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  1. Have you tried Geforce since the recent upgrades? The consensus seems to be that the 3080 tier is now the highest quality streaming service out there. I know they were supposed to rollout some of the performance boosts to lower tiers as well but there isn't as much coverage of that.
  2. Supposedly this is coming out on the 24th of March and we should expect previews of it on the 4th of February. I'm sceptical of the release date news but if it's true then I guess we should see the game on State of Play this week.
  3. The initial setup is a bit clunky but the Steam integration makes things fairly straightforward. Once you have an account setup and the app installed there's an option to link your Steam library. It then checks your Steam library for compatible games and they all get added to your library. For stuff from the Epic Store and Ubisoft each game has to be added manually.
  4. If you want PC stuff then you want Geforce Now. It's not as seamless as Stadia but it's got PC games.
  5. It still is. I know the who will H buy next discussions can be naff but it really isn't that long ago that industry discussion on here was all about who was going under next and if console gaming even had a future.
  6. Might be the first step towards Sony establishing their own PC storefront. That seems like something that will end up happening so maybe the plan is to have the next Bungie game be exclusive to Sony Store on PC or perhaps Bungie already have their own launcher in development to go alongside their new IP? Stopping them from going Xbox exclusive has to be worth a lot as well.
  7. Maybe Spartacus will be announced before The Show comes out? I guess it being on GamePass last year worked out really well for them.
  8. January has been a hell of a month. As more and more of these deals happen it just makes the Insomniac deal look better all the time and that was still hundreds of millions of dollars.
  9. I'm more surprised at it happening again than I was last year.
  10. I'm a big fan of Ubisofts Lyon studio calling itself Ivory Tower.
  11. Hades (Series X) I hate the bow. The rest of the game is great, I'm hating this damn bow though. I'm going to give this a provisional score as I think its almost certainly something I keep dipping in and out of as I make slow progress on the optional quests. 9/10 Super Metroid I've never played through this before so I could try and pass this off as a nostalgia free review. Some elements of the game have aged worse than others (its remarkable just how much of an annoyance doors not being marked on the map is when you've gotten so used to it in other Metroidvanias) and I was glad to be playing it on a machine that gave me access to quicksaves and loads as that kept the frustration levels low in areas that might otherwise have induced the rage. The walljumping bit. It doesn't feel as good to play as Zero Mission and having to cycle through items to select the superbomb instead of just holding down the shoulder button never felt right. I thing thats enough negativity for now though as its till a good experience. There are some great moments, the highlight for me being the charged jump you make before getting the grapple. Theres more one off puzzle rooms than there was in Zero Mission or Fusion where you need to figure out the trick in order to get an upgrade and the boss fights were better than they were in Samus Returns. Biggest compliment I can give the game is that I don't think you need to have an attachment to it already in order to enjoy it 2022 unlike some other retro games. Its just a good game. 7/10
  12. Seems rather shitty to quote my post and then cut out the part where I pointed out that Microsoft could have purchased far more development studios for less money if their main aim was just to get as much content as possible.
  13. "Prison FC" "top rapist" Guys, cut that shit out.
  14. I haven't seen or heard it but from what you are saying I take it that it's every bit as bad as the brief descriptions?
  15. Men's Royal Rumble Winner: Austin Theory (this won't happen) Women's Royal Rumble Winner: Alexa Bliss WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns WWE Championship Bobby Lashley WWE Raw Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Doudrop Edge & Beth Phoenix vs The Miz & Maryse MEN'S RUMBLE BONUS QUESTIONS 1. Entrant #1: Sami Zayn 2. Entrant #30: Pat Mcafee 3. Longest innings: Randy Orton 4. Surprise entrant 1: Pat Mcafee 5. Surprise entrant 2: Moose (fuck it, I don't know, go crazy or go home) WOMEN'S RUMBLE BONUS QUESTIONS Surprise entrants are anyone not on the current Raw or Smackdown roster, or those already announced - NXT stars are eligible. 50 points each 1. Entrant #1: Bianca Belair 2. Entrant #30: Alexa Bliss 3. Longest innings: Sasha Banks 4. Surprise entrant 1: Raquel Gonzalez 5. Surprise entrant 2: Asuka
  16. I'm guessing it's as simple as just because he can. One of the higher ups at Crytek did an interview over a decade ago at this point talking about how in the first year after Crysis came out that the ratio for sales:pirated copies was somewhere in the region of 1:20. He made the point that if you thought you had a PC capable of running Crysis then the price of the game wasn't a barrier as it needed a €1500+ PC in order to run it. Some people will pirate a game simply because the option is there. To robdoods credit he is being upfront about that. Theres not many things more irritating than someone who pirates content regularly trying to concoct some story about how its actually extremely ethical for them to pirate stuff because the CFO is actually a warlock, blah de blah blah.
