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  1. Okay, found a simple guide for running NTSC Virtual Console games on a PAL Wii. https://amp-reddit-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.reddit.com/r/WiiHacks/comments/3zkxwl/guide_how_to_install_and_play_ntsc_virtual/?usqp=mq331AQECAEoAQ%3D%3D&amp_js_v=0.1 Tested on NES, Turbo Grafx, SNES, N64 and MD and all work perfectly! N64 looks particularly nice running at 480P through component cables. Now resolving the update problems.
  2. I have installed an NTSC WAD (Mario Golf 64) and it won't boot through the normal Wii menu but will boot through USB Loader GX but i have one problem, it runs in 576i (PAL, interlaced). I have tried forcing the video mode to NTSC 480P but it doesn't work. It still boots in 576i and the speed is slow and the sound is off The other problem i have is my Wii is on 4.1 and i can't update to 4.3 to rehack it as i get an error: Error Code 32007 An error has occured. I did some reading on this too and it's something to do with the system being modded. Any ideas what to do?
  3. I have a question about installing Virtaul Console WADS, specifically NTSC WAD files for N64 and SNES games on a PAL console. Is this possible? I want to use the NTSC files so i get 60hz/full screen goodness on the Wii. I did some research on this but couldn't find a good guide. I understand Wii games will work from other regions when modded but not WiiWare/VC games.
  4. Docked is smooth most of the time but undocked i can see the frame drops, especially when driving it's not very smooth but it's playable. As it's not as hard as something like GTa it doesn't affect the game too much. Fun game too!
  5. Have you played it undocked?
  6. Is Lego City Undercover really as bad as what people are saying when undocked? I can see it's pretty close to the PS4/XB1 when docked apart from it's locked at 30fps which doesn't bother me so much. PS4 or Switch version?
  7. This is £29.99 at Argos at the moment and Top Cash Back have a £2.50 cash back spend that ends today if you log into your account so at £27.50 it seems like a lot of game play for the money, i'm tempted to buy it.
  8. Don't know if it's a coincidence but played 3 games online after installing the update and all lagged. The game felt worse. I hope this was just a bad couple of games but i can't notice anything different with the update.
  9. They could of at least not added the run button.
  10. Oh yeah, that makes it hard to play
  11. I thought it was terrible on the DS but i recently tried it on a 3DS XL. With the circle pad stick thing on the 3DS it plays so much better.
  12. Having only played 2016 and 17 briefly (and not getting into them) i'm addicted to 2018. Once you have the proper kits, it's the best football game in a long time. There are some problems for me that i can see some other people have experienced but they don't break the game. Through balls are too easy at times, player switching is a bit dodgy too (more of a problem on co-op) and passing sometimes go to the wrong player (everything on default/auto) but the game just feels right. I know there are hate campaigns on Reddit about people demanding their money back for being sold a broken game which is exaggerating to say the least. I would like to see some options added such as random selection matches online but they're minor things. I love the variety of goals you can score and the best mode above all is online co-op. I know you could do this in the PS2 days because it was the first online game i played, but i like how it gives each individual player points depending on how they're playing. If i don't play co-op, the online divisions are pretty good too. Random selection matches are brilliant.
  13. Is the demo much different to the released game as i have been reading that crosses are now harder to score? Ordered the game today and i think i'm going to use Dortmund. Even without Dembele, they press aggressively (on the demo) when they lose the ball. I want to have a mess around with tactics as i always use the default formation and just change players in the starting line ups.
  14. On Amazon too. I wonder if Undertale will end up on the switch.
  15. Missed it again must of sold out within seconds.
  16. Yes. 2D games don't really age whereas early 3D games look horrible now. If they can remove the vaseline filter and improve the frame rate then it will be a lot better than original N64 console but i have no idea if or how it is possible.
  17. Considering i paid £23 for the switch version it's not a bad price. I know the digital versions are way cheaper but i have loved playing through it again. Co-op should be fun but it's an add on, not on the cart
  18. I have a phat and using the USB cable that comes with it i can plug it into my PC as the latest version of Vitashell supports mass storage transfers.
  19. I have only tested a SNES game and a Megadrive game it seemed pretty good. You can use USB now for transferring files so you don't have to faff with FTP. I don't think it can go N64. Weirdly enough it looks like the PSP emulators are better than the native Vita ones
  20. ca18s13


    Would be nice if they could release a few more variants of the firmware so you could have Switch and iOS but lose something else.
  21. What are the chances of this getting a physical release? I know a physical copy was released on the 3DS. We really need Limited Run Games and Nintendo to get Switch games out.
  22. I have a 6+ and it scales correctly to the 1080p screen so that's good enough for me. My ninja adventure game sold 31,000 copies and i'm out of the red so i'm happy. Super addictive.
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