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  1. Despite it being a poor console one of the ngages strengths is that it has a very nice Megadrive emulator available for it and mmc cards are fairly cheap compared to memory sticks.The other strength being play seem to sell all its games dirt cheap.

  2. Having bought and enjoyed Sly 1 based on the recomendations in shadows topic earlier in the year and seeing this sequel was getting great reviews I was looking forward to getting this.So off I went and got it.

    Playing through the game it was all playing out pretty much as expected,that is to say like the first but better,much better when something about the cut scene at the end of level 6 struck me as odd.Couldnt figure why I thought it was odd at the time and just stayed playing.

    So 4 days later I finished it and decided to look back at all the between loevel interludes.Once again the on at the end of level 6 seemed odd so I watched it again.And then I realised why it seemed odd, it was sick filth thats why!!!

    To clarify this in the scene in question one of the main characters in the game Inspector Carmelita Fox is clearly shown not wearing pants even though she always does during the rest of the game.Hell even during level 6 when she showed up she was wearing pants but not now so she had to have taken off her pants just before the cutscene.Sick I tells ya sick.

    So because this game made me feel dirty inside I want it banned or at least changed.Damm Sony corrupted me :):blink:

  3. But being a sort of portable computer, that has a very nice price, it could be utilized to different applications that games. It can help it increase it's potensial userbase.

    Maybe but to continue that analogy you get office built in in the form of pictochat.THQ are selling works.

  4. EGM loved the last PoP though.It got their game of the year last year so those scores are worse than last years.Ping pals could be the worst scoring game in the history of the magazine though.

  5. Did you bunk off of English lessons?

    No,didnt realise there was that many mistakes in my post though.Although at the same time taking almost two weeks to come up with a witty remark isnt exactly boastworthy either is it?

  6. How to stop uninformed parents buying 18 rated games for kids.

    1.Package a second disc of hardcore porn with all 18+ rated games.

    2.Point this out in big luminous green letters on the packaging."Parents beware:There be pornos inside".

  7. Of course how far ahead of release do the bbfc have to see a film before giving it a cert?Afterall if it turns out that a game would spend an extra month between going gold and getting released because it was awaiting certification the industry would never go for it.

    Put age controls on the machines I say.In the startup menu give the option to limit the machine to whatever PEGI rating is sutiable and if a disc with an age rating higher than this is entered dont play it.

  8. If they do change game ratings why not take a look at some of what goes on in relation to magazines?Just to make an example a month or so ago gamesmaster a magazine aimed at younger gamers had the exclusive review of gta an 18s game and called it pretty much the best thing ever.Surely thats selling 18+ products to minors.

  9. I was always under the impression that it was a legal thing that sales assistants if they know an 18s rated product is being bought for a minor they were to point this out at the counter in order to cover the shop from a legal action>

  10. You have to question the point of the philosophy commentary though.Two lads on about what it all means and not being able to give a definitive answer as its only their meanderings.Why not just get the lads who wrote to tell us?Most likely theyd know and they were only be in the other room listening to whats being said while this was recorded so um why no proper commentary?

  11. Beyond Good and evil.The poxy bit where the controls are reversed.Still easy enough to win but so friggin cheap.

    Any boss where along with the boss himself you have to beat his henchmen as well such as jak 2.Very annoying.

  12. Well todays episode contains one of the worlds biggest twats.Calls hinself 6555 or something and makes music on an old gamebot using equoment worth hundreds.Talks about people not digging his music or whatever.Thing is while watching this all you are thinking is mmmm,Caroline Flack or you waste of time of a person noone digs what you are doing cause its stupid.Very funny ending to todays show though.

  13. Thief deadly shadows did a nice job of integrating the tutorial into the game.Instead of having it seperated from the main game it serves as the start point of the story which is pretty cool.

    Didnt like the one for deus ex 1 at all as its so seperated from the game although making it optional was nice.

    TR2s mansion was pretty cool as well cause the training area is reused in a later mission.

  14. You mean release? Right?

    Check out Armored Core 3 though, it has been given a PAL release and it is a stunning game.

    Oh yeah release.Thats the problem with having to wait for Pal conversions of these things.By the time they finally come out over here theres always a better one just after coming out.I was waiting for AC3 before trying them then they announced nexus with "dual analogue control" which just sounds a lot better for some reason so it was back to the waiting game again.

  15. Fao jigger jay.

    I dont think edge ever review wrestling games anymore because of some incident or something a few years back where they slagged off a wrestling game in a preview or something.Of course thyey never mention the fact the smackdown games are possibly the best beat em up games for a single player this gen.


  16. Ah bugger, forgot I'm not on there. It's so easy to forget, the forums are both so similar! :)

    Yes indeed, I'm already waiting with baited breath. There are plenty of PS2 fanboys on GR....

    Would that be a subtle reference to solaris and wtttp eighthours :(

    Anywhos, is pathway to glory out now?

    Also chuffed at the score for the bards tale.Hope its not too hard though.Bear dont like the tough games.

  17. It'll come with two doc ock style claw things tha'll massage your brain if you get stuck on a piece in zelda.Well thats the theory.In reality first chance it gets it'll sucker punch you ,steal your wallet and send it to nintendo.

    Otherwise it'll have an integrated eyetoy which will actually be used to send video of you to special clubs in tokyo where japanese businessmen will pay to watch your every move. <_<

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