  17. For what it's worth Warner Bros are still saying it's getting released this year. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/gotham-knights-is-on-course-to-release-this-year-after-earlier-delay-warner-says/
  18. Surely the sheer amount of money Microsoft are throwing at increasing their first lineup is a sign they aren't interested in mediocrity? Considering the amount of money they have spent they haven't picked up a massive number of studios. If the goal was to just increase the amount of first party games they produce then their list of acquisitions would look a lot more like what Embracer have been doing over the last two years and not spending huge amounts on picking up top tier studios like Bethesda. I'll admit that last sentence seems very disrespectful to a lot of the developers Embracer have purchased, but its also mean to Randy Pitchford so that balances things out. Maybe its naivete on my part but I don't think producing mediocre games will help Microsofts goal of getting the likes of Google and Amazon to stay out of the gaming market. Since the second half of the PS3 era and across the lifespan of the PS4 Sony have built up a massive level of customer loyalty through improving the quality of the games they make. Just look at the people in here who have no interest in GamePass and are more than willing to risk £70 on something as potentially marmite as Returnal. Valves best defence against all the money Epic have been throwing around is the years of goodwill they have built up through Steam being a good place to play videogames. Right now a lot of the goodwill towards Microsoft is based on the idea of |Gamepass being such a great value proposition but thats not an insurmountable obstacle for Faceboook if they decide to get more into games by buying Ubisoft for instance. Great value plus great content you can only get through engaging with Microsofts platform is a much more intimidating proposition.
  19. A little tidbit from Capcoms earnings which might help show why games companies are worth so much more now than they were during the PS2/Xbox era. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/capcom-reports-record-profits-yet-again-as-older-games-continue-to-sell/ Games have a much longer lifecycle now. Obviously they didn't sell a million copies of RE7 at full price last year but its still a steady source of revenue for them years after it came out.
  20. The idea of a Warzone 2 is a surprise to me.
  21. I beat Redacted last night on run 42 with the shield so I'm happy to be better at videogames than Thor at least. It was a strange run as I had gotten to the Hydra thinking I hadn't a great build at that point but then it clicked that I needed to be use my special way more and I was capable of doing huge damage. I had a level 5 Artemis call and a constant charge boon so I was regularly able to get in close and dole out a lot of punishment.
  22. People are getting their AYN Odins by the looks of things so we might see reviews of the finished product this week. I'm not planning on getting one but it looks like a very interesting machine. Could be a fantastic device for streaming Xbox games.
  23. I didn't install 351elec until Friday as I couldn't resist fiddling about a bit with the handheld itself on Thursday. Considering it came from a UK based reseller in Droix I was a bit surprised that it still came with a MicroSD card loaded with thousands of different games. Its very easy to spend a few hours going through menus and loading up some random title that just catches your eye. Moving on, I got 351elec installed and its a lot better than the software the MP comes with. Biggest difference was with GBA games as the emulator is setup a lot better. Image quality is a lot better using 351elec so its a very worthwhile upgrade. I've put a small selection of games on the system now and I'm playing through Super Metroid now.
  24. I wonder how much Microsoft's goal of driving GamePass subscriptions affects how they define success compared to the traditional release model. Do you need to release a CoD every year in order to keep that section of the market or would they be satisfied with a new game every two years if the games received updates for two years instead of one? I've seen a few people float the idea of changing CoD from an annual release schedule with a three year development cycle to a biannual release with a four year development cycle. In theory you'd get better games and it'd free up a studio to go work on new ideas. If that did happen under Microsoft you could end up with something like. -Year One: Halo -Year Two: Infinity Ward CoD -Year Three: Gears? Overwatch? -Year Four: Treyarch CoD Sledgehammer could go do their own thing and Microsoft would still have a big shooter franchise each year in November. You would run the risk of opening the market up for EA to make a major push for Battlefield in one of the CoD free years though.
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