catz store is claiming to have the TE sticks and the fightpads in stock. (£149.99 and £34.99 respectivly) Link
  9. Okay, I mentioned this on Grcade earlier and figured I might as well mention it on here as well. Gameseek are taking pre-orders for the Ryu, Chun Li and Ken pads as well as both versions of the Mad Catz joysticks. I have never used them so don't know if they are any good and they take the full price when you pre-order but if anyone wants to try them heres the link 360 Link Sorry if its been posted.
  10. What do they mean by "Core" servers? I know very little about MMOs so apologies if thats a really stupid question.
  11. For what it's worth, Insua and Plessis weren't in the squad for the Reserves match against Marine tonight. I wonder if Rafa will risk Riise against Birmingham seeing as we have no real cover in that poisition now or will he give Inusa a league start?
  12. bear

    Boozing in games!

    You could get drunk in Fable but if you overdid it your character would throw up. You could also give other characters beer to get them drunk, I used to get the school teacher in Bowerstone hammered before school started whenever I was in the town.
  13. So does anyone think this Share Liverpool FC thing might actually come off? If 9,500 people have pledged the money already is that a good or bad sign for it's chances considering how long has passed since the idea was first mooted. Also, is The Kop Magazine still shite?
  14. Bueno has hazlenuts in the filling not almonds right? Anywho, Honeycomb Yorkies are lovely.
  15. bear

    Crab Meat

    Having decided my current diet is duller than dishwater, I decided to try out something new for dinner tomorrow. While looking around Tescos for something a little bit different I noticed that crab meat was on special so I bought two cans of it. Now my problem, I have no idea what to do with the stuff, is it best on it's own or with something mixed through it etc. So yeah, any suggestions?
  16. Does the PC version of this support the wired 360 pad without much hassle? I think my xbox is dying so there is not much point getting on that at this stage.
  17. Rhythm Action games for me. I really want to enjoy them, hell in the last few weeks I have bought Space Channel 5, Parappa the Rapper 2 and Gitaroo Man but can't make much progress with any of them.
  18. The demo is god awful though. It's just plain broken at times. Maybe the full game will be better, hopefully it will be, but if the demo is anything to go by I'd rather play True Crime: Streets of New York.
  19. The Mortal Kombat games. For some reason the whole switching fighting styles idea really appealed to me as did the fact your enemy could be injured during a match. Turned out fucking shite. Then instead of attempting to sort out the balancing issues in the first one, they just added loads of characters to the second. And now for the third they are supposedly adding aerial combat and a create a fighter mode, which both sound like pretty good ideas but then theres the fact they are also including every Motal Kombat character ever,including the huge amount of shite ones noone remembers, and a pretty hefty Konquest mode so you just know they wont have enough time to actually sort out the problems with the basic game. Headhunter: Redemption. Loved the first one, especially the bike sections. This was a shitty sequel.
  20. So for the cover they decided itd be a good idea to make Johansson unhealthily pale looking and have someone who looks like he was rejected for the part of Billy on Ally Mcbeal sniff Keiras neck. Fantastic stuff.
  21. That 2 it got is generous in my opinion. Once the novelty wears off that you are playing a GAA game you quickly start to notice just how rubbish practically every single aspect is when compard to just about half decent sports title you could care to mention. Its a bloody awful game. Making matters worse is that because of the GAA's stubborness when it comes to the GPA there are no proper player names and instead of an Irish company making it, which is what would have happened if the GPA's original plan been followed, an Austrailian company got the contract. In short its a shit game and the story behind it is just as bad.
  22. bear


    Like just about everyone in this thread my opinion is that when they are implemented right they are great. When implemented poorly though, they are the sort of thing that will have you heading to the shops for a bigger swear jar. My biggest problem with bosses is when developers decide to add in elements for boss fights which just make no sense. Takes BG&E as an example One of my favourite bosses in RE2 is the encounter with Birkin during the tram ride to the lab. Running around trying to avoid his attacks in the tight space of the tram was brilliantly panic-inducing. Then there was the attack on Ada before the fight on the outside and the way you could shatter the camera with your shotgun. Thats a dmm near perfect example of how to do a boss fight.
  23. The whole retaining the lives system just seemed like a rather blinkered decision to me. Naughty Dog had shown that there was a better way of doing things but Nintendo just ignored progress made by other developers in the same genre. Its a bit like Perfect Dark Zero's singleplayer in that respect. They made a sequel building on the template the original had laid down but they just didnt take notice of how the genre had moved on in the intervening period.
  24. I find that statement about LCS not selling as well as they hoped a bit odd as I tried to buy it on thursday but it was sold out in Game.
  25. I liked it but there were too many niggly little problems that other platformers had fixed sice Mario 64 that were still there. Retaining the lives system was to me a really stupid decison. One of the best things about Jak and Daxter was the fact you had infinite lives so you werent afraid to take a risk at a certain section becuase you were on your last life or whatever. Even if you dont rate the game itself as highly as Sunshine its approach to lives was much better. Also in some levels such as the rollercoaster and the squid race you lost lives for failing at minigames which was just plain silly. While on the subject of stupid design flaws being thrown out of a level when you lost a life got very annoying very quickly especially with some of the games more annoying level designs such as the squid race. If you failed at the squidrace minigame you had to wait for Isle delfino to load up before re-entering the docks level. Then you had to go into the area where the squidrace was,talk to the Isle Delfino resident in charge of the race before finally restarting the race. Its not a massive problem but in the likes of Ratchet and Clank you were simply given a retry screen for sections such as this or put back at the start of the section you were playing.
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