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  1. Anyone play this on PS4 anymore? I bought it on a whim in the recent sale. Looks like a pretty intimidating experience though.
  2. Apologies if this question gets asked a lot, but my daughter has finished her arts degree and has now decided she wants to get into 3D art with a view to a career. Am I mad to encourage her? She's a big gamer and is a very good character designer, so I sort of thought that would be a good avenue to explore. What's the best approach for her? She's been playing around with Blender and YouTube tutorials, is that the right starting point? Or is she better off trying to find an official diploma type course in something like Maya? Does the application even matter?
  3. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected that
  4. I agree. I’d be placing the vocals as my reference and lowering everything behind that. I’d also love to try some vocal harmonies at the end just to sweeten them a bit. Nice track though. I’m just getting into production too. If you had the stems I’d love to try mixing it for you. Not promising anything though!
  5. Might be that midi mode expects a clock signal from somewhere else?
  6. Not sure if this is the right thread for this question but: I've just got into playing around with Garageband, making some beats and loops. Having a lot of fun but I'm I'm not sure what the best way forward is – it's overwhelming how much you can do. So far I've just made loads of little bits of things: drum loops, synth patterns etc but nothing really "finished". Should I focus on a. trying to duplicate an existing song, b. trying to create some sort of cover version or c. try to create something original? The one thing I want to avoid is buying kit. But there's a lot of temptation out there
  7. That's literally what I do!! Except I'm also constantly looking at the percentage counter to see how many are left. But it's so cool when you think you've outrun them and then they just start coming at you from every angle! Climbing over buildings an all.
  8. Ah that's makes sense. I'll keep digging around to see if I can find more molotov parts. I'm not great at this stuff. I try to make a clever plan with traps and bombs but I still seem to end up getting chased around fecking stuff behind me! Not quite what the developers planned I suspect Whatever you may say about this game, you can't fault the horde mechanics. Man way they start coming at you from every angle it's proper 28 Days Later scary
  9. Quick question for you guys who've played a lot of the game. It's a minor spoiler.
  10. One thing I've liked is that they didn't overplay the hordes. From the trailers I expected them to be everywhere but in reality they're kept in the background for most of the game. But man that low rumble when you happen to be in the vicinity – proper scary. In the sequel they need a button to just toss Molotovs behind you while your desperately running down the hill waiting for that stamina bar to fill
  11. So I've been really enjoying this but last night this happened and I'm utterly disappointed. Warning this is a HUGE spoiler. Hopefully this will be rectified shortly.
  12. Picked this up in the sale and am surprised how much I'm enjoying it. Nothing original but pretty well crafted overall. Plus the hordes are bloody terrifying. Some of the reviews are overly cruel imo Also, it's the first time I've seen child zombies which is pretty cool (and disturbing).
  13. "Maybe you'll be sending us a photo of your ear, and we'll use a neural network to pick the closest HRTF in our library" Well that's not going to happen.
  14. Not sure if this is the place to post this. Stuck at home for the foreseeable future, I wouldn't mind some online interaction with humans. Is it worth giving Destiny a try? If so, should I have played a certain amount solo before I venture online? Apologies if this should be elsewhere.
  15. Initial foray was enjoyable but not revolutionary. The robots are challenging but the wandering around gathering stuff just feels like Fortnight in slow mo. Unsurprisingly the external environments are really nice but the interiors are pretty basic. Trying to outwit the robots could be interesting and the online could be great, but… My first experience was not good. I joined a match (you can't select which match) only to be spawned at my last see point from the single player game, which was MILES away from the other two players. There doesn't seem to be a way of quickly joining them so that's a really shit design decision. I'll keep going as I do like the atmosphere. Hopefully they'll update it to make that multi-player a Biot more accessible.
  16. The Polygon review seems more promising. I'm intrigued enough to try it. Will live or die based on getting a good crew to play with. https://www.polygon.com/reviews/2019/3/21/18274686/generation-zero-review-pc-ps4-xbox-one
  17. Quick question. It seems I can re-do quests that I've already completed. Do I get any experience/money for doing them again or just the monster gear?
  18. I might well plunge for the PS4 version on release. Anyone interested in coop?
  19. Got it sorted with an SOS! Got through the next story quest too. Looking forward to some upgrading!
  20. Thanks guys but I’m only rank 9 on PS4. I’ll give it another go this weekend. Out of curiosity, is Diablos particularly hard? I didn’t have any real problems with Rathalos
  21. Using a bow
  22. Okay I reached a bit of an impasse and it’s name is Diablos. I’m pretty confident that my weapon is good enough (it’s ice based and does decent damage) but I just get destroyed by his attacks. He knocks me down and then tail swipe and I’m out. Not it sure I can do much more with my armor either as it seems to be the best I can get right now. Should I be crafting more of the defense potions/ adamant seeds etc. Do they make much of a difference. Or do I just need to improve my dodging?
